B&B Friday Update 4/1/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/1/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy and Wyatt look at each other from a distance as everyone gathers for their wedding. Steffy walks on to the beach and smiles as she does. Ridge is standing at her side. He goes to sit down when she is next to Wyatt. The reverend welcomes them all to witness this bond of holy matrimony. Today they share their joy and commitment to each other. These vows they make today will keep them together for the rest of their lives.

Liam continues to try to piece together a picture of a woman on his laptop. He looks at Quinn in the wedding photo. Liam has put together a picture made up of different women. It looks somewhat like Steffy. Liam knows her and wants to know who she is. Liam looks at another picture of Quinn. He thinks about their conversation earlier where he accused her of keeping something from him. He wonders if Quinn is keeping this mystery girl away from him.

Quinn smiles as Wyatt and Steffy marry. The reverend explains that when Steffy and Wyatt shared their love story with him, they also explained how this part of the beach made them realize what they need to be happy with a partner. This is a moment of grace. This moment led to their wedding. A joining of two strong families. Eric informs everyone that there is nothing more important to a man than his children. That is until they have grandchildren. It makes him sore. It is special for him to be able to see his grandchildren get married. He decides to read from the Bible. Everyone seems to be very moved by it. Bill and Katie look at one another. Eric wants them to take care of one another.

Liam looks at the photo album. He starts to realize that Eve is incredible. He feels crazy. He has to find the woman. He starts to think about when he first woke up after his accident. He remembers Quinn saying that she owes him more than he could possibly know. Then he remembers saying he wants to stay with her. He remembers her saying she is his wife. Liam remembers saying that he loves Eve. Quinn said it back and then they kissed. Liam tells the picture he made that he doesn't even know who she is but he feels like he is losing her.

The reverend explains that Steffy and Wyatt have requested that their fathers say a few words. Bill guesses that since he is already standing that he will go first. Bill is lucky that he married a woman strong enough to put up with him. Wyatt found a strong woman but Steffy is lucky that Wyatt found someone a little better. Wyatt is destined for great things. Especially with Steffy at his side. He is proud of Wyatt. He is also proud to call Steffy a member of the Spencer family. Bill hugs Wyatt. Ridge stands up. He says that Steffy has carried to very strong names. She is about to carry another one. He feels that Wyatt is already a part of their family. His love for Steffy is shown. Ridge hugs Steffy. He smiles at Wyatt. Bill goes over to Wyatt and whispers. He wants to make sure that mommy dearest doesn't do anything crazy. Wyatt doesn't think Quinn is like that anymore. Bill nods to Quinn to get up there. Quinn smiles. She walks up to Wyatt and Steffy. She asks if they can all see how happy Wyatt and Steffy are. This is what every parent wants for their child. Wyatt will always be her priority. She has given him every opportunity. It was all worth it. She feels that everyone deserves someone who will be there for them and inspire them. To do things they never dreamed they could do. It is such a wonderful day and a new adventure for all of them. She loves Wyatt. Quinn congratulates both him and Steffy. Wyatt hugs Quinn.

Liam has to find this girl but he doesn't know where to look. He has no idea if she is even real. He touches the screen.

The reverend feels that the two families are clearly happy for them. He wants the two, to join hands. He asks if he will take Steffy to be his wife and reads his vows. Wyatt says he will. The reverend asks the same questions to Steffy. Steffy gets teary and says she will. The two hold hands. Wyatt smiles at her.

Liam needs to find out who she is. He needs a clue or a sign or something. He wants to know who she is. He asks where she is.

The reverend asks for the rings. Wyatt says they aren't doing rings. They are going to tattoo their wedding bands. The reverend likes that. He says that their vows will be spoken from the heart. Wyatt can't do this without acknowledging his mother and the encouragement that she has given him. She knew that Steffy was the one for him. He is glad she was right. She said that she was fearless and Steffy is. He makes her want to take chances every single day. He trusts Steffy. He will always be honest with her. He will always put her before everyone else. Steffy says they are at their spot with the sand and wind and waves. He keeps giving her incredible memories on the beach. He is grateful for him. He makes her laugh. He also is constant. The first day when he wanted to go surfing she wasn't sure but she said yes. She trusts that his commitment is forever because hers is as well. The reverend says that it is his pleasure to pronounce them husband and wife. They may kiss each other. Wyatt kisses Steffy. They all applaud. Caroline takes a picture. They all start to hug each other.

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