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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/24/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Rick’s office both Julius and Vivienne are there with Nicole. Vivienne doesn’t understand what happened. Sasha was supposed to be her best friend. Nicole tells her that isn’t the case anymore. Vivienne is so sorry. She hugs her. Nicole thanks her. Nicole knew that Zende leaving was a possibility but never expected to lose him to Sasha.

Ridge promises Caroline that they will be fine. They are walking down the staircase. Ridge explains they will only be ten minutes away having lunch. Caroline knows but she has never been alone with him before. She has never had a professional nanny. Ridge promises her that things will be fine. They have to go and celebrate. He wants to go on a date with her.

Rick and Maya are looking through Ridge’s office drawers. Maya isn’t sure that this is a very good idea. Rick tells her that Ridge took his position right out from under his hands. Maya asks what they are looking for. Rick is looking for any info that could expose him. Falsified documents, stolen designs, anything that will get him caught as the fraud he is.

Zende walks out of his bathroom and into his bedroom. Someone knocks on the door and he goes to open it. Sasha is standing there with a bottle of wine. Zende just got out of the shower. Sasha thought they could pop open this bottle of wine and have party. Zende isn’t really in the partying mood. Sasha wonders if he told her about them. Zende nods yes. Sasha looks guilty.

Caroline just isn’t sure she is ready to leave Douglass alone yet. Ridge reminds her that she has been devoted to the child ever since she gave birth. It is time that she has some alone time with him. Caroline is in. She just is going to give Patty the nanny a few instructions. Ridge promises that everything will be fine. Nothing will happen to their little baby.

Thomas walks into Ridge’s office to find Rick and Maya going through Ridge’s desk. He asks what the two of them are doing.

Nicole knew the surrogacy would cause some issues. She never expected this though. Julius expects that Sasha through herself at him. Vivienne expected more out of both of them. Nicole cannot believe that her best friend like a sister stabbed her in the back. She moves here and takes her boyfriend away.

Sasha asks what Zende told her. Zende doesn’t want to talk about it right now. Sasha is fine with that. She didn’t even come here to talk at all. She starts to kiss Zende passionately and he happily kisses back.

Thomas wants to know what they are doing. Rick asks what it looks like they are doing. He is trying to prove that Ridge cannot be trusted. Thomas assumes that Rick is still made that he isn’t CEO anymore. Maya feels that Rick did a fabulous job as CEO. Rick realizes that Ridge is Thomas’s father but he is always trying to manipulate, steal, and lie to him. He doesn’t trust him one bit.

At the restaurant, Ridge has them toast to their beautiful boy and getting Caroline out of the house. Caroline is happy to be out of sweatpants. She is a little crazy because she misses her baby. She finally has the family she always wanted. She has a handsome husband and an adorable baby. Ridge thinks that Douglass will have a good life. He will keep Caroline happy. Ridge notices a guy looking at him in the corner. He looks familiar to him but he doesn’t recognize him.

Rick has Charlie in the security office look up the parking lot. Charlie says it will take a little while to look up what happened if it was weeks ago. Rick is sure that it was Ridge who backed up his car into his.

Julius knew this was going to happen. He could see it a mile away. Nicole knows he was right. She wonders if he is happy. Julius isn’t at all. Julius knows that she knew that she was Maya’s surrogate. She asked to much of a great guy. Nicole knows that and feels bad enough. Vivienne wants them to stand with their daughter. Julius is going to have to stay out of this. This is between her and Sasha.

Zende stops kissing her. He feels that his mind is all over the place. Sasha doesn’t want him thinking right now. He needs to be feeling. She starts to kiss him. He says it feels good. Sasha tells him that she will stop at any time. Sasha takes off her clothes and they start to kiss each other again.

Charlie continues to look through the security footage but doesn’t seem to see anything.

Rick walks back into Ridge’s office. Maya and Thomas are sitting at the conference table. Maya tells him that they were talking about babies. Rick congratulate him on his new brother. Maya thinks it is sweet that they named the baby after Stephanie. Rick admits the baby is cute. Maya feels that babies have a way of bringing people together. Thomas says that he has had some differences in the past with Ridge. He is fully aware of Ridge’s rivalry with Rick. He doesn’t think that Ridge is doing anything wrong. There isn’t anything they can do about it. Ridge isn’t hiding anything.

Ridge thinks that things are finally going right for them. Caroline feels that they can finally breathe again. Ridge thinks that things are great. Ridge loves that they are running the family business, living in the mansion, and have a child. Nothing can stop them now. Caroline is starting to think they are right. The waiter asks if they can get them anything else. Ridge says no. Caroline asks if the guy is still looking at Ridge. Ridge says yes. Caroline suggests he is a fan or maybe just checking him out. Ridge knows the guy from somewhere. He just can’t remember where.

Vivienne is glad that Zende was at least honest with her. She will give him that. Nicole thinks that it hurts too much. She almost wishes she didn’t know. Nicole could have handled another woman. Sasha though is like family. Nicole doesn’t understand how they could do this to her. That is a boundary you don’t cross. Julius promises that she will meet a new guy. What is done is done. Nicole asks if he is really going to side with Sasha over his own daughter. He is supposed to support her not some girl he doesn’t even like.

Zende sits in bed with a look of sorrow in his eyes. Sasha wonders if he is glad that she came over. Zende wonders what she thinks. Sasha thinks so. She wants to know everything about him. Zende wonders what. Sasha asks if he is a night or morning person. Zende likes to get up early to workout. Sasha assumes to go with Carter. They have a great bromance. Zende thinks that Carter is his boy. Sasha thinks that the two of them being shirtless together might make her a little jealous. Zende asks what her parents were like. Sasha says her mother was really strict. Zende asks about her father. Sasha explains that no one really knows her father. Zende wonders if he is alive. Sasha says yes. Zende doesn’t mean to bring up Nicole again but her father can be a piece of work. Sasha thinks this feels so good. Zende thinks that she is good person. Sasha thinks that it feels so good to be held.

Nicole sits alone in Rick’s office. She thinks of all the moments that she spent with Zende together. She starts to cry a little.

Zende cannot believe they are in bed together and he is bringing up her father. He realizes that isn’t romantic. Sasha promises that it is ok. That is the kind of relationship she wants them to have. The kind that they can share anything together. Since he brought up Nicole earlier she wonders what he told her. He doesn’t have to tell her. She just figured she would ask. Zende told her everything. He said that they made love. Sasha starts to cry. He said they made love. That is what it was for her. She asks if that is actually how he felt. Zende smiles.

Charlie mumbles to himself that Rick’s car is probably leased. He finds footage of Quinn and Liam. Liam falls over next to Quinn.

Rick knows what he said to Thomas. Maya knows that Ridge and Thomas are doing better. The baby must have softened things a bit. Rick doesn’t think that Ridge is the white knight he pretends to be. He will take him down.

Caroline loved every moment of this date but she really needs to get home to the baby. She misses him so much. Caroline goes home. Ridge is going to take care of the bill. The man walks over. It is doctor Waller. Ridge remembers him as the doctor who gave him his test results. The doctor heard the news that they had a child. Ridge guesses that it is the miracles of medicine. The doctor finds that really weird. He ran those tests again and again. His sperm count is zero. It is impossible that baby is his.

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