B&B Wednesday Update 4/6/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/6/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt walks into his bedroom with a tray of breakfast. Steffy is still sleeping. He says good morning to her. Steffy is in awe. She wonders if this is how it will be every morning. Breakfast in bed after a night of wedded bliss. Wyatt loved every moment of yesterday. Steffy smiles. They both think about getting married on the beach the day before. They both confirm it wasn’t a dream. They are starting a life together. Wyatt thinks it is crazy. He loves Misses Spencer. The two kiss each other in bed.

Quinn brings a box into the living room. She explains that the sooner they get the last couple of boxes packed the quicker they can leave. Liam asks where they are going. Quinn tells him that they are going to Oregon. She rented them a cabin. Liam knows she never mentioned anything to him. Quinn thought it was supposed to be a surprise. She knows that he feels enclosed here. He will have surroundings and a fresh new start. She starts to pack up the car. Liam looks through a box. He finds a black box. It has his sword necklace in it.

Bill is sitting at his desk and looks at a picture of Liam. Justin walks in and asks what is wrong. Bill hopes it is nothing but the more time that passes the more concerned he gets. Justin asks how he can help. Bill wants Justin to find Liam.

Steffy could get used to this. Especially in the comfort of their own home. Wyatt loves that they are starting their life in Malibu. Every day will be like a reminder of what a special time this way. Steffy thinks that Quinn really raised a romantic. She really did. Wyatt wants to talk about Quinn. Steffy is worried about this. Wyatt is concerned about Quinn. He thinks he should pay her a visit.

Justin asks if Bill is concerned about Liam. Bill is. Justin suggests that Liam has a no texting thing at this yoga retreat. Bill isn’t even convinced that he is at this yoga retreat. Not after all this time. He hopes that Liam is blissfully sitting on top of a mountain somewhere. Justin doubts that is true. Family has always been number one to him. Bill knew that Liam. This Liam however has something off about him.

Liam holds up the sword. Quinn asks what he is doing with that. Liam looks scared.

Justin reads over Bill’s last texts from Liam. Bill knows he is thinking that he should have done something. Bill knows that Liam should have called and said what he is doing. Justin thinks that Liam is happy for Steffy and Wyatt and wants Wyatt to have his job. Bill doesn’t buy that at all. He would never hand Steffy over from him. Those two have been competing from day one for women and jobs. Justin points out that they have also been competing for their father’s compassion. Bill has kept himself from getting involved in Liam’s personal affairs. He can go find himself but he can’t cut himself off. Justin knows that he has contacted him and Steffy. Bill doesn’t think that is enough. Bill needs to know where Liam is and what he is up to.

Steffy didn’t hear that right. He wants to hang out with Quinn on their honeymoon. She is not having that at all. Wyatt feels she is over reacting a little bit. Steffy starts laughing and says she is kidding. Wyatt thinks that is so cute. He asks if he can go for a tiny minute. Steffy will let him go if he makes it up to her when he gets back. Wyatt can do that. Steffy feels that she will score points with her if she lets him do this. Wyatt doesn’t want to leave town before meeting this guy. Steffy gets that. She has been more mellow. This guy is a total mystery. It will be an eye opener.

Quinn wonders where he got that. Liam asks if it is a gift from her. Quinn wants to know why it matters. Liam would like to know. Quinn says it was a gift. He never really liked it though so she put it away. Liam asks if she is keeping other things from him. Liam asks if she would tell him if she were. Quinn thinks he is asking a lot of questions. She doesn’t want to upset him before they go on this adventure. Quinn asks if the necklace is bringing up memories. Liam asks what if he was.

Wyatt promises that he won’t be long. Steffy suggests that he call her first. Wyatt doesn’t want to do that. She will just leave before he gets there. Wyatt doesn’t need a show put on. He needs to find out who this guy is. Steffy wonders if he knows what would be funny. Wyatt asks what. Steffy suggests that Adam could really be Deacon. Wyatt doesn’t know. She says it isn’t but she says a lot of things. Wyatt needs to meet this guy for himself. Wyatt and Steffy kiss each other. He wants to go surfing when he gets back. Steffy tells her he loves him.

Bill looks at another picture of Liam.

Quinn closes the front door. Quinn suggests he put that thing away. Quinn knows he is frustrated trying to find his past. She wonders how he is making things better. Liam thinks that he doesn’t even want to remember. Quinn does. He will. She goes into the other room. Quinn doesn’t think forcing things has worked for him. It is just making him upset. He will be relaxed when they move. Then things can come out in time. Liam thinks sometimes she is trying to ignore him completely when he asks a question and yet that is crazy. She is his wife and she loves him. Quinn is doing all this for him. Her family. Quinn knows he is anxious about this move. She promises him. Liam wonders how he can promise her that. Quinn reminds him this trip is about reconnecting. She suggests that maybe they need to give this room a proper goodbye. She kisses him passionately.

Wyatt knocks on the door.

Liam starts to see Steffy and him making love in his mind. Quinn says it is ok.

Wyatt decides to open the door.

Bill throws a file on his desk. He first thinks about the time he gave Liam his sword necklace. Bill told him that he is his son. Liam Spencer the Third. He then remembers telling Liam that it be his honor to stand up for him. Justin walks in. Bill asks what he found out. Justin can’t find any purchases or traveling. Justin is surprised. Bill asks how this happened. Justin wonders if he knows where this retreat is. Bill would be there if he did. Bill wants to know what is happening to his son.

Steffy looks at a magazine. She finds a file on the ground and sees the press release that Liam has stepped down from Spencer.

Wyatt walks in and calls out for Quinn. Wyatt walks into the other room and sees Quinn and Liam kissing. He calls out Liam’s name. Quinn stops kissing him. He wonders if she has lost her mind. He asks if Liam has been here this whole time. Adam asks what he called him. Adam wonders who he is talking about. Wyatt turns around. He wants to know what Quinn has done to him. Wyatt demands to know.

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