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Deacon walks around an office. Quinn walks in. Deacon tells her she is late. Quinn is sorry but there is traffic. Deacon explains that this guy is only doing him a favor because they used to be in the same meeting together. Quinn didn’t realize that he used to pal around with a bunch of neurologists but she appreciates it. Deacon thinks that someone needs to talk some sense into her. He cares about her but she is way off base. Liam is going to wake up and remember who he is and cart her ass off to jail. Quinn wonders if he will get all his memory back or if he will not remember a thing. Quinn needs to know that and that is why she is here. The doctor walks in and Deacon says hello. His name is John. He introduces him to Quinn. She appreciates him seeing her. John has gathered this is a complicated situation. Her friend has been really confused lately and she thought it would make matter worse. He has completely lost his memory and she is just wondering if he will ever get it back.

In Ridge’s office she tells Wyatt she offered to babysit for Ridge. Wyatt is ok with that so long as she is on diaper duty. Steffy reminds him that he is part Spencer as well. Steffy thought that Liam would be here. Liam was really excited for Caroline. For him to be completely MIA through all of this is weird. Steffy asks if it bothers him when they talk about Liam. Wyatt isn’t bothered. It is just that he has gone missing as no one has talked to him in forever. He doesn’t blame Steffy for being concerned. Steffy wonders if Ridge is right. He is off the grid somewhere. Wyatt suggests that maybe Liam is just being selfish. He might not check in with anyone. Steffy just has this feeling that something is wrong.

Liam sits down and looks at the photos in the album again. He tries to think of something.

John asks if the first brain trauma happened on the plane. Quinn says yes then after that it was in the parking lot. John guesses back to back concussions. Quinn asks if the damage is stuck. John cannot do anything without the patient himself. He asks if she brought his charts or scans. Quinn really needs a second appointment and information. John says that there is a real chance is memory loss could be permanent. There is no way to be certain and he could be wrong. He can’t give him a number. There is a chance that her friend could never get his memory back. He encourages that she sees a specialist. If it comes down to it, he can recommend a clinic. Quinn has no other questions. She thanks him. He wishes them good luck and leaves. Deacon doesn’t like the look on her face. Deacon doesn’t think she can keep Liam locked up like that forever. Someone is bound to look for recognize him. It is LA. Quinn will be careful. Deacon thinks the only way to for this to end well is if she confesses. She needs to go to Bill and plead for forgiveness. Otherwise she would be in jail for a long time. He won’t let her do this to himself.

Liam stands up and sighs.

Wyatt is sure that Wyatt is fine. They would have heard something by now if he wasn’t. Steffy has never been out of touch with him this long. It isn’t like him. Steffy asks how you just change overnight. Steffy doesn’t understand the lack of contact. Quinn walks in and hugs Steffy. She will never get sick of saying that. Deacon is behind her. Wyatt asks why he is here. He hopes they aren’t giving it another go. Quinn is just finalizing her divorce with him. She asks if they are making details of their wedding. Wyatt thinks that they will be surprised. Deacon suggests that she get on a motor cycle like she did with that last guy. Deacon didn’t want to say his name that would be rude. Steffy says they have been speaking about him. Wyatt explains that they have no idea where he is. Steffy just needs to make sure he is ok. Quinn wants her to remember that Wyatt would never do that to her. Steffy knows. Quinn wouldn’t worry about Liam. She is sure that he is in good hands. Quinn is the type of mother who would do anything to make sure her son was happy.

Steffy thanks Quinn for sending over the bridal magazines. Wyatt also adds the flowers and the cake samples. Quinn was also thinking of cupcakes for the reception. She doesn’t think they are elegant enough. Wyatt explains that they just got engaged. They will let her know when they start planning. Wyatt suggests eloping. Quinn won’t let them do that. Wyatt and Steffy leave. Quinn asks if Deacon saw that. They are happy and will be married soon enough. Deacon asks how long this can last. Eventually Bill will investigate and she will be all over the news in a jumpsuit and handcuffs. Deacon doesn’t think she thought this through because she has fallen for Liam. Quinn has had enough men like Deacon to last her the rest of her life. Deacon wants to help her get out of this. Liam is a Spencer. Deacon wonders about all the times Quinn has talked down on Liam. Yet now she is supposed to spend the rest of her life with a puts like Liam. Quinn won’t all him to speak like that about Liam. She slams the door behind her.

Wyatt and Steffy are now in Rick’s office. Wyatt says that if they can get it down to here. Steffy feels that is much more doable. Wyatt feels he is very good with numbers. Steffy kisses him. Wyatt doesn’t want her to worry. He will be readily available even if he goes to Spencer. Steffy asks if he is really considering working there. Wyatt isn’t sure. Bill hasn’t exactly asked him outright but it seems like he needs him over there. Steffy just doesn’t get this with Liam. He doesn’t just quit. Wyatt would have thought so too but Liam is off somewhere doing his thing whatever that might be.

Quinn and Liam are kissing. Quinn asks what that smell is. He is cooking dinner. Quinn thinks it smells great. Liam asks how her meeting was. Quinn had a very informative meeting. Someone knocks on the door. Quinn tries to tell him not to answer it. Liam does and it is Deacon. He says he is a friend of Eve’s. Quinn says this is Jim. He is an old friend. Liam asks if he knows him.

Wyatt gets it. She spent a lot of time with Liam. They were married. It is different with him though. He is his brother. He is just as wishy washy as the next guy. Steffy still doesn’t think it makes any sense. Wyatt feels that Liam is a smart guy. He can save himself. Steffy just needs to know that he is ok. Then she won’t worry. Wyatt knows but there is nothing they can do about it right now. They need to focus on the two of them. The life they are making together. Steffy is really happy that they are together. She won’t let this affect their relationship. Wyatt says from now on it is just the two of them. They hug each other.

Liam asks if they have met before. Deacon is sorry about what happened. He knows all about Adam. Liam asks how long Deacon has known his wife. Deacon says they go way back. She was a lot different then. He hardly recognizes her now. It is quiet but he thinks it is nice. He wonders if he ever misses Beverly Hills. Liam’s timer goes off and he has to go check on dinner. Liam thinks it is really nice to see another human face. He really doesn’t get out much. Liam offers him the chance to come over whenever. Liam goes into the kitchen. Quinn asks what he is doing here. This is dangerous. Deacon feels what she is doing is dangerous. This thing will unravel. He will press charges on her. Quinn tells him to keep his voice down. Deacon doesn’t think that she can love Liam. Quinn begs him to stop saying his name. Quinn is not going to do anything. Steffy will live out her life with Wyatt. Deacon thinks the only thing she can do is let him go. Quinn has one other option. Quinn thinks about pushing Liam off a cliff. She tells Deacon she might consider murder.

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