B&B Monday Update 3/28/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/28/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt feels the beach is the remote corner of the universe. Wyatt believes they have both waited long enough. Steffy herself has waited long enough. They should get married right here.

Liam looks at Quinn’s wedding picture and a spark of his past starts to show. It is his wedding with Steffy but her face is still covered.

In Bill and Katie’s kitchen Brooke walks in with the two of them. She explains that this isn’t going to be anything fancy. Just some salad with chicken. Brooke wonders where Will is. Bill says that he is playing upstairs. Katie wonders if Bill wants a glass of wine. Bill and Brooke look concerned. Katie doesn’t want them to look shocked. Just because herself and Brooke are no longer drinking doesn’t mean Bill can’t. Bill is doing good. Brooke says they should start with salad then. Brooke thanks her for this. Katie knows that she has been out of control lately but she doesn’t have to be. She has confirmed a few things with her therapist. She isn’t going to drink anymore. She danced with the devil and now she is moving on. Katie will be fine. Katie understands why he is skeptical. She is sure that he has checked the liquor cabinet. Bill notes that it looks a little bare. Katie got rid of everything but the essentials. Nothing has gone down. Bill agrees that it has. Katie isn’t drinking. Brooke is glad to hear that. Katie just needed some reassurance from the two of them.

Quinn walks in on Liam looking at their wedding photos. Quinn asks what he is doing. Liam says that he is looking at them. Quinn thought he already looked at them. Liam is seeing them very different today. Liam tells her it is happening. He thinks that his memory is coming back.

Wyatt doesn’t want her to wait. He will never love her any more than he does right now. Wyatt is being serious. Their lives have been on hold for so long. It is time they start their own journey. He wants her to marry him right away. Steffy agrees. She jumps into his arms.

Bill asks if Katie really needs reassurance. Katie is aware that makes her sound very insecure. Brooke will give her as much as she needs. Bill knows that goes without saying. Bill believes that staying away from drinking is a good thing. Katie needs to know that the two of them are loyal to her. Bill doesn’t think she should even have to ask. Brooke will always be there for her. Katie really wants to believe that. Brooke always has and always will just like when they were children. Katie guesses it is time for dinner then.

Liam shows Quinn a photo. He could see Quinn walking towards him. He couldn’t see her face but he remembers being there. Quinn guesses that is wonderful. She asks how his headaches are going. Liam is fine. Quinn doesn’t want him to get his hopes up. It would be devastating for both of them. Liam thinks it would be so much better if he could remember what she means to him.

Wyatt and Steffy walk into their living room. Steffy asks when they plan to actually get married. Wyatt isn’t sure. Tomorrow or the day after at the latest. Steffy reminds him that a wedding involves planning. Wyatt has this. He promises. Wyatt feels that they have spontaneity. Wyatt thinks that she should see what they have. There is a reason why they are here right now. It had to happen. Steffy hugs him. She looks worried. Wyatt asks who gets an invite. Steffy guesses they should figure it out. Wyatt assumes his dad, Ridge, Thomas, Steffy says Eric. Wyatt asks about Taylor. Steffy isn’t sure. She has been traveling around a lot. Wyatt will go and see her then. Wyatt asks if they will invite Rick. Steffy feels that if they invite Rick then that means inviting Maya and Zende and everyone at Forrester. Wyatt believes this is a huge event. Steffy needs weeks of planning. Wyatt wants to invite Katie and his mom. Caroline as well and his brother… He would invite if he was in town. Steffy knows he would. She tells him it is ok.

Liam thinks that of course the wedding was the trigger. It was the most important day of their love story. Liam promises that he can handle this. He doesn’t want her to worry about him.

Brooke tells Katie’s that this is so good. Katie says this is one of her recipes. Bill thinks it tastes pretty good. Brooke and Bill are acting really flirty. Brooke wonders if Bill has pictures of his nephew. Brooke looks at them and thinks he is cute. Katie watches the two of them. She kneels down and sees Brooke rubbing her foot on his leg. She starts screaming. They need to stop this. They are flirting with each other right in front of her. Katie asks how Brooke could do that. Brooke looks confused. Katie won’t let her do this. It is so obvious. Katie cannot believe he is ok with this. Brooke thinks they were enjoying themselves and having good food. Katie knows that Brooke is still in love. Brooke thinks she should leave. Brooke tries to say something to Katie. Katie doesn’t want to be around her. Brooke wants her near her husband. Katie is sorry. She is dealing with a lot. Bill understands but nothing is happening. Bill feels that Brooke is doing everything she can to fix the situation. He wonders what they can do to fix this. Katie doesn’t want to be given up on. Bill won’t do that. Katie is just trying to work through her depression. She needs his support. Bill promises that she will always have it. Bill is going to go and check on Will. Katie opens a cookie jar and finds a bottle of vodka. She takes a large gulp.

Liam loves Eve but he isn’t much of a husband. He believes that Quinn would be happier if he didn’t need to be nursed. He can feel it. He feels himself getting better. This is for both of them. Quinn is a changed person because of him. It doesn’t matter that he can’t remember. It matters to Liam. Liam sees how happy he is. It is because of the woman standing next to him. Quinn is shaking. She doesn’t want to lose him. She hugs him. She really doesn’t want to lose him.

Wyatt asks if she knows what his dream is after they get married. He wants things to go back to normal when Liam comes back. Steffy thinks that Liam had a choice in coming back. He didn’t. He isn’t a part of her life anymore. Wyatt is. She will always have a history with Liam but she wants a life with him. Wyatt believes that. Wyatt thinks no one will be able to take them away from each other.

Liam looks at the photo album again. He starts to see the image in his mind. Quinn looks from behind and looks miserable.

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