B&B Tuesday Update 3/22/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/22/16


Written By Anthony
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Caroline asks if Ridge is going to be gone long. Ridge promises that he wants to be with Caroline and Douglass but he is CEO of the company. It took him a long time to get there. If he doesn’t show up, then Rick will try to pick up the slack. Caroline promises that she has everything she needs. Ridge points out that she hasn’t let Douglass down since he was born. Ridge loves being married to Caroline. Their future starts today.

Maya walks into Rick’s office smiling. She is holding several shopping bags. Rick asks her if she was walking past the windows and just couldn’t help herself. Maya asks what he would have done if he saw these. Maya holds up a pair of baby booties. Rick laughs and doesn’t think that is fair. Then Maya takes out a baby cap. Rick realizes they are almost there. Maya knows. They are about to meet their baby. Rick knows that nobody cares. Maya promises him that isn’t true. There are plenty of people that are in their inner circle. Zende used to be on that list. Rick asks how Nicole has been since the breakup. Maya notes that it is her defense. Maya wishes that Zende could just get over his aversion to Nicole being pregnant and get back to her.

In the photo studio Sasha wants to know if they are going to talk about it or pretend like it didn’t happen. Zende isn’t pretending anything. He owns up what happened between them. Sasha thinks that acknowledging is good. He just doesn’t want her to say anything to Nicole. Sasha promises that she is really good at keeping big secrets from people. Nicole walks out and asks if Zende is around. Sasha says she just missed him. Nicole needs to talk to her. She knows what she has been hiding.

Zende walks into Rick’s office and asks Maya if she has seen Nicole. Maya only just got here. Zende says that if she sees her to have her call her. Maya thinks that the two of them should talk. Zende is sure that he could guess why. Maya cannot believe that he dumped her sister after all they have been through. Zende feels that it is the journey so far that made him realize that he can’t take the ride. It is nothing against her and Rick. He is happy that they are able to have a baby but it isn’t for him. Maya has to say she is disappointed. Nicole thought that he supported her.

Nicole asks why she would think that she is hiding something. Nicole knows. She just wants her to clear the air. Nicole would be game if she had any idea what she is talking about. Nicole knows she betrayed their friendship. She used her influence with Rick to get her fired. It was wrong and she would never do anything like that to her. Nicole can take her anger. Sasha loves her anyway. Nicole doesn’t know what she would do without her. Especially now. Sasha asks what is wrong. Nicole just misses Zende.

In Ridge’s office he unpacks. Pam wants to know how he could go away from that little baby. Ridge says that it involved very large pliers. Eric feels that he is a great little boy. Ridge has done good. Ridge would not have thought he would be this happy two years ago. Eric wishes Stephanie was here. Ridge does as well. Which is why they decided to make her a permanent part of the baby’s life. Eric wonders what he means. Ridge says that he has a name now. Douglass. Pam thinks that is perfect. Eric knows that Stephanie would be so proud. He was more important to her than anyone else. It is only fitting that his son would carry her name.

Caroline tells Douglass all about his life. Thomas walks in and listens in on her. Caroline turns around and Thomas says hello to Douglass. Caroline looks uncomfortable.

Zende feels that he did support Nicole. However, there is a difference between concept and reality. He was straight with Nicole throughout the full time. Maya knew that they would have to take breaks but she never thought that they would breakup completely. Zende asks if she would have respected him more to fake it. Maya isn’t saying that. Zende is trying to wrap his brain around things. He doesn’t like it. Maya says ok. Zende has tried texting and calling her. Maya asks if he surprised. She is to hurt

Nicole has a big void in her life. She lost her first love. At least she got to experience is with the most incredible guy she has never known. She is glad that she got to be with Zende. Sasha feels that he is something special. Nicole describes Zende. He always made her feel good about herself. Nicole is proud for what she is doing for her sister. She just wishes she could have done things differently. Sasha is so sorry.

Ridge, Pam and Eric all click glasses together. Rick walks in and asks what they are celebrating. He assumes they are talking about Ridge. Eric wants him to join them. Rick will have to pass. He is a father again. Ridge feels it is great. Rick can imagine until now. Pam mentions that his nephew has a name now. Rick wonders what it is. Ridge tells him it is Douglass. Rick starts to laugh hysterically. He thinks that goes perfect with the picture above the fire place. Ridge is sure that Stephanie would be pleased. Pam knows she is. Ridge asks how Nicole is. Rick thanks him for remembering. It has been a great year for new Forrester’s. Caroline had a baby with the man that he loves. Rick decides that does stand for a toast.

Thomas didn’t mean to intrude. He was on his way to the office. Douglas blows him away every time he sees him. Caroline has been looking at him since he was born. Thomas promises that he is surrounded by love. Thomas asks if he can old him. Caroline looks scared.

Rick really is happy for him and Caroline. He has a son and Eric has a grandson. Ridge appreciates that. Rick thinks that Douglass is a fine name. Pam thinks she is going to cry. The three men all give her a something to wipe her tears with. Pam is impressed by them. Ridge is on his way home.

Thomas doesn’t know a lot about holding babies but he isn’t going to drop him. Caroline is going to need him to support his head. Caroline puts the baby in his arms. Caroline says that is it. It’s easy. Thomas smiles.

Nicole knows that she is sorry. They both hurt. Zende walks in. He says that he has been looking for her. Nicole is here. Sasha nods her head know to Zende. Sasha is going to get her talk to him. She loves her never forget that. Zende is sorry he hurt her. He knows that is why she is avoiding her.

Caroline wants Thomas to relax a little bit and take a deep breath. She needs to try to loosen his arms a little bit. Caroline thinks that he is amazing for all of them. Ridge walks in. Caroline looks scared.

Sasha walks into Rick’s office and Rick and Maya are in it. She is sorry. She didn’t realize anyone would be in here. Maya says it is no problem. She wonders if she needs anything. Sasha just needs somewhere to hang for a little bit. Nicole and her were talking and Zende walked in wanting to talk to her for a little bit. Maya thinks that could be good. Maya spoke to Zende earlier. She reminded him that Nicole deserves to be supported. Rick knows that it isn’t that Zende’s fault. Maya hopes they get back together after Nicole delivers. Sasha doesn’t want to be a pessimist but she seriously doubts that.

Nicole reminds him that he said that he couldn’t even be close to her. She asks if he knows how much that hurts. Zende didn’t mean to react like that. Nicole knows he is disgusted. Zende isn’t disgusted. It is the situation itself. Nicole asks if he really tried. Zende feels he should know that he did. Nicole really wants to know. He was acting like his mind was already made once she started showing. This was hard for her as well. She had once chance to do something wonderful for her sister no matter what it cost. She thought he would understand.

Thomas tells Ridge that he is holding his brother for the first time. Thomas asks Douglass if he is doing alright. Ridge hates to pull rank but he wants to hold his son. Thomas willingly hands him over. Caroline needs Thomas to support his head. Thomas hopes that one day he will have this. He thanks her for allowing him to spend some time. He leaves. Ridge asks what that look was. Caroline was freaking out about Thomas. Ridge knows that they will have a relationship. She can’t freak out every time he walks into a room. This is their child. Caroline knows but Thomas loves him so much. Ridge knows but nobody can ever know. They will lose everything. Ridge won’t lose her. This is what they set up and this is what it has to be. Nobody will ever know. This is their boy. Caroline has a tear in her eye.

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