B&B Wednesday Update 3/30/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/30/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt asks who can take pictures. Steffy thinks that he will think of something. Steffy wonders who is driving. Steffy tells him that they are getting married tomorrow. They don’t have time for this. Wyatt knows that he needs to find a best man and she needs to find a maid of honor. Steffy doesn’t have much time. Wyatt wants whoever achieves their goal first to send a shirtless selfie to the other. Steffy tells him that he better puff up his chest hair then. Wyatt thinks that he is already puffed up. Steffy walks out the door and Wyatt follows.

Liam looks outside. Quinn sees him. Liam wants to know who the person was that married them. Quinn doesn’t know. Some rented minister. Liam thinks that their name would be on their marriage license. Quinn guesses so but their legal and medical records are all packed away. She wonders why. Liam asks if someone else was at their wedding. Liam asks if she has a sister. Quinn says no. She wonders if he has remembered something. Liam has.

In Ridge’s office he looks over Thomas’s new design. Ridge asks if this is really what he came up with. Thomas explains that a lot of women really like the high low skirt. Ridge knows they don’t. Thomas promises that they do. Caroline walks in with Douglass. She asks if someone ordered a bundle of joy. At the same time Ridge and Thomas say it must have been them.

In Bill’s office he is glad that Brooke got her message. He wants her to come in and close the door. Brooke doesn’t think that she should even be here. She doesn’t want to be paranoid but after Katie’s behavior… Bill explains that she apologized. Brooke doesn’t want to have any more secret meetings. Bill tells her that Katie says she isn’t drinking. Bill wonders if Brooke believes her.

Katie is cleaning up in her kitchen and starts to think about Brooke and Bill kissing each other. She then thinks about telling the two of them that they are flirting right in front of her. Katie goes to the cookie jar and takes another swig of vodka.

Brooke knows they have seen Katie irrational before and it had nothing to do with drinking. Bill wonders if she thinks Katie is telling the truth then. He feels it has gotten to the point where he can’t tell if she has been or not. Brooke doesn’t think they have the power to stop her. They have the power to offer her support. It made a world of difference when she was going through the same thing. Brooke asks if Katie is home.

Katie starts to think of the night before. As she told Bill he could go check the levels of all the bottles. Katie shakes her head. She takes another swig before putting the bottle down.

Caroline just thought she would show the little prince his kingdom. Thomas asks about his own kingdom. Ridge doesn’t want him to worry about Douglass. Ridge is his competition. Steffy walks in and wants to see the cute baby. She thinks he is gorgeous. Thomas is glad that Steffy finally showed up. He needs her support on some designs. Steffy explains that she isn’t actually here. It only looks that way because she is getting married tomorrow and she needs a huge favor. Ridge tells Steffy that she better not have just said…

Bill asks if he is really getting married tomorrow. Wyatt says yes. Bill guesses that living in sin isn’t working for him. Wyatt likes being settled. Wyatt also is in the market for a best man. Bill thinks that he should ask his brother.

Liam can see a face that he almost sees. Quinn asks who it is. Liam is asking her that. Quinn wants to know if it is a man or a woman or someone she recognizes from a movie. Liam thinks that she doesn’t seem to want him to remember. He asks why she doesn’t want him to remember. There is a whole history that he can’t share with her because he can’t remember. He asks if that matters to her. Quinn says it does more than he knows. Quinn just doesn’t think that it is a good for him to keep looking at those albums. Liam asks if she needs to meet with the agent selling the house. Quinn wonders where the albums are. She asks if he put them some place. Liam might have but he is the guy who can’t remember. Quinn tells him that she won’t be long. She hopes he will be alright. Quinn leaves. Liam starts to look at the album again.

Katie walks back into the kitchen. Brooke is with her. Katie wants to make her some coffee and they can have it in the living room. Brooke feels that it is more like family if they are in the kitchen. Katie quickly hides her bottle. Katie asks how things are going with Rick and Maya and Maya’s sister. Brooke feels that it is nice. Katie is sorry about last night. Brooke knows that their relationship needs to be more than one apology after another. Katie agrees. She wonders what she wants them to do. Brooke wants them to have an open discussion without them being afraid it will be the end of them. Brooke asks if Katie is still drinking. Katie says no. She quit.

Wyatt asks if that would be in bad taste. Bill feels that is his whole persona. Wyatt reminds him that Liam doesn’t like this and left. Bill guesses that he can turn him down if he wants to and then Bill will stand up for him. Wyatt wonders if this is some sort of eat your vegetables strategy. Wyatt asks if begging to the man who doesn’t like him is going to work. Bill wants this after years of Wyatt going on about how he showed favoritism towards Liam. Bill doesn’t want Liam to come to him and say that he was not given favoritism towards this situation with Steffy. Even if he isn’t answering his calls.

Liam continues to look at the photos.

Steffy thinks that Douglass is beautiful. Caroline knows that she had a favor to ask her. Steffy wonders if she remembers telling her that she would never replace her mother. Caroline might cringe now. Steffy needs a favor. She is getting married tomorrow and needs Caroline to be her maid of honor. She would be the perfect second choice. Caroline is ok with it but she can’t be called matron or step-mother. Caroline would love too.

Wyatt gets a text message and is upset. Bill asks what is wrong. Wyatt starts to take off his shirt. He says he lost a bet. He was so sure that Bill was going to say yes to being his best man but apparently Steffy got her maid of honor first. So now he owes he a shirtless selfie. Bill thinks that really sucks. Bill says yes by the way. Wyatt cannot believe he is going so say yes after all that. Bill knows the offer is still on the table. Wyatt knows that Bill just wants to be able to say he said no when Liam shows up. He knows that he will claim that Wyatt was begging. Bill is happy for him and proud of him. He is honored to be his best man.

Brooke thinks that Katie should know from experience that challenges don’t end because she stops drinking. Katie doesn’t want to discuss this. She is the one with the will power. Brooke hears a noise. Katie says that is Will. He has broken four windows already. Katie goes off to tell Will not to throw the ball in the house. Brooke pours herself some milk for her coffee. She goes to put some sugar in but the cup is all out. Brooke takes her cup over to the sugar jar and finds Katie’s bottle behind the jar. Katie walks back in trying to explain that Will has some arm on him. Katie turns and sees Brooke’s disappointed face.

Ridge doesn’t understand what someone on the phone doesn’t get. He needs wedding flowers. Seasonal doesn’t matter. Caroline looks at Steffy’s phone and sees the picture of Wyatt. She hopes that Steffy won’t be that kind of a married couple. Steffy needs her to promise that Ridge will never see this. Ridge is off the phone now. He tells Steffy that she is getting a room filled with flowers as a wedding gift. Ridge wonders where the guest list is. Steffy tells him it is in her head. Ridge asks if Liam is on it. He wonders if he should be on it.

Liam continues to think about the wedding. He looks at the pictures yet again. Quinn walks back in. She closes the door. Liam asks what they said. Quinn tells him that they said they would lose money if they sell and that they didn’t hold on to the place long enough. Liam doesn’t think they have to move. Quinn wishes that they didn’t have to argue. Liam doesn’t think they argue. He just gives in. Quinn thought he said that he didn’t know where he left those. Quinn thinks that he seems to be getting better at finding things he is looking for.

Katie asks where Brooke got the bottle. Brooke explains that when you are hiding something people who love and know you can tell. Katie asks if she spoke to Bill. Brooke notes that Bill thinks that something isn’t right. Brooke feels he wants to be there for her. Katie gets a call from Bill. Brooke tells her to answer or he will worry. Katie picks up and says that he should be way too busy to call her. Bill tells her that Wyatt and Steffy are getting married tomorrow. Katie asks if they are really getting married tomorrow. Bill says he is the best man. Katie is glad. Bill wonders how things are going at home. Katie promises everything is fine. They hang up. Brooke tells her nothing is fine. She isn’t breaking any crimes. She needs to get help. Brooke thinks the best thing to do is to tell the truth. Brooke did the same thing when she was drinking. Katie cannot tell him. She feels so alone that he doesn’t trust her. Brooke cannot say anything.

Liam remembers where he put them. He guesses that there is hope for him yet. Quinn asks what he sees in those pictures. Liam sees them. Quinn wonders what he keeps looking for then. Liam is looking for him. Quinn would do anything for him. She is going to go back them some lunch. She leaves the room.

Steffy explains that Liam knows they are getting married and he isn’t invited. Ridge wonders why. Steffy wants to know if he invited Taylor to his wedding to Brooke. He isn’t interested. Ridge knows there were a lot of years where he was interested. Thomas wonders if Steffy should wait. Wyatt walks in. He is glad that things were accomplished. Wyatt thinks that Caroline will make a perfect maid of honor. It will go along great with his person of dishonor. Ridge congratulates them but wants to know what the hurry is. He asks if they think someone will stop him if they don’t get married right away. Wyatt doesn’t operate that way. Ridge knows that is exactly how her did with Hope. Wyatt knows there is a lot of water under that bridge since then. They have both been in love before and both been heartbroken since then. The real winners are the ones who keep promises. He loves Steffy and intends to keep his promises.

Liam is still looking at the wedding photos. He starts to remember again. He hears a voice saying marry her.

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