B&B Tuesday Update 3/29/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/29/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy asks if they are really doing this. Wyatt tells her they are. He doesn’t even know why they waited so long. Steffy doesn’t think it really has been that long. Wyatt feels that it has been an eternity for him. Steffy can’t believe they are getting married the day after tomorrow. Wyatt still doesn’t think that it can’t come soon enough. The two start to kiss each other.

Liam feels that it is driving him crazy. He can almost feel it coming back to him. He sees it but then it evaporates. Liam has to pursue them. Liam isn’t getting much help outside of his brain. He wonders if Quinn knows how many Adam Smiths are online. None of them are him. Quinn wants him to let it go for a while. Liam can’t do that. He has to find out who he is.

Katie is in the kitchen. Bill calls for her asking if she is going to come to bed. Katie is making a snack and wants him to go on up. Katie goes to the cookie jar and takes another swig of vodka. She then drinks some mouth wash to rinse out her mouth.

In Ridge’s office Brooke is working at the conference table. Rick can tell that she seems distracted. Brooke is trying to make cuts. Rick knows that she still hasn’t spoken about what happened at dinner. He asks if something happened at Katie and Bill’s. Brooke feels it is a disaster. She is worried. Her sister might be in trouble but she doesn’t know how to help her. Rick hugs her.

Katie walks into the bedroom holding a plate of cheese and grapes. Bill loves it when she reads his mind. Katie feels that with him it is easy. Bill grabs Katie and tries to kiss her. She pulls away though.

Brooke thought it was lovely at first. Katie was getting the help she needed. She wanted their reassurance that no one would hurt her again. Then she started acting nuts. She started blaming her for everything. Brooke thinks that Katie was very upset and she demanded that she admit she has feelings for Bill. Brooke left. Rick asks if she thinks she was drinking. Brooke explains she says she wasn’t. It started to scare her.

Bill asks if she doesn’t want to kiss him. Katie asks when she hasn’t wanted to kiss him. Bill reminds her she pulled away. Katie just thought she heard Will. Bill knows that Will is out like a light. Bill was hoping for some alone time. Katie is going to go change. Bill thinks that Katie seems alright. He was concerned about how she went off on him and Brooke earlier. Katie has just been unsecure lately. Katie is just in need of help lately. Katie needs to be told the truth even if it isn’t necessary. Katie starts to kiss Bill passionately.

Steffy cannot believe that the day after tomorrow they will be married. Wyatt reminds her it will be on their spot on the beach. He already made some calls. Steffy asks if he is always this thoughtful. Wyatt likes to plan ahead. He likes to keep his wife smiling. Wyatt wonders if she has spoken to her mother. Steffy explains that she is really busy. Steffy is glad that Quinn will be there at least. She wanted this all along. Wyatt knows she never gave up on them. She couldn’t convince her that they weren’t meant to be together so she did just about everything.

Quinn grabs the photo album and tells Liam that he is being too concerned. He knows what happens when he thinks too much. That is enough for one night. Liam asks if he is obsessing. Quinn wants him to know it is ok. Liam wants to go to the place they got married. He wants to see it.

Steffy still hasn’t heard anything from Taylor. Wyatt guesses that at least they will have his mother there. It isn’t like they will be able to keep her away. Steffy feels it is cute how much she loves him. Wyatt wonders if it really is. Steffy knows he loves her just as much. Wyatt wants her to be happy. Steffy wonders if the new guy is helping her feel happy. Wyatt hopes so.

Liam can’t think of a better place to jog the memory then where they were married. He thinks it is somewhere in the mountains. He wants to go. Quinn tells him that they can’t. Quinn just wants him to let it go. Liam feels that everything will come rushing back to him. Quinn doesn’t want him to get disappointed. Quinn took a leap of absence. They are going away.

Bill asks what Katie is doing in the bathroom. She says he will see. Bill is getting lonely. Katie walks out in lingerie. Bill thinks she looks great. They start kissing. Katie wonders what they were talking about. Bill reminds her that she was accusing him of flirting with Brooke right in her face. Katie knows. She needs to work on her insecurities. Katie hiccups and starts laughing. Bill wonders if she has been drinking. Katie promises that she isn’t. Bill smells mouthwash and something else. He thinks that Katie is lying to him.

Brooke knows that Bill loves Katie. He was happy when they got back together. Brooke knows that Bill is not a patient man though. Brooke knows that Bill wants to help though. Rick forgets how well that Brooke knows Bill sometimes. Brooke admits that he was her favorite subject for a while. She is over him now though and Katie won’t listen. Rick thinks she refuses to get over it. Brooke knows that Katie needs to abuse the cycle.

Katie comes back out with a glass of water. Bill asks if this is where they are now. Lying to him. Katie promises that she is not lying to him. She had the hiccups. It happens. Katie wants him to go check how much booze are in the bottles. Bill knows she has been drinking. She wasn’t herself earlier. Katie really doesn’t want to talk about this right now. Katie feels this is where the patience comes in. She really needs Bill to help her out. Katie wants to move on to something else. Bill asks if she has any ideas. They start to kiss again.

Wyatt cannot believe they are almost married. The two of them together will have the world watching out. Wyatt asks if she is going to tell Thomas and Ridge. Steffy will do it in person. She suggests they drive out to tell Quinn. Wyatt doesn’t think that is a bad idea. He would love to meet the mysterious Adam. Wyatt decides he will just call her

Liam decides that he doesn’t want to go. He goes into the kitchen. Quinn gets a phone call. Quinn says hello. Wyatt tells her that he is getting married the day after tomorrow. However, she was thinking of leaving town tomorrow. Wyatt wants her there. Everyone else will be there. He wants her to introduce the new guy to people. Wyatt wants to meet the new guy. Quinn isn’t sure if she is ready for that. Wyatt is insisting. Quinn is so thrilled for him. She has wanted him for this. She loves him. She hangs up the phone. She looks happy.

Katie wishes they could just stay in bed. Bill wishes they could be here twenty-four seven but they can’t. So he needs to carry what she is feeling right now with confidence. Katie needs him to know that she isn’t going to turn into some crazy lush. That won’t happen. She won’t let it happen.

Quinn looks at the sky. Liam starts to look at the photo album yet again. Liam thinks it is like they already left. She is too far away. Quinn tells him to stop looking at the pictures. Liam wants to get something from them. Quinn doesn’t want him to push it. They need to make new memories. They should see the world. Liam asks when they should leave. Quinn wants to do so the day after tomorrow. They could leave sooner but she has to do something important. She needs him to get the house ready. Liam asks why he is always left here. Quinn will try to do better. Things will be different when they are on the road. Quinn is excited for this. One more day. Quinn is going to go take a shower and go to bed.

Steffy is shocked that that Quinn actually said she wasn’t going to come. Wyatt was shocked. He always comes first. Steffy can tell that he is so jealous. Wyatt promises that he isn’t jealous. Steffy wonders what this Adam guy is like.

Liam looks at the wedding photo again. He starts to see Steffy take off her veil but then it stops.

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