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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/31/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt walks around the beach and then goes over to where the ceremony will be held. He smiles.

In her bedroom Steffy looks at herself in the mirror before she is dressed. She starts to think of when Wyatt initially proposed to her. She smiles. Steffy sits down and starts to think of the second proposal. How Wyatt meant what he said and presented her with a ring. Steffy once again smiles. She starts to do her makeup.

Wyatt walks into his living room and finds Katie and Bill there. Bill wants to know what he is doing. He isn’t even dressed yet. Wyatt says hello to them and explains that he was just at the wedding location. He wanted to make sure that everything was already. Katie says congratulations. Wyatt asks if Bill is still up for being his best man. Bill tells him that he should be lucky that he was able to clear his schedule. Katie asks where Quinn is. She was a huge advocate for all of this. She wonders what is keeping her.

Liam continues to look at the wedding album. Quinn walks in says hello. Liam wonders what she thinks of him cutting his hair so he can look more like he did in the picture. Quinn thinks he looks good the way he is. Quinn wants to start packing. They leave tomorrow on their big adventure. Liam wants to know what is the rush. He doesn’t get it.

Wyatt walks back into the living room and Katie thinks he is looking good. Bill agrees that he is dressing pretty sharply but they have to have a little talk before the others show up. How to handle his new father-in-law for starters. Wyatt thinks that Ridge has been supportive. Bill doesn’t want him to be fooled. Katie wonders about little Douglass. Does he have to watch out for him too. Ridge, Caroline, Eric, and Thomas all walk in. Ridge asks what he means about Douglass. Eric wants to know where the blushing bridge is. Wyatt tells him that she is in the bedroom getting ready. Thomas wonders about Quinn. He didn’t see her in the driveway. Bill explains that she surprisingly isn’t here yet. Katie asks if they should call to check up on her. Wyatt is sure it will be fine. She is bringing someone with her. Ridge wonders if that means she is bringing a date. Wyatt says she has a new man in her life named Adam.

Quinn feels that everyone needs a change of scenery now and again. It might help him regain his memory. Liam thought that was what he was doing right here right now. Quinn knows what is best for them. Quinn has something she has to go and do. She wants him to hang tight but she will be back. He won’t have to wait much longer. Wyatt is going stir crazy here. Quinn needs him to keep packing. She wants to go up north. Quinn loves Liam’s beard and wants him to keep it. She leaves. Liam grabs his suitcase. He looks at the wedding album once again.

Caroline walks into Steffy’s room. Steffy is glad that she is here. She has so much she needs to do. Caroline wants her to relax. She will look fine. She knows she is super excited. It isn’t fair that the groom only has to put on a shirt. Steffy tells her that Wyatt better not be in his favorite shorts. Caroline hopes that she hid those. Steffy put them in the bathroom. Caroline has never seen Wyatt look so happy. She cannot wait to welcome her into the Spencer family again. The two hug. Caroline fixes Steffy’s makeup. She thinks she looks gorgeous. Caroline is really glad that they are family. She admires Steffy. She thinks that Steffy and Wyatt are perfect together. Like herself and Ridge. Steffy thanks her.

All the men in the room toast as Katie looks outside. Bill notices her and puts his drink down and walks over. He asks if she is ok. Katie is. Weddings make her nostalgic. Thomas tells Wyatt that they are about to be brothers-in-law. Wyatt doesn’t want him to be so overjoyed. Thomas just wants him to treat his sister right. Quinn walks in and asks where the groom is. Wyatt asks where her date is. Quinn thought that it was too early for her to introduce him. This is all about Wyatt and his bride. Quinn is so thrilled for him. She always knew that he was the man for Steffy. Wyatt thinks she is embarrassing him.

Liam goes back over to the wedding photos. He sees Quinn lift her veil.

Ridge walks into Steffy’s room. Ridge doesn’t know. It feels like yesterday he was driving her to school. She had pigtails. Steffy never had those. Ridge remembers it that way. She was fearless, smart, and funny. There wasn’t a father in the world who wasn’t more proud of her. He wants her to be happy. Steffy starts crying and they hug. Steffy loves him. Ridge is sorry that her mother isn't here. Steffy just spoke with her. She sent her flowers. She is here in spirit. So is Stephanie. Steffy is proud of Ridge because he is her biggest champion. Even when she screws up every other day. Ridge feels they all make mistakes. She is the president of a major fashion house. Steffy is engaged to a wonderful man. She couldn't ask for anything else. Caroline walks in and tells Ridge that she has to finish helping Steffy get ready now.

Wyatt explains that Steffy wants to stay here for their honeymoon. Thomas asks if he really wants to. Quinn likes the idea. Ridge walks back out. Wyatt wonders if Steffy is ok. Ridge tells him that she will be done soon. Bill suggests she is getting cold feet. Quinn doesn't think that is funny. Eric wonders if he and Steffy wrote their own vows. Wyatt's vows pretty much wrote themselves. He will always be there for her. The reverend walks in. Wyatt is glad to see him. Quinn is going to go check on the bride.

Caroline asks Steffy is she should check to see if the minister is here. Steffy thinks that is a good idea. Quinn walks in and says that the minister arrived and Wyatt is introducing him to everyone. Steffy asks if her boyfriend is here. Quinn tells her he is not here but she will explain that all later. Quinn asks if she can have a minute alone with Steffy. Steffy says it is ok. Steffy tells Quinn that she really doesn't have to say anything. She knows that Quinn has wanted Wyatt and her to be together since before they were together. It was a little scary. Just because she knows that she was a little obsessed. She appreciates that she has held back though. Wyatt has as well. Quinn feels that she said everything she was going to say except so much better. Steffy is glad. Quinn wants Steffy to look forward in her life not the past. She is trilled for Steffy.

Liam looks through the photo album. He gets on his laptop and looks up females. He goes on to Photoshop.

Quinn tells everyone that Steffy is almost ready. It's time they start to make their way down to the beach. Everyone starts to walk outside. Quinn tells Wyatt to get going. Wyatt confronts Quinn. He hates to bring up the security footage but he needs to know. He needs to know she did nothing to Liam. Quinn already told him. Liam collapsed. She tried taking him to the hospital but he didn't want to go. He just wanted to get away. That is exactly what he did. It is pointless for him to be worrying about Liam today. He shouldn't give him another though. Wyatt says ok.

Liam is still on his computer. He starts to put together an image based on what he saw in his head.

Steffy looks at herself in the mirror while wearing her wedding dress. Ridge thinks she has never looked more beautiful. Steffy thanks him. Ridge knows he is supposed to make some big speech but he can't think of anything. Steffy knows she is good for Wyatt and they are good for each other. He respects and loves her. He keeps her laughing. She can't think of a better way to start a marriage. Ridge wants to get her married.

On the beach Bill asks if Wyatt put this together all by himself. He is impressed. Quinn smiles. They all stand as Steffy makes her way on the beach. Ridge takes her hand. Steffy smiles at Wyatt with genuine excitement in her eyes.

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