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Ridge tells Dr. Wolin that he must be mistaken. Dr. Wolin explains to him that his sperm count was zero. Ridge had it fixed. Dr. Wolin knows that the child isn't his.

In Caroline's bedroom she rocks the baby in her arms. Caroline thinks that being away from Caroline is like being away for a lifetime. Thomas walks in and asks if she went out or something. Caroline says that they had lunch and Ridge hired a nanny. Thomas wants her to skip the nanny next time. He will gladly take care of Douglass. He knows the ropes of being a big old Forrester. Douglass starts to cry.

Wyatt asks if Steffy is going to be able to sneak out of the office. They are in Ridge's office. Steffy will be. She needs him to call up Quinn and tell her to be more like him. She is three days late on her inventory report. Wyatt says that he knows her mom. She always comes through. Steffy thinks that it is obvious that Quinn depended on her and she hopes that Quinn can keep it up now that Wyatt is at Spencer. Wyatt asks that if she does end up having to fire her it might be best to do after their wedding.

Quinn sits at her table in her cabin drinking tea. Liam walks out from the bedroom and asks what is wrong. Quinn is just wondering how to tell him something. Liam promises that she can tell him anything. Quinn needs a change. Liam wonders if it is a change in their relationship. Quinn means they both need a change. She wants to move out of LA. Liam wonders about her job. Quinn will take a leave of absence. They have been stuck in this cabin. Which was fine when he was recovering but he is so much better now. Except for his memory. Quinn wants to fill his head with new memories. She wants to travel and see where the world takes them. Quinn wonders what he says.

Charlie replays the security video. He tries to figure out what this video is.

Steffy promises Wyatt that Quinn is a brilliant designer. She just needs that brilliance in other elements of the job like work and getting back to emails. Wyatt is gone and so is Ivy. Quinn is the only one managing the jewelry line. Steffy gets a text. Carter needs to see her. She will meet hi at home.

Liam looks at the photo albums again. He tries to remember yet again.

An employee tells Wyatt that Shawn is concerned they won't have enough time for the shoot. Wyatt knows and he promises that he will have access to the collection. She leaves. Wyatt gets a text message. Charlie walks in and says he heard he was in the building. Wyatt promises him that he is allowed in the building even though he works at Spencer. Charlie explains that this is a security issue. It might not be though. He has to show him something. Footage of Quinn and Liam.

Dr. Wolin doesn't think that this is anything to be embarrassed about. Ridge promises him that the baby is his. Dr. Wolin knows that is impossible. Dr. Wolin says that he might want to ask for a paternity test because his wife might be lying to him.

Caroline asks if the baby can be any cuter. Thomas wonders if it is to early to get him a modeling contract at Forrester. Caroline asks if Ridge will push him towards design. Thomas knows that he will be pushed towards what he loves. Caroline tells Thomas that he just gave Ridge a compliment. Thomas thinks that Ridge is a good guy. He is reminded of the positive things that happened in his life. He is far from the guy he claimed he was.

In Rick's office Quinn thanks Eric for seeing her. Eric tells her of course. He thought it sounded serious on the phone and wonders what she wants. Quinn needs to ask for a leave of absence. Possibly indefinitely. She is leaving LA and she doesn't know when she will be back.

Charlie drags Wyatt into the security office. Wyatt doesn't know what he is talking about. Charlie wants him to just watch. Wyatt asks if this the parking lot. Charlie tells him that Rick wants him to find out who banged up his car. Wyatt starts to make an excuse of the lanes being super narrow. Charlie wants him to just look. Wyatt looks at the video. Quinn is in front of Liam as he falls.

Thomas thought it was so strange at first that Ridge would have another child. Then he saw the effect that he has on him and his effect on him as well. It is nice to see Ridge in an old light as a father. He will always be thankful for this baby.

Ridge doesn't think that Dr. Wolin knows what he is talking about. Dr. Wolin feels that science speaks for itself. Ridge got it reversed. Dr. Wolin knows he had no viable sperm. Ridge went to a doctor who knew what he was talking about. For him to suggest anything else really upsets him. He can't say it again to anyone else. He hopes they understand each other. Ridge walks out of the restaurant.

Wyatt thinks that looks odd. Charlie asks if Quinn said anything about this. Wyatt tells him that she didn't but she is going to.

Eric asks if something is wrong. Quinn just really wants to get away for a while. Eric assumes it is with this man in her life he has heard rumors about. He hopes it isn't Deacon again. Quinn promises that Deacon is gone. She doesn't think she will be seeing him again. She can work remotely if he needs her to but she needs to leave. Eric hates to lose her but he won't stand in her way. He will let Ridge know. Quinn thanks him. This means so much.

Liam asks himself how he cannot remember this. It is his own damn wedding.

Steffy is in Wyatt's loving room. She looks at her engagement ring.

Quinn is packing up. Wyatt walks in. Quinn wonders how the new job is going. She assumes that Bill is happy to have him by his side. Wyatt wants to know where he is. Quinn isn't sure where Bill is. Wyatt tells her she knows who. Wyatt wants to know where Liam is. Quinn asks if he is serious. She wouldn't be driving him to the airport. Wyatt has seen the security footage. She was with Liam in the parking lot when he fell. Quinn didn't push him. Wyatt doesn't care. It is taken from the day that Liam disappeared. Quinn tells him that Liam didn't disappear. He went on an extended spa. Wyatt knows it is the same day that Steffy was supposed to make up with him but he never showed. Wyatt wants to know what she did to Liam.

Ridge walks into his bedroom. Caroline walks over and kisses him. She thought he was going into work. Ridge wanted to check on their little boy first. Caroline explains that he is sleeping. Thomas says it is like a baby. Ridge wonders why he isn't at work. Thomas goes back to work. Caroline asks what is wrong. Ridge says nothing. Caroline asks if something happened when she left.

Steffy texts Wyatt that she is going for a walk on the beach. She remembers her first date with Wyatt on the beach. She puts her phone in her purse. She looks at her ring and starts to think of her first wedding to Liam.

Liam continues to look at the wedding photos.

Quinn didn't do anything to Liam. Wyatt saw her get in his car. Quinn did get in his car. She drove him to the hospital. He came to while she was driving. He demanded to know where she was taking him. She said the hospital and he said he didn't want a doctor. He just needs yoga. Quinn said that he went to a retreat. He asks why Quinn didn't think to mention this. Quinn wonders why. Everyone knew that he left town. Wyatt wonders if he is in a hospital somewhere or worse. Quinn wants him to start planning for his wedding. She asks what Wyatt will do Liam comes back from yoga and wants Steffy back. Wyatt doesn't care because he will just shove the door in his face. Quinn wants him to make it official and marry the girl.

Charlie asks if Liam is really fine. Wyatt tells him that according to Quinn he is. Charlie reminds him of the footage. Wyatt knows but it doesn't show them everything. He thought it looked suspicious as well. Charlie is still going to make her file an incident report. Wyatt wants him to just let it go. He begs him too. He doesn't want things to get worse around here for her when all she was trying to do was help the guy.

Caroline asks if something happened at the restaurant. Ridge thinks the prices keep going up but he can deal with that. Caroline asks if he is sure. Ridge is. Ridge picks up Douglas and hold him. Ridge thinks that the baby got prettier. Ridge wants to protect both of them after seeing Thomas in here. Caroline promises he will never know. Ridge doesn't want anyone to know.

Liam starts to have a very shady flash of a memory.

Steffy walks on the beach. She sits down. Wyatt walks out to the beach and sees Steffy sitting down. Wyatt got her text. Steffy is glad he could join her. Steffy realizes this is where he proposed. Wyatt doesn't want to wait. He thinks that planning and booking seating charts is crazy. He wants to elope. He wants to marry her right here. The place where he proposed to her. Steffy asks when he wants to do this. Liam wants to marry her as soon as possible. Right away.

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