B&B Wednesday Update 3/16/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/16/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn checks her phone. Steffy left another voice mail. Quinn tells her to take a hint and then puts the phone in her purse. Liam walks out and asks if she is ready for this. Quinn is. Liam isn't sure if she is. Quinn just has to make sure the details are exact. She needs Liam to wear his hat and sunscreen because he burns really easily. Liam thinks that she is always looking out for him. Quinn says she is just doing her job. Till death do them part.

Thomas asks if Steffy really left Liam a message. Steffy asks why there is a tone. Thomas is just surprised. He told her not to call him. Steffy doesn't think that would stop her. Thomas reminds her that she is engaged to Wyatt. Steffy knows but if she is worried about Liam she will look out for him. He isn't with Ivy. Steffy is moving on. She is always going to have feelings for Liam though. Thomas feels that he is moving on and that explanation might not exist. Steffy thinks that explanation might have a name. She doesn't know why she didn't think about this before. It's obvious who Liam ran to. The one person that Liam would run to that could convince him not to have anything to do with her. Hope.

Bill tells Wyatt that he was impressive. That was well done. Bill asks if he has always been like that. Wyatt was Quinn's right hand man for years. He had to rear the customers back in after she would scare them off. Bill thinks that he is now Bill's right hand man. He will be doing a lot more around here. Bill thinks that Wyatt is much better off here with him.

Quinn wants Liam to take the bags out to the car. Quinn has to fill up some water bottles and get her inhaler. Liam says cool. He kisses her. He is looking forward to this. Quinn knows it isn't an easy hike but it is worth the effort. Quinn puts her inhaler in her pocket. She calls up Deacon. Deacon picks up. He asks if she is on her way. Quinn says yes. Deacon doesn't think that it is too late to fix all this. They can run out of the country. Quinn isn't willing to hand him over to Steffy. Deacon asks if taking a life is the way to go. Quinn has to take care of this now while they are the only ones who know.

Wyatt thanks Bill for not giving him a hard time on Steffy. He knows he had other hopes. Bill feels that Liam didn't appreciate Steffy. Wyatt does though. Wyatt really does. Bill knows that this is about more than going after Liam's girl. That is great but this is more though. He was married to Hope and he is about to be married to Steffy. Wyatt doesn't think that his relationship with Steffy is nothing like the one with Hope.

Steffy makes a phone call. In Italy Hope picks up her phone. Steffy thinks she sounds surprised. Hope says it has been a while. Steffy wonders how Italy is. Hope is doing great here but she misses home. This is where she needs to be though. She asks what is wrong. Steffy wants to know why she says that. Hope knows they don't talk to each other. Steffy wants to talk to him. Hope asks who she is talking about. Steffy demands that she put Liam on the phone. She knows that he is there. Hope looks confused.

Quinn asks Liam if he thinks she will need her jacket. Liam doesn't think so. It isn't supposed to rain until later tonight. Quinn says ok. She leaves her inhaler in the car. Liam thinks it is beautiful here. Quinn says that the view on the top is to die for. They run up the stairs.

Wyatt can tell that Bill isn't convinced. Bill doesn't need to be. So long as Wyatt is. Wyatt knows that it seems like a pattern. Bill tells him it is a pattern. Hope was married to Liam. Steffy was married to Liam. Wyatt thinks the situation is completely different because of Quinn. Bill asks what Quinn has to do with it. Wyatt says nothing. With Hope she did everything. She tricked them into getting married. Now she has a life of her own. Steffy and him were not manipulated. He promises that will make all the difference.

Liam and Quinn continue to walk. Quinn starts to breathe heavily. She keeps going though.

Hope asks why she would think that Liam is with her. Steffy doesn't need to be lied to. Hope promises that he isn't. She asks why that would matter. She thought Steffy was engaged to Wyatt. Steffy guesses that she heard. Hope was a little shocked. The last she heard was that she was engaged to Liam. Steffy says that it is never. Hope asks if it is because of Wyatt. Steffy says that Wyatt wasn't even on her radar until after Liam said broke things off. Hope asks if he hasn't been in touch at all. Steffy says that he sent a text message or two and a voice mail. She is starting to worry. Hope wonders if he is with Ivy. Steffy says that she isn't. Hope asks about Bill. Steffy tells her that Bill said he is on a retreat. Steffy needs her to call if she hears from him. Hope can tell that she is still in love with him. Steffy reminds her that she is not there. Hope knows. Steffy has to go. She thanks her for all her help. Steffy wants to know where Liam is.

Quinn is breathing heavily. She doesn't want to rest. Liam doesn’t think that she is the type to quit. Quinn gets out her phone and checks it. She sends a text. Deacon gets it. It says that they are almost there. Quinn and Liam make it to the end of the trail. Quinn says it won't be much longer now.

Deacon looks at his phone. He looks around for them.

Quinn and Liam stop. She asks what is wrong. Liam doesn't know. She asks if it is a memory. Liam says it is that feeling of someone needing him again. Quinn asks if it is her. Liam guesses it must be.

Steffy is out on the sky deck. Wyatt walks out. Steffy asks if Bill is already driving her crazy. Wyatt says that it is really good over there. He assumes she misses her though. Steffy does. She tells him to guess who stopped by. Steffy says it was Ivy. Wyatt is shocked. He asks if Liam sent her. Steffy says that she hasn't seen him at all. Wyatt hates to say it but there is someone else she can reach out too. Someone in Italy. Steffy feels the two of them have great minds. She already called Hope. She hasn't heard from Liam either. Wyatt wants her to remember that Liam can take care of himself. They have to respect that. He suggests it is like a midlife crisis. Wyatt thinks he has been on a verge for a while now. It makes sense that he would snap. Wyatt doesn't mean to scare her. This might be a good thing. It takes losing yourself to know who you really are. Liam is doing that right now.

Deacon ducks down as Liam gets to the edge of the cliff. Quinn is breathing really badly. Liam thinks her asthma is acting up. Quinn is ok. They just need to enjoy the view. Liam thinks it is beautiful. Quinn suggests that he get closer. Liam does. Quinn's hand is on his back. Quinn starts to push forward.

Wyatt guesses that was a quick break. Bill is summoning him right now. He hopes that Steffy will be ok. He didn't mean to upset her. Steffy says that she is fine. Steffy guesses that if Liam is really having a break down it is good he is at a retreat. Wyatt reminds her that Liam quit Forrester and was treating her horribly. This is all for the best. Wyatt has to go. He will see her at home. Steffy kisses him. Steffy takes a deep breath. She looks out at the sun. Steffy asks him if he is never coming back.

Quinn is breathing even heavier. Quinn needs her inhaler. She can't find it. It is in her jacket that she left in the car. It is too far. Liam promises that he will be back in no time. He starts running. Deacon asks what is going on. Quinn says that she will be alright. Quinn can't push him. It has to happen but the timing wasn't right. There were people down there. Deacon goes to look for them but he doesn't see them anywhere. Quinn pushes him off the side of the cliff. She thinks about him saying that he would go to Bill Spencer and that she can't keep Liam forever. She tells Deacon over the cliff that she can.

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