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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/23/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge thinks that since Jared has been covering the family for such a long time it only made sense that he would introduce their child to the world. Jared tells him that it is an honor. Caroline thanks him for coming on such short notice. Jared dropped everything when he got the call. Caroline tells Douglass that he is important. Caroline wants them to hurry so that Douglass will have his eyes open. Jared likes that name. It is Stephanie’s maiden name. Ridge explains that she liked her grandchildren. She will be a part of his life too. They start to take pictures as a family.

Maya feels that if Zende wants Nicole back that she will take him. She misses him. He doesn’t want to hurt Nicole. Sasha feels that the reason they broke up hasn’t really changed. Maya suggests that Zende’s attitude might have. Rick knows that Maya can be very persuasive. Sasha just thinks that it is over.

Zende wants Nicole to look at him. He hates this feeling. He knows that he screwed things up. Nicole knows that he won’t change his mind. He doesn’t like her being Maya’s surrogate. Zende knows that is on him. He didn’t make an easy choice but he wasn’t the right guy for her. Nicole is confused over that. He asks why he would say that. Something is different and something has changed. He wants to know who he is seeing.

Caroline only wants a few more because Douglass is getting really sleepy. Jared feels that they are a beautiful family. Jared is just as handsome as his father. Jared notices that Maya’s portrait has been removed. Ridge explains that Maya is very important to the company but Rick and Maya don’t live here anymore. Jared assumes that Rick had his time on the throne and that is over.

Rick and Maya are now in Ridge’s office. Maya just doesn’t get what happened. Nicole seemed fine. She has to believe they can fix this. Rick feels that anything can be fixed. Maya wonders if they will get back together then. Sasha doesn’t think so. Rick feels that everything wrong can be fixed. He sits down in Ridge’s chair. He asks if she knows what else is wrong. The person who deserves to sit in this chair.

Nicole asks who he is seeing. She wonders if it is Veronica from legal. Zende won’t just blurt out a name. They need to talk about it. Nicole cannot believe there is someone. Zende didn’t expect this to happen. Nicole asks if she is at Forrester and one of the models. Zende claims they were just friends. Then once they broke up things changed. Nicole wants to know who. Zende says it is Sasha.

Julius walks into Rick’s office and is looking for Nicole. Sasha tells him that she is downstairs talking to Zende. He shouldn’t bother him again. He keeps trying to talk to her but she doesn’t want to. She is afraid that he is seeing someone else. Zende hasn’t heard anything about that. Sasha wanted to keep it a secret until Nicole heard it from him. Julius cannot believe he is seeing her. Sasha doesn’t want him to be too disappointed. At least he is seeing one of his daughters. Julius thought he told her to stay away from Zende. Sasha assumes that is because he knew that Zende would be into her. Julius bets she just couldn’t wait to get her hooks into Zende. Sasha didn’t go after him. They broke up on their own and it has nothing to do with her. Nicole went to Rick to get payback. Julius asks if she knows about this. Sasha guesses that she might be finding out right now. She is probably going to go nuts and demand she go back to Chicago but she won’t go. She has lived to much pain her entire life. Julius doesn’t think that she was abandoned. Sasha reminds him that he kept her a secret her entire life. The second he got the chance to leave he did. She asks what it feels like to live two blocks away from his father and sisters but only get a taste of that. Julius wanted to keep her close. Sasha loves Julius but he is a mean man. No father asks his daughter to keep her life a secret. She can expose him at any moment. Julius tells her to do it then.

Zende explains that Sasha was there for him as a friend. Nicole bets… Zende doesn’t think it was like that. Nicole doesn’t want to hear this. Zende didn’t want this. He wanted to be with her. She won’t allow him to blame this on her pregnancy. He made a choice. Zende always told her the truth. He isn’t blaming her but if she was going to have a baby why couldn’t it have been his. They had an amazing future ahead of them. Nicole asks if he really couldn’t wait for it. Zende thinks that is way too much to ask. Zende wants a little understanding from hr.

Rick thinks that they took the company to heights that they have never seen before. They were building a legacy for their son or daughter. He had a sense of pride. Now they are living with their mother. Maya knows that their child will be proud of their father. Rick knows that he was manipulated out.

Jared tells Ridge that Douglass is a beautiful boy. Caroline is sorry that they couldn’t hold off the nap any longer. Jared understands. Douglass is very lucky. He leaves. Ridge tells Caroline that Jared is right. Luck has nothing to do with it. They have the Forrester estate, a beautiful boy, and the company. They did this. Caroline looks unsure.

Rick shouldn’t have left. He was walking into Ridge’s trap. Eric did as well and Eric always gives Ridge the benefit of the doubt. Maya doesn’t understand why. She wonders how Ridge keeps getting away with it. Rick doesn’t know. He is disgusted how he uses everyone as his own personal chess bored. Including his own children. They are all eager to feed his ego. Maya thinks that he can beat him again. Ridge has got to be stopped. There is nothing that Ridge won’t seek his claim too.

Caroline promises that she isn’t freaking out. It is just when he talks about what they did she can’t help but think about Thomas. Ridge wants to think about Douglass. Ridge is his father. They don’t have to discuss it. Caroline knows this will eventually come up. Ridge won’t allow it to come up. If it does it will tear this family apart.

Julius is sick and tired of hearing about how awful he was. He wants her to remember that he kept a roof over her head. Sasha knows that he bought her mother’s silence. Julius paid for everything that she needed. His busted his behind so he could take care of both of them. Sasha was denied everything. Julius won’t let her be dramatic. Sasha knows that she is more like Julius more than Maya and Nicole ever will be. They both do what they want to survive. Julius tells her she will take secret.

Zende doesn’t think it is Sasha’s fault they broke up. Nicole remembers that he told her not to worry. That they would be fine. Zende thinks they might have been had they talked about it. Zende is adopted but he is still a Forrester. That is his uncle’s baby inside of her. Nicole gets that he is freaked out. It doesn’t matter now though. She is going to have this baby. She is going to give her sister this gift. He can do what he wants with who wants. He has already moved on. Zende hasn’t stopped caring about her.

Rick isn’t going to rest until he is CEO again. Maya will do it with him. Rick feels they are the first family of Forrester. He is Rick Forrester Jr. Maya asks where they start. Rick will need leverage. Maya assumes he means his dad. Rick wishes but they will be on their own. He has to get someone on him. He knows that Ridge has secrets. Rick looks through Ridge drawer.

Rick always wants Caroline to be honest with him. He is trying to come to terms with him as well. Thomas took advantage of her. Douglass deserves a good father.

Sasha doesn’t think that secrets are a good thing. Julius feels that secrets solve things sometimes. Sasha asks if that is really his great fatherly advice. Julius’s advice is to figure this out. Zende needs to find out what he really wants. Sasha thinks that Nicole brought this on herself. Julius warned Nicole. This pregnancy was going to ruin things. Maya kept piling on the guilt and obligation. Sasha will do whatever she wants to do but she needs to keep her mouth shut. Sasha asks if he is going to really stay out of it now. Julius will do his best. Sasha hugs him and calls him daddy. She thanks him. She wonders if it is really that hard for him to hold her and appreciate him. Zende is a real man and cares about her. She won’t let him go no matter what.

Zende will always care about Nicole. He won’t let her forget what they had. Nicole and Sasha are like sisters. Zende wasn’t going to hide this from her. Nicole starts crying. She asks if this is naive. She wonders if she was to idealistic. She cannot believe she put the pressure on him. After everything that happened with Rick and the job. He knew how much this hurt him. She realizes that they slept together. She is sobbing. She begs him to say it isn’t true. She walks away from him. She sobs in the corner.

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