B&B Thursday Update 4/7/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/7/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Quinn’s living room Wyatt is walking away, Liam is begging him to repeat himself, and Quinn is trying to explain herself. She promises that she took care of him. Liam demands that Wyatt tell him the name he called him. Wyatt says that is his name is Liam. Wyatt asks if he seriously doesn’t remember anything. Liam only knows what she says. He demands to know who Quinn really is.

Steffy looks at the press release that Wyatt is gone and looks sad.

Bill knows that Liam can’t be living off of nothing. He wants to know what Liam is eating. Justin knows that millennials don’t trust banks. He probably is walking around with his money. Bill wonders what his last transaction was. Justin explains that it was a return flight from Australia. Bill cannot believe he is serious. Justin promises him that this is the truth. Bill thinks that Liam could be sleeping in the woods for all he knows. Bill wants to know what is the matter with him. He was so concerned with his hurt feelings that he never considered that Liam is in trouble. Justin reminds him that he texted him He said he was fine. Bill asks if someone else could be using it. Bill is going to call in the law enforcement and have them ping Liam’s phone. He needs to know his exact location. Justin gets off the phone. He says that they are going to check on it right away. Bill thinks this is a nightmare. When he gave Liam and Wyatt his last name he pretty much put a target on their backs. Justin promises that things will be ok.

Liam wants to know how Wyatt knows him. Quinn begs Wyatt to see that this is too much for him. Wyatt needs Liam to slow down for a second. Liam demands to know. He needs to know the truth because what he is saying is that he was living a life that didn’t actually exist. Quinn tries to point out that they were both there and wants to know how it could not have existed. Wyatt suggests Liam sit down because his head must be spinning. They all thought he was away at a retreat. Quinn begs Wyatt to talk to her. He owes her that much. Wyatt doesn’t owe her anything. Quinn asks if he really wants to lose everything because she doesn’t and everything is a lot. Wyatt is breathing heavily.

Justin asks if he has heard anything from the major hospitals. Bill hasn’t. Justin tells him that the LAPD was unable to find Liam’s smart phone. The phone was turned off. Bill suggests that it was smashed or stripped. Bill is looking at the unidentified murder victims. He clicks and is shocked that is some ones son. Justin promises that he isn’t there. If shouldn’t want to find him there. Justin reminds him that other people have heard from him besides him. Bill dials his phone. Steffy picks up her phone from her living room. She answers and says she won’t call him dad. Bill agrees that would be weird. He is just checking on the newlyweds. Steffy says that Wyatt went to go see Quinn. He wanted to meet her boyfriend before they moved away. Bill needs to see Steffy. Steffy wonders why. Bill would rather not talk about it over the phone. He wants to meet her at Liam’s. Quinn left her key. Bill is sure she did. He wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important. He just wants her to be there. Steffy hangs up.

Liam walks around. He starts to hear people say the name Liam in his mind. Including Steffy. Liam tries to open the door but it is locked. He keeps pounding on the door demanding answers. Outside Quinn has locked him in. Wyatt promises that he isn’t going anywhere. Wyatt asks if she locks him in there after she leaves. Quinn promises she didn’t. They put it on there so that the house would be safe after they moved out. Liam has been happy with her. It started out one way but it turned into something else. She only brought him here… Wyatt will not let her claim this was for her. Quinn says he was perfectly fine when he woke up. He just can’t remember. Wyatt asks how this is perfectly fine. Quinn points out that things sure worked out for him. Wyatt cannot believe that she planned to leave him alone in the world. Quinn reminds him that he would have had his father and they would have seen each other from time to time. Nobody has to know. Wyatt explains the jig is up. She is not going anywhere. Quinn doesn’t think he understands what it is like to be alone. She finally has someone who makes her glad to wake up in the morning. She won’t even give that up for Wyatt. Wyatt cannot let her tell him that she is in love with his brother. Wyatt realizes that she is.

Steffy walks into Liam’s house. She looks around a little uncomfortable. She starts to think about Liam proposing to her the third time. Bill walks in through the bedroom. Steffy asks if he didn’t hear her. She was knocking. Bill is sorry. He was in the bedroom. Steffy asks what he was doing in there. Bill admits that he is scared too. Steffy knows that Bill is never scared. Bill wants Steffy to look around. He wants to her to see if she sees anything missing. Steffy doesn’t know. She took a few things when she left. Bill means besides those. Steffy wonders what he is getting at. Bill wants her to look through everything. Steffy asks what she is looking for. Bill wants them to find something they shouldn’t.

Liam starts to see blurry images of Bill, Wyatt, and Steffy in his mind.

Wyatt cannot believe that she kidnapped a man and she calls that love. Quinn points out that he could have left at any time. Wyatt thinks that he is clearly helpless. He has no memory and unable to stand properly. Quinn talked to a doctor. Wyatt knows she didn’t want to get caught. This is just like the other times. Quinn thinks this is different. He opened up something that wasn’t there before. Wyatt will get her all the help she needs but he has to pretend she is crazy right now because they both know that it isn’t sanity that is missing. She has to let Liam go. Quinn suggests that there is another option. Wyatt knows. They can call the police. Quinn reminds him that he is so close to having everything he always wanted and so is she. She suggests that they just part ways. Wyatt knows that Liam despises her. Quinn thinks that things have changed. Quinn needs time alone with him. Wyatt will never do that. Quinn is glad that he is happy in his life. She wonders if he has what it takes to keep his life. He could have the life he so desperately wanted. That he so angrily resents her for giving him.

Steffy thinks that it all looks the same to her. Except for all this mail. Bill asks if Liam would really do this. He thinks that Liam would probably forward his mail. Steffy doesn’t know. Bill explains that they turned off his power, heat, and water for non-payment. Bill wants to know what Steffy has talked about with Liam. Whatever texts that she received. Steffy got a couple of texts and a voice mail. He told her to leave him alone. Bill wonders if anyone has contacted her about Liam. Steffy wonders why he is putting her through this. She doesn’t know where he is. She asks why she has to keep saying that he stopped caring about her. Bill doesn’t think he did. He feels that something is wrong. He is worried that Liam has gone missing.

Liam has a burst of memory about Bill talking about Spencer Publications in name. He then thinks about Wyatt and calls him his brother. Quinn is then shown attempting to stab him with a sword. Liam looks at the photo album again. He sees his wedding with Steffy. He sees the two of them kissing. He looks at the pictures. He starts to rips them out. He throws the book and calls Quinn a liar. It wasn’t her. It was Steffy. He remembers her name.

Quinn thinks that he is probably calling for her. Wyatt thinks that he is probably calling the police. Wyatt wonders why she would give him a phone. Wyatt realizes she was the one sending the texts to Bill and Steffy. Wyatt says this is over. He demands to have the keys. He is going to tell Liam the truth. Quinn asks where Wyatt plans to go after all of this. He is going to have to go to the court house to annul his marriage. He will be in a small desk at Spencer surrounded by Bill’s yes men because Liam is back. He won’t have a job at Forrester because they won’t have a jewelry division. Wyatt reminds her that he is Bill’s son. Quinn asks what that has ever gotten him. She got him everything he has. Wyatt didn’t want it this way. Quinn asks why. Wyatt thinks it is wrong. Quinn wonders why. She thinks everything has a price. Quinn thinks that they should be treated better. Liam was a prisoner too. He is a changed man and so is she. Not just because of him but because she loves herself now. Liam didn’t either. He is a gentler man. He is a kinder man without all the years of conditioning on him. They are like two pieces on the same puzzle. She wonders why they can’t all be given a new life. Wyatt reminds her that he is injured. Quinn wants him to allow this to continue. She wants to walk away and for him to never see her again.

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