B&B Monday Update 3/21/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/21/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Deacon asks why Quinn didn’t push him. Quinn couldn’t. Deacon asks why not. Quinn will but the timing wasn’t right. Quinn says that there were people down there and she couldn’t risk it. Deacon didn’t see any people. Quinn points and says they are right there. Deacon looks over but doesn’t see anyone. Quinn pushes him into the ocean.

In the Forrester Mansion living room Ridge gets a text from Caroline’s mothers. Caroline assumes they want more pictures and videos. Ridge thinks they can’t get enough of the child. Ridge can tell that this is the start of them wanting info every five minutes so they can spoil him. Caroline knows they will never be done spoiling him. Ridge starts to think about Stephanie. He wishes that she was here as well. Caroline knows that she is. Caroline promises that they will tell their son all about her. She will be an important part of his life. Ridge feels that there is still an important thing they have to do still. Caroline knows they need a name. Ridge keeps coming back to one particular name and he hopes that she likes it. Caroline wants to hear it. Ridge says Douglass. Caroline assumes he means as in Stephanie Douglass Forrester. Ridge says that Stephanie was always there protecting the ones she loved. So if they named him after her she could always keep an eye on him. Caroline loves it.

Liam is running to find Quinn and Quinn finds him. Liam asks if she is ok. She was supposed to wait for him. He gives her, her inhaler. He asks if she is ok and what happened. Liam tells her to use her inhaler. He asks if it is better. Quinn says yes. Liam needs to get her to a doctor. Quinn is fine now. She can finally breathe. She wants to get back to the car. She thinks they have had enough for one day. Quinn looks back for a second. She appears to be guilty.

Ridge gets another text. It is from Pam. She is congratulating them once again. She is also reminding him once again that the work is piling up on his desk. Caroline asks if he should use the Forrester parental leave. Ridge would but then Rick would try to take over. Caroline asks if he is really worried. Ridge just doesn’t want to give him the opportunity. Caroline reminds him that he will be having a child soon. Ridge thinks that there is something important they can do now that the baby has a name. Caroline fills out the birth certificate. Thomas walks in and asks what is going on. Ridge looks frustrated.

Quinn and Liam walk into the cabin. Quinn is going to go take a shower. She just wants to clean up and change out of her clothes. She won’t be wrong. She is just a little wiped out. Liam asks if she has always had asthma. Quinn has since she was a little girl. She hasn’t had one in a really long time though. Liam assumes that it must be scary. Quinn doesn’t want to think about it. Liam is sorry that he wasn’t more help today. Quinn reminds him that he got her inhaler. Liam knows but who knows what could have happened while he was gone. Quinn thinks they did what they had to do. She doesn’t really want to talk about it. Liam asks what is wrong. Quinn doesn’t know. She is just feeling emotional. She doesn’t want to lose him. Liam asks if this is about her friend who is dying. He promises that he will not be leaving her. He will be with her for now and always. That isn’t changing.

Ridge asks if he should be at work. Thomas knows that the boss’s wife had a baby and he wanted to see if they needed help. He hopes they won’t rat him out. Caroline won’t if she shows them what is behind his back. Thomas hands her a box. It is a gift for the baby. Stephanie made one for Ridge when he was born. Caroline shows Ridge the shirt. It says “Design school or bust”. Ridge thanks him. Caroline feels it was more than thoughtful. It is their little ones first keep sake. Caroline says that they changed the name. Thomas needs to know this. Ridge says it is Douglass after his grandmother. Thomas feels that it is perfect. Thomas asks if he could hold the baby. Caroline clears a spot for him to sit down. Thomas welcomes the baby to the family. Ridge looks unhappy.

Quinn walks into the living room to find Liam on the computer. She asks what he is doing. Liam is trying to learn about asthma. In case she has another attack he wants to be able to help her. Quinn knows that there won’t be a next time. Liam is shocked that there are so many deaths involving asthma each year. Quinn would like to stop talking about dying. Quinn says it is ok. She knows he is just looking out for her. Liam suggests getting her some food. Quinn just wants to be her again. The woman she was becoming because of him. He has made her such a better person since the first time they kissed. Quinn knows that there is a lot that has happened not in control. Quinn thinks it is a good idea that he doesn’t matter. She has just done a lot of things she isn’t proud of. Liam doesn’t care. Quinn has taken care of him. Quinn feels that his eyes are so gentle and kind. She doesn’t want to lose Adam. She doesn’t want to lose this. She can’t allow this to end. She loves him too much.

Thomas thinks that Douglass will be out on the courts before they know it. Caroline feels that it is a little too early to know that. Thomas was out on the courts before he was out of diapers because of Ridge. Ridge bought him a toy tennis racket. He brought it everywhere with him. Thomas remembers how Taylor thought he had an unnatural attachment to it. Thomas hates to say it be he has to go. Thomas tells him that Ridge might want to sign the birth certificate. It isn’t official without the father’s signature. Ridge wants to know what happens at the office. He doesn’t want Rick to have any ideas in his absence. Thomas will. He leaves. Ridge asks if she is ok. Caroline tells Ridge that he is Douglass’s father. It was just hard with Thomas here. Ridge reminds her that Thomas lives here. No one can ever know.

Liam wants to know what is really going on. Quinn doesn’t want anyone to ruin what they have. Liam asks how that is even possible. They live in their own little world. Quinn knows it won’t be like that forever. She just wants to make sure that… Liam asks what. Quinn suggests that they go someplace else. As soon as possible. She wants to start over. Liam loves this house. Quinn suggests Alaska they could start all over again. Liam doesn’t want to move to the cold. Quinn claims that he used to like it. Quinn can’t risk going to Alaska though. Liam doesn’t understand what she is talking about. Liam suggests she does need a break. Liam says that if it will help he will do it. Quinn wants to change her life. Change everything except for him. Adam is the most important thing to her. She needs a way to make sure it happens. Liam promises that he is committed to her. Quinn knows that there are people out there. Liam asks who is taking him away. He promises it will be fine. Quinn asks him to hold her. She asks if he can love her. Liam does love her. She needs to be promised that he isn’t going to leave her. Liam says she is stuck with him forever.

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