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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/15/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam is sitting in bed. He looks at Quinn. Liam asks her what is wrong. Quinn says nothing. Liam thinks that she looks sad. Quinn has to do something. Liam asks what she has to do. Quinn explains that a friend is about to die. Liam asks why she never said this. Quinn didn’t want to worry him and she didn’t think that it would ever get to this point. Liam asks if he knows this friend. Quinn says that she was good for her in a lot of ways but sometimes things are beyond their control. Liam asks if he should come with her. Quinn wants him to stay here. Then they will go on their hike. Liam offers going on the hike another time. Quinn wants to go. They have too. Liam hugs Quinn.

Steffy once again gets Liam’s voice mail. She just needs to know if he is ok. She wants him to text her or something. Someone knocks on the door and it is Ivy. Steffy raises her voice as she says her name. Ivy greets her as madam president. Steffy asks where he is.

Bill dresses Wyatt in his office. Wyatt reminds him that this is his first day of work not his first day of school. Bill needs him to have a good corporate image. Bill thinks that Wyatt could borrow some of Liam’s suits. Liam tells Bill that if part of the job is being Liam’s clone then he can count him out. Bill just wants him to not disappear like Liam did. Wyatt feels that Liam is finding himself. Wyatt doesn’t need to conduct a search for Liam. Bill is glad to hear that. Bill hopes that Liam is happy. Wyatt hopes he is safe. Bill asks why he wouldn’t be safe. Wyatt just knows that he vanished. Bill believes that Liam’s exit is an opportunity. Bill just hopes that he is up for the challenge.

Liam asks if this friend who is dying was close to Quinn. Quinn says it was only recently. Liam hopes that she is saying her goodbyes. Quinn gets a phone call from Deacon. Deacon got her text. She wants him to meet her at the location. She has no other choice but to do this. Liam walks into the living room. Liam needs one last kiss. Quinn kisses him. She leaves.

Ivy says it is nice to see her too. She asks who is where. Steffy says Liam. Ivy asks why she would know. Steffy won’t have Ivy lie to her. Ivy hasn’t seen him since… Ivy thought they were back together. She hasn’t seen him since Australia. He didn’t plan to do that. Steffy won’t let her tell her that. Ivy thinks that Steffy knows what happened. Steffy wants to know what she is talking about. Liam insisted on helping Ivy to the plane. He slipped and hit his head. He didn’t actually intend to go to Australia.

Deacon is somewhere by a bunch of rocks on a cliff. Quinn shows up. Deacon suggests that there is another way. Deacon knows that if she kills Liam that Bill will track her down. Quinn promises that he won’t know. Nobody will ever know.

Steffy tries to make sense of the situation but isn’t taking it seriously. Ivy knows it is weird but it is the truth. Steffy asks why she should believe her. Ivy asks why she would lie. Steffy suggests that Liam put her up to it. It is obvious that he doesn’t want her finding him. Ivy knows that Liam came back here to marry her. Steffy says he didn’t though. He was distant and cold. He resigned from Forrester. She still hasn’t heard from him. All she has gotten was a couple of voice mails. Ivy asks if he has been with Bill or Wyatt. Steffy says nothing. Ivy promises that if he were in Australia that she wouldn’t be here. Steffy asks why she is here. Ivy is just passing through on a trip with her dad. It is kind of funny neither of them ended up with Liam. She wonders who he is with. Steffy will settle with knowing where he is. Ivy can see that she hasn’t given up on him. Steffy asks why she would say that. Ivy can see that she is clearly still wearing his engagement ring. Steffy says that isn’t Liam’s. She is engaged to someone else. Ivy asks who. Steffy says she is engaged to his brother. Ivy laughs that she is engaged to Wyatt.

Wyatt sits in a chair in front of Bill’s desk. Wyatt is so ready for this. Bill feels that this came at the right time. Wyatt agrees. For him, Steffy, and even for Quinn. Bill knows she will be holding a load over at Forrester. Wyatt thinks it will be good for her. She has been slacking over there lately. Bill doesn’t want Quinn leaning on her. Wyatt is here for full time he promises. Even if Liam shows up. Bill says that even if he shows up. Wyatt thinks this is exciting. Bill knows that is what Liam said. Then he left. It is almost like he is taking over his life.

Liam starts to pack for the hike. He goes into a drawer and finds one of the albums. He looks at the wedding picture of Quinn.

Quinn thinks that the tide will take the body out and the rain will cover their tracks. Deacon asks why they are here. Quinn needs a dress rehearsal. This is the perfect place. Deacon doesn’t think she has to do this. He cares about her too much to let her do this. Deacon won’t do this. Quinn has no other choice. It needs to be done.

Bill tells Wyatt that he can read that later. They have a board meeting. Wyatt asks if Bill wants him in there. Bill wants him to observe and watch him closely. Bill believes there is an art to a board of directors. Wyatt has been to a board meeting before. Bill feels this isnt the dress house anymore. This isn't Ridge and his lackies. Wyatt asks if he is supposed to stay quiet. Bill says that if he has something of value to contribute he should. He will be taking over this company one day so long as Quinn doesn't get involved. Wyatt asks how Quinn would get involved. Bill says that Quinn has had control over Wyatt since the day he was born. She has dragged him into some strange places. If he had his way she would have nothing to do with his family. Bill wants to look at the agenda.

Quinn will text him when they are on there way out. Deacon thinks this is crazy. Quinn needs him to stay out of site. Liam cannot see him. Liam will lead him close to the edge and then she will end it. If she cannot finish the job then he needs to charge him. Then they can move on with their lives. Quinn hopes that he is committed. Deacon has always been committed. Deacon asks what happens if someone finds the body. Quinn doesn't think there is a chance. It is the only way.

Steffy doesn't owe Ivy any explanations. Ivy knows that she doesn't love Wyatt. Steffy asks if it is the way Ivy did when she dumped him. Ivy knows they have only been together for a short period of time. Wyatt is a good man. Steffy knows that she is better than her. Ivy feels that she would have been a good wife to him. Steffy points out that she would have still been in love with Liam. Ivy knows it will be just like her.

Liam continues to pack and Quinn walks in. Quinn asks if he is getting everything ready for the hike. Liam is if she is still up for it. He asks how her friend is. Quinn says it will be over soon. She hopes to not talk about it anymore. Liam is sorry. Quinn is sorry. Quinn needs to go on the hike. Quinn needs her inhaler. She takes a whif of it. Liam didn't know she has athma. Quinn says that it has been acting up lately. It is from the stress. She wished she didn't have to do something. Liam hugs her and is sorry.

Bill is feeling better about this about the time. Wyatt won't let him down. Bill isn't sure that he ever fully appriciated him. Wyatt guesses that he maybe didn't. Bill promises that it will change. Wyatt will have it all down in a month. Bill likes that Wyatt is ready to jump right in. Wyatt isn't going to bad mouth Liam but he lost it somewhere around the way. He gave it up and everyone has found a better thing. Liam's loss is Steffy's gain and he is sure that she knows that.

Ivy admits that she wishes that Liam was with her in Australia. Ivy knows that it was never going to work out with her and Liam. After what she did to Aly and then to her. Liam probably saw Steffy for the first time. She doesn't understand what Liam saw in her in the first place. Steffy doesn't think that Ivy has any idea what what is going on. Ivy reminds her that Liam rejected her. Steffy thinks he just needed time alone. Ivy guesses that is what he needed. After everything she put her throug at Forrester. Steffy won't rehash this. Liam didn't leave for those reasons. Ivy asks why he did then. Steffy would like to ask him that. Ivy asks where he is then. Steffy says he is not anywhere. That is what worries her.

Quinn is wearing a sexy dress. Liam thought they were going on a hike. Quinn promises they are but first... She starts to kiss him. Quinn doesn't think that anything can prepare her for this. Adam and Even alone on their own little planet. No past or future. Just now. He brought things out in her that she never knew existed but you can't catch lightning in a bottle twice. Quinn loves Adam so much. She doesn't want this to end. Liam says nothing is ending. Quinn doesn't think this is ending. He is never going to leave her. He hopes she knows that. Quinn hugs him.

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