B&B Tuesday Update 4/5/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/5/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Steffy and Wyatt kiss passionately on their couch. Steffy asks what Wyatt wants on their wedding bands. Wyatt doesn’t know. Steffy suggests something tradition. Wyatt wonders if Tattoo wedding bands are really that traditional. The two start to kiss again. Steffy wants them to decide something awesome to make it official. Wyatt wonders if she knows what else makes it official. Steffy doesn’t want him to worry about that. They will get there.

Quinn wonders if Liam is beginning to have memories. Liam is just very confused. Quinn wants to know what Liam is remembering. Liam remembers Steffy again. He says it is nothing. Quinn reminds him that she is his wife and she wants to protect him.

Katie goes into a cabinet and crabs a box. It has another bottle of vodka in it. She starts to think about Brooke and Bill worrying about her drinking. She then remembers Brooke finding her other bottle. Katie looks guilty. Brooke walks in. Katie jumps. Katie asks what she is doing here and who let her in. Brooke tells her that Will’s nanny let her in before she left. Brooke wants to know where Bill is. Katie says upstairs. She wants Brooke to know that she hasn’t had anything to drink. She needs to make this choice on her own. Katie is winning this battle. Brooke knows that isn’t true so long as she is holding on to the bottle.

Wyatt doesn’t think this is a bad place for a honeymoon. Steffy likes that there was no jetlag. Wyatt enjoys that they are right here. Steffy suggests that on their second honeymoon can be somewhere exotic. Wyatt feels that this will be plenty exotic. Steffy thinks that sounded ridicules. She wants him to shut up and kiss her.

Liam needs to hear more about their wedding. Quinn wants to know why he is obsessed with this. Liam needs to know who he is. Quinn knows who he is and that should be enough. Liam doesn’t think that it is. Quinn wonders if he is not happy with her all of a sudden.

Katie puts the bottle back into the cabinet. She tells Brooke it is all put away so she can go. Brooke wonders if she knows who she is talking to. Putting it away means nothing. Katie needs her to keep her voice down. Bill is upstairs with her child. Brooke feels that Katie is out of control. Katie guesses that Brooke is such an expert on that. Brooke is trying to be her sister. Katie points out that she wasn’t trying to do that when she told Bill how much she loved him. Brooke won’t let her use that as justification. Brooke cares about her and she knows that she is struggling. Brooke knows that Bill will figure this out eventually. He isn’t stupid. Katie begs Brooke not to say anything. She just needs a little more time. Brooke asks how much more time she needs. Brooke said that it was just one more day so many times. She needs to say something to Bill. He is her husband. Katie reminds her that he is her husband. Bill walks downstairs saying that he was feeling a little hungry.

Wyatt and Steffy kiss passionately again. Wyatt thinks this is unbelievable. Steffy was thinking the same thing. Wyatt is so blessed. Steffy promises that she will always be here for him. The two kiss kissing. Wyatt lifts her up and takes her into their bedroom. The bedroom has candles all over the place. Steffy asks how he did all of this. He puts her on the bed and continues to kiss her.

Liam tries to say that Quinn has done a lot. Quinn has kept him alive. Liam knows that it is a fulltime job and clearly she needs a break. Quinn thinks they both need a break. Liam asks if it is ok for him to look for him. He assumes that she wants him to know who he is. Quinn feels that people search their whole lives for that question and never find that. He isn’t going to find it in those albums. Liam guesses she doesn’t understand what is going on. Quinn understands that she is starting to feel taken advantage of. She has dedicated her life to caring for him. Liam is just trying to find answers. Quinn doesn’t think he will ever find answers that will make them any happier than they are right now. Quinn can’t keep waiting on him and foot while he goes on an identity search. He is her husband. He is Adam. All he has to do is look in the mirror. Liam hasn’t seen the look in Quinn’s eyes before. He is starting to feel like he doesn’t know her.

Bill asks what Brooke is doing here. Brooke is just stopping by. Katie says that she just wanted to hear about the wedding. Brooke tells him that she thinks it sounded lovely. Bill agrees it was. He asks if that is really why she is here. Katie reminds him that Brooke is a big fan of beach weddings. She has had more than a few herself. Katie knows that no one rode in a horse. Brooke is sure that Bill is really pleased for Wyatt. Brooke thinks that it sounds like a nice family event. Even herself Katie thinks she should have been there. Bill says that Liam should have been there. Bill needs Liam back where he belongs.

Quinn is sorry. She shouldn’t lose it that way. Liam has never seen her like this before. He wonders if he has. Quinn never had been in a position like this before taking care of a helpless husband. Liam knows that she said they had problems in the past. He wonders if she did this before. Quinn had anger issues in the past but he helped her through this. Liam feels he is in on the verge of something right here. Quinn wants to compromise They can go away and he can take all the time he needs and she will even help her. She is going to go finish packing. She kisses him and walks away. Liam goes back on to the computer and looks at the picture he made of Steffy

Wyatt thinks that Steffy is so beautiful. Steffy thinks the way he looks at her is how he feels. The two of them start to undress each other and kiss in bed. Wyatt puts his tie around Steffy’s neck. The two make love in bed. They kiss passionately.

Katie is sure that Liam will respond in some way to the wedding. Bill points out that he never responded to the engagement. Brooke knows that Liam is going through something. Bill they all are. They should look at Katie. She could have shut them all out instead she is welcoming them with open arms. Unlike Liam who is obviously out of control. Bill is sure that Brooke is proud with Katie too. Katie wants a moment alone with Brooke. Bill goes upstairs. Brooke cannot believe he trusts her. Brooke doesn’t want Katie to think she can’t lean herself off drinking. Katie wonders if she wants to sabotage her marriage. Brooke has no desire. Katie doesn’t want her to do that again then.

Quinn walks out with a suitcase. She is sorry that she went off on him like that. She was under a lot of pressure at work. She hasn’t been there enough since she was taking care of him. Liam asks if they leave if she would quit her job. Quinn says she already took a leave of absence. Quinn just wants to be with him. There is nothing more important than putting their lives together. They can’t do it here though. It is too cramped though. Liam suggests a bigger place. Quinn wants to start their lives over again. Forget about the past and look to the future. Away from the bad memories. She loves him plain and simple. That is why they are doing this. Liam asks where they would go. Quinn said Oregon. They can get a cabin by a stream. It is a better environment for them. Quinn asks if he wants this. She hugs him. Liam has a face of bitterness on his face.

Wyatt loves calling Steffy his wife. Steffy giggles. Wyatt likes saying this. Steffy tells him to stop. Wyatt loves her. Her smile and her laugh. He will never take her for granted. Not one day. Nothing will ever come between them. He kisses her.

Liam looks at the picture. He imagines Steffy again. He sees Steffy in a flashback.

Steffy hugs Wyatt and gets closer to him.

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