B&B Monday Update 3/14/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/14/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Deacon looks shocked. Quinn thought that Deacon even suggested this. Deacon would never suggest murder. Quinn reminds him that he said that she would probably have to kill him. Deacon didn’t say that. Liam walks back in. He forgot lemons. Liam walks back into the kitchen. Deacon meant that she needs to create a trap door for this mess. Quinn thought he was going to stay away from this. Deacon won’t stop looking out for her. Deacon reminds her that he probably won’t get his memory back. Quinn knows but he even said that Liam will probably get recognized. Quinn can’t be trusted or controlled. She will be unclouded by emotion. Quinn isn’t seeing that she has any other choice.

In Ridge’s office Steffy suggests different flowers for Ridge and Caroline’s baby. Wyatt reminds her that he was raised by wolves. He knows nothing about picking out flowers. Steffy knows that they will love them. Wyatt gets a phone call. It is Bill. He assumes that Bill gets lonely without Liam at his side. He picks up the phone. Bill asks what he told Wyatt. Bill asks what Bill said. He wanted him to come by his office. Wyatt will be right there. Wyatt explains that Bill wants to see him. Steffy wonders why. Wyatt assumes that Bill might be kicking himself for hiring the wrong son. Steffy knows that Bill could be in a bad place right now. He never let on how much Liam was doing over there. He was a little desperate to have Brooke involved in the company. Wyatt feels that discussing this with his current employer might not be a good idea. Steffy will support him either way. Steffy asks what he will say if Bill makes an offer. Wyatt could say yes or shove it. Thomas walks in holding designs. He asks if Quinn still works here. He needs to know what he needs to do to get her to come back. Wyatt explains that his guess is as good as his. Wyatt will see her later. He leaves. Steffy tells Thomas that if Quinn isn’t returning his calls to try harder. Thomas feels that Steffy isn’t walking air since becoming someone’s fiancé again. Steffy feels like someone’s widow.

Deacon asks if Quinn said we. He didn’t think that there was a we. Quinn is just remembering certain things. Deacon won’t be involved in stuff like this. Liam walks back out. He asks if Deacon is staying for diner. Quinn says that he has to go. Deacon agrees that Adam’s mom is right. He corrects himself and says wife. He says he is so worn out. He doesn’t know what he is saying. Liam doesn’t think there is any problem. Liam leaves again. Deacon whispers to Quinn that it was a slip of the tongue. Quinn reminds him that this was the place she was supposed to start her life over again without him. Deacon knows he can’t handle it. Quinn says that Liam is in the other room all day looking up things that she tells him. Deacon owes her a happy ending. He will give her one.

Wyatt walks into Bill’s office. He is glad that Wyatt could make it. Wyatt wishes he could have come tomorrow without being summoned. Bill wanted him here tonight though. He wonders how things are going with Steffy. Wyatt says that things are still amazing and they are still engaged. Bill asks if he still is ok with Forrester. Wyatt says it has been good to him. Bill feels that he needs to get out while the getting is good. Wyatt cannot be the designated toy poodle. Wyatt wonders if that is what Liam was. Bill wants to know why Wyatt is standing by the door. Wyatt normally isn’t in Bill’s office for very long. Bill imagines that Wyatt thinks that Liam was favored and had certain advantages. Wyatt sarcastically asks why he would think that. Bill says it was true. It wasn’t a matter of who daddy liked best. Liam simply needed more. Wyatt asks how much more. Bill tells him that he is Liam’s only living parent. Wyatt has Quinn. He came into the world understanding discipline. Liam is way worse. Wyatt isn’t sure that is fair to say. Bill wants him to look at how Liam has ran his life so far… “I want Hope. I want Steffy. I want Hope I want Steffy I want Ivy. I want Steffy. I can’t make up my mind!” Wyatt feels the same could be said about him. Bill doesn’t think so. Wyatt is committed. He isn’t afraid to marry Hope, Ivy, or Steffy. He is committed to a specific woman. Bill is that way too. He always plans the future. This desk, building, and empire. Bill has created this. He needs a son who will appreciate it. Liam clearly is not that son. He asks if Wyatt is. Bill hands Wyatt a glass of whiskey.

Thomas asks if Steffy has figured it out that she needs to break it off with Wyatt. Steffy doesn’t care that Thomas doesn’t like Wyatt. It isn’t important to her. Steffy knows that Wyatt knows himself. They made an agreement not to make her unhappy. Thomas feels that sounds pitiful. Steffy doesn’t have to discuss everything with Wyatt. Thomas assumes she means Liam. Steffy just needs to make sure that he is ok. Then she can let him go.

Deacon has been to prison. That was his life to long. Quinn would probably fit right in and run the place. Quinn won’t be committing a crime. It will be a tragic accident with his help. Deacon will go to Bill and tell him everything. Quinn knows that he won’t. Deacon asks why. Liam is messed up medically. Deacon thinks that Bill can try to fix this medically if that is even possibly. Quinn wonders what happens to her then. What about Wyatt? Deacon suggests that he will be fine because he can’t remember Steffy. This romance is deader that his and hers. Quinn never liked being married. She hated sharing half the bed. She hated having a dirty bathroom. She ended their marriage because their marriage ended their romance. Quinn asks if Deacon is telling her that there isn’t a shred of feeling left.

Wyatt wants to know what Bill would have him do. Bill would have him shadow him for half the day then the other half he would learn the business. Wyatt asks what he will pay him. Bill wonders what his salary at the gown farm is. Wyatt writes it down. Bill looks at it and writes down an offer. Wyatt will need that in a contract. If he fires him for not being Liam. He needs to know that he will be walking away with that. There are also some things that a son cannot un-hear from his father. Words that Bill has used to describe him to Quinn. Reckless, problematic, then there was his favorite. Which is not as smart as his brother. Which is because of his mother’s genes. Yet not he wants to groom Wyatt to be the next him. Wyatt just wants to know that he didn’t just say those things to offend his mother. If he did, then why. Bill says he is never stuck and he is offering him this job so that should tell him something. No questions. The two raise their glasses to each other.

Thomas believes that every conversation that Liam has had with Steffy boils down to stay away. Steffy asks what if he doesn’t mean it. He wonders if he feels that he doesn’t have a choice. Thomas can’t stop her for wanting to excuse his bad behavior. That guy broke every promise he ever made to Steffy.

Deacon can see right through Quinn. Quinn knows he always did. Deacon feels that is another lie. Quinn would sucker him into things on a daily basis. He will not get involved in first degree murder. Quinn gets a phone call. She answers it. She calls the person the love of her life. It is Wyatt. He asks her never to say that again. Wyatt just wanted to let him know that he is quitting his job. Quinn can’t let him abandon his job. Wyatt promises that Steffy is fine with it. Bill says he needs him here at Spencer Publications. Quinn wants Wyatt to tell Bill something. Wyatt explains that Bill already has a request in how she can show her gratitude. Quinn says whatever he wants. Wyatt tells her not to call or show up here ever. Quinn says that nothing would give her more pleasure. She hangs up. Deacon asks what is going on now. Quinn says that Bill is going to start treating Wyatt like his heir. Deacon wonders what happened. Quinn says that since the obstacle that was standing in between Wyatt and his future was removed. Liam shouts from the kitchen wondering what Quinn wants to drink with dinner. Quinn tells him that obstacle needs to stay removed. Liam walks in wondering if she wants tea or wine. He can tell that the two of them look serious.

Wyatt asks if Bill is satisfied. Bill remembered that whatever Wyatt tells Quinn not to do she does the opposite. Wyatt thinks that Quinn is starting a new chapter in her life. Bill believes that she is safer for society at large. Wyatt knows that Quinn means well. Wyatt is going to need it in writing that Bill won’t hold it against him when Quinn is occasionally unstable. Bill needs Wyatt to promise Quinn won’t stab or poison anyone around him and he will be fine.

Steffy sits down and starts to think about Liam once again. She thinks about hugging him outside. Steffy frowns. She won’t allow Liam to disappear. She won’t let him.

Deacon thinks that Liam’s hears must have been burning. Quinn doesn’t want Liam to pay any attention to him. Quinn would love a glass of wine. Liam asks if they were talking about him. Quinn has something planned for him. Liam asks if he is sure he isn’t staying for dinner. Quinn thinks another time. Liam could use a guy friend. Deacon will another time. Liam asks what the plan is. Quinn knows that Liam has been lonely. She wonders if she has been over protective. She knows that Liam needs to be outside. She was talking to Deacon about taking a hike in the canyon. Quinn thinks that they are up to it. Liam would love that. Quinn would be with him every step of the way. Liam loves this. He thanks Deacon for everything. He leaves. Deacon cannot believe that she is going to do this. Anyone who gets around her could fall off things. Bridges or choppers. Trails and canyons. Quinn knows they were good once. Quinn thinks they could be again. Quinn is really good at knowing exactly what needs to be done. It is her super power. Deacon is her doer and muscle. Deacon knows that Hope used to love him. She might still. Quinn suggests that Deacon might not need to do a thing. She might just need his trust. Deacon asks what happens next then. He has nothing. He tried as a husband. Quinn thinks that Deacon could be the door way to every happy ending.

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