B&B Monday Update 4/4/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/4/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy and Wyatt run off into the beach together. Wyatt says they did it. Steffy says they are married. Wyatt kisses her. The two kiss passionately together.

Liam looks at the picture in the photo album. He tries to get a clear image in his mind. He wants to know who the mystery girl is.

Back in Wyatt’s living room Eric tells Steffy that he is so proud of her. Steffy thanks him. Thomas tells Steffy that Ridge and Caroline send their love but they had to take care of Douglass. Steffy and Wyatt think that is fine. Bill and Katie congratulate the two of them. Steffy thanks them all for sharing this moment with them. Quinn admits that she has been waiting for this moment for a long time so she wouldn’t miss it for anything. Bill raises a glass to his son and his new bride for taking the plunge. He wants to welcome Steffy to the family. She is officially a Spencer. They all click glasses. Steffy and Wyatt kiss each other.

In Ridge’s office Rick, Maya, Brooke, and Pam are eating Chinese food. Rick is surprised that they got married so quickly. Maya thinks that it is romantic. Pam guesses that Steffy is finally over Liam. Rick asks if Brooke thinks that Steffy made a mistake. Brooke claims that she is thrilled for Steffy. She just thinks that it is strange that nobody has heard from Liam and he is nowhere to be found.

Liam looks at the picture he constructed and the photo album. He starts to panic. He starts to see Steffy in his mind again. He grabs a tissue and puts it over the picture he made like a veil.

Thomas wants to say something. He thinks Steffy is an awesome sister. A little annoying at times but he is happy that Steffy found something with Wyatt. Thomas explains that Ridge, Taylor, and even their sweet Phoebe all wish her nothing but the best. Wyatt thanks him. Eric knows there is a lot of support in this room. Bill promises that they are there if they need them. Wyatt believes he has everything he needs. He kisses Steffy again.

Rick asks if Brooke can give him a file. Brooke tells him just one minute. She is sending Katie a text. Maya wonders how she is doing. Brooke says that she is doing better since she stopped drinking. Rick assumes that Brooke doesn’t believe her. Brooke knows how difficult it can be. She knows what it is like to struggle. Rick knows that it has to be Katie’s choice. No one can force her to stop drinking. Even Bill. Brooke hopes that it doesn’t get out of hand.

In their kitchen Katie tells Bill that it was a beautiful wedding. It was such a great day. Bill feels that Wyatt did good. Katie believes that Bill did as well. Katie really liked his toast and how proud he is of Wyatt. Bill is proud of him. Katie knows it meant a lot to him. Katie had a great time. Bill knows that Katie was very festive. She was having fun. All that without drinking. She used to do that all the time. She knows he was keeping a close eye. Katie promises that she won’t do anything. Bill knows that she did a good job. He was just worried that she would be tempted. Katie’s sparkling water was good. Katie doesn’t want him to worry about her. She is under control.

Eric is glad that Bill is gone so he can say something. Wyatt is missed at Forrester and he can come back anytime he wants. Thomas adds that he can now that he is family. Wyatt thanks them both. He will practically be there every day. Eric and Thomas decide it is time to go. Wyatt thanks them for coming. Wyatt explains it is time for Quinn to go as well. He will visit her soon. Quinn explains that she is actually about to take a little vacation. She hopes he doesn’t mind. Wyatt wonders where she is gone. Quinn explains it is a big mystery that Adam is planning. Wyatt would have loved to have met the guy. Quinn knows that it might have been to soon. Steffy really hopes she has a good trip. Steffy really needs to get away. She is so happy that Steffy is going to be with Wyatt. She would have done anything to make this day happen for her. She wants him to know that Steffy will always have a man here for her.

Liam looks at the picture and gets angry. He needs to focus. He starts to see a clear image of Steffy in his mind kissing him at their first wedding. He has a look of shock on his face.

Rick suggests that Brooke take Katie to one of her AA meetings. Brooke wants to go but she isn’t so sure that Katie would go. Especially with her. Maya reminds her that she is her sister. Maya knows that Katie knows she cares about her. Brooke hopes so. Rick hopes that she can be there for her. Brooke hopes that Katie going to the wedding reminded her that she has a strong marriage and devoted husband like Bill.

Katie thanks Bill for trusting her. Bill believes that they have trust and honesty. Katie knows that is the most important thing. Bill wants her to keep talking and opening up. Katie knows she has had a lot of issues lately. She was scared. Katie admits to self-medicating. Katie thinks she will be back to her old self soon.

Eric feels that today was a glorious day. Thomas doesn’t want them to over stay their welcome. Steffy knows they just want to be home in time for the game. Steffy thinks it is fine. She just wants a huge. Steffy hugs the two of them. Eric knows that Stephanie would have been proud. Steffy felt her here. Phoebe as well. Eric loves her. The two leave. Steffy tells Wyatt they are all alone now. Wyatt is glad that he has his wife all to himself now. Steffy hugs him.

Quinn walks in and Liam closes the laptop. Quinn says hello. Liam wonders how Quinn’s day went. Quinn explains that it went exactly how she hoped it would. Liam asks where she went. It looks like she got a tan. Quinn notices that he hasn’t packed very much. She wonders what he has been doing. Quinn notices the albums. She tells him those are stressing him out and he has to stop looking at them. Liam wonders how else he is supposed to remember anything. Quinn wants to live in the future. They have their whole lives together. Liam wonders if that is as husband and wife. Liam wants to know more about their wedding day.

Wyatt wonders if they just did that. Steffy confirms that it happened. Wyatt thinks it was a flawless day. No one argued and everyone got along. Steffy agrees it was a great day. Steffy thinks it shows the power of their love. Steffy is so happy that she married him. Wyatt is as well.

Bill is proud of Katie. She is a strong woman and he knows she can get through this. Katie knows she will. She doesn’t want him to worry about her. Bill explains she is his wife. It is his job to worry about her. He is going to go upstairs. Katie will be up in a minute. Katie calls Brooke. Brooke walks over to her phone and picks it up. She wonders how the wedding was. Katie explains that it was nice. Brooke asks about the reception. Katie says it was fine. She didn’t have anything to drink if that is what she is asking. Brooke is glad to hear it. Katie promises that she is fine. Katie is in a good place right now and she is getting herself under control. Brooke understands. If she needs any help she is willing to be there for her. She doesn’t want this to damage her marriage. Katie doesn’t want Brooke to say one word.

Quinn asks why Liam is looking at her like that. Liam has questions about his past but the more he asks the more she avoids them. Liam just wants details and she never wants to talk about them. Quinn explains it was a sunny day. They went out for steak afterwards. Liam knows there is more to it. He wants honesty. Quinn asks if his memory is coming back. She wonders what he is seeing.

Wyatt asks if Steffy is sure she is ok with spending their honeymoon here. Steffy believes that Malibu is paradise. This is where they fell in love. She wonders why they would want to leave here. Wyatt feels that this is why she is so amazing. Steffy wants him to live with her a few weeks. He might change his mind. Wyatt has seen the bathroom lately. She is high maintenance. He is fine with that though. He knows now more than ever he will never take them for granted. She is incredible as Misses Spencer. She is very smart and incredibly smart. Steffy is President of Forrester and had the brains to marry him. She is smart. Wyatt will be the man she can count on. She will love him until the end of days. Steffy is his best friend. The two kiss. Steffy is his beautiful wife. The two kiss passionately.

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