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Written By Anthony
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Caroline asks if it is crazy that she never wants to put the baby down ever. Ridge doesn’t think she has to. Ridge feels it is a miracle. Caroline and Ridge kiss each other.

Thomas looks up the stairs. Steffy wants him to relax. Their baby brother is here. Thomas wants to know what he is like. Steffy doesn’t understand. Thomas knows she has seen him. He wants to know what he is like. He asks if he looks like either of them. Steffy guesses it is too early. It is a combo platter. Thomas is losing her. Steffy is sorry it is just she is thinking about Liam.

Liam and Quinn are naked in bed. Liam tells her that when they are together like this… Quinn finishes the sentence and says that nothing else matters. Liam agrees. Liam doesn’t remember their life before but he still knows why he married her. It is because she is amazing. Quinn asks if Liam wants to go on their hike later. Liam really does. Quinn thinks that going on a hike together will be great. She wonders what could be better. Liam suggests the two of them in bed. Quinn thinks that now that he mentions it they don’t have to go on a hike at all. Liam asks if it was always this good between them. Quinn explains it was from the very first time. Liam wishes he could remember. Quinn doesn’t want him to worry. Liam asks if she found pictures. Quinn found two albums worth. Liam thinks that could help trigger something. Liam asks if she doesn’t want him to see them.

Caroline believes that Ridge changed her life. They have their family. It is just the three of them. Ridge explains that Thomas is very anxious to meet him. Caroline knows that he doesn’t want him to meet him and that he is being protective of her but she doesn’t really see how they can avoid it.

Thomas thinks that Steffy manages to surprise him every time. Steffy asks how. Thomas cannot believe she is thinking about Liam right now. Steffy cannot help it. It wasn’t that long ago that Liam and her were going to have a baby together. Thomas reminds her that the ring on her finger means she is engaged to Wyatt. Steffy knows and it just doesn’t wipe Liam from her mind. Maybe she doesn’t want to contact her but his cousin had a baby and he has no idea about that. Thomas reminds her that was Liam’s choice and his loss. Steffy wonders what would be more important to Liam than being with his family right now.


Quinn feels that is a silly question. She of course wants him to see them. She took them out of storage Quinn wonders if she doesn’t want him to see them. It’s just she doesn’t really take good pictures. Liam really wants to see them. Liam believes it would make all the difference for him. Liam believes that this could trigger something. Quinn knows that he gets headaches and dizzy. Liam is fine. Quinn says ok and takes him into the other room. She tells him to sit. She grabs the albums and then sits next to him. Quinn opens the book. The pictures look good. Liam doesn’t feel anything from them. He wants to see the wedding photos. Quinn starts to look for the wedding photos. Liam finds a picture of Quinn on a motor cycle (it’s Steffy’s body). Liam thinks she looks smoking hot. Quinn finds a wedding photo. Liam wonders if she really rides a motor cycle. Quinn explains that they were just fooling around. Liam thinks he legs look longer. He wonders how she did that. Quinn won’t tell him a secret. He wants to know how many different women she is. Quinn awkwardly laughs.

Steffy knows that Liam loves Caroline. Forget everything with them. He knows what the baby means to her. She wants to know why he isn’t here. Thomas suggests that he could have sworn her to secrecy. They don’t know. Either way. He made a choice that doesn’t involve her. Steffy knows. Ridge walks down. He asks if they are ok. Steffy is. Thomas wants to know if he can see the baby. Ridge tells him not to long and he will be right behind him. Thomas runs upstairs. Steffy asks if he is ok. Ridge is doing ok. It is a glorious day.

Thomas walks in. Caroline says that the baby is a handsome boy. He is surrounded by so much love. Ridge will teach him a lot of things. Caroline looks up and sees Thomas. She smiles at him.

Steffy believes that Ridge deserves happiness. Ridge thinks she is happy too. She is engaged to Wyatt. Steffy guesses it is all good. Ridge doesn’t think that sounds convincing. Ridge wants to know what is bothering her. Steffy just hates that Liam is not here. She cannot help it. It isn’t like him to just disappear. Ridge wonders if he had a reason. Steffy asks if that reason is her. Like when he stayed in Paris because of Brooke. Ridge loves Brooke but he needed some time. He wonders if Liam is trying to find himself.

Quinn shows him the wedding photos. They are the Aspen wedding photos. Liam thinks she looks great. He wonders if he passed out. Seeing her like this would probably cause a brain injury. Liam would love to see her wear that dress. Quinn could never let him see that dress on her. A lot of bad things could happen. Liam asks what is wrong. Quinn dislikes that he is longing for a woman that isn’t even her. She feels that weddings are fantasies. They are a day that a woman gets to dress as a princess for the day. That is not her. The person sitting in front of him is his wife. She doesn’t want to be cast off for her. Liam feels that he is the luckiest guy on the planet.

Steffy feels that the sooner she accepts what is happening is best for everyone. Especially Wyatt. He deserves her focus and so does he. He just had a baby today. Ridge feels it was the most incredible thing ever. He had a baby in water. It just came out of nowhere. He was holding life in his hands and that never gets old. Steffy cannot believe he is a father again. They hug.

Caroline wants him to come meet the baby. Thomas asks if she is sure she can handle company today. Caroline thinks that he is family. Caroline asks if she looks tired. Caroline has literally never been this happy. Thomas just realized that he is going to see his baby brother for the first time. He sits down next to Caroline. He feels that the baby is perfect. Thomas smiles. Thomas tells Caroline that he is finally here. Thomas feels so protective of him. Caroline is as well. Thomas is his brother. Caroline says he is. Ridge asks if they should keep him. Thomas thinks this little guy is everything. Thomas will be the best big brother ever. Caroline has the best wife ever. He hit the jackpot. He would be lucky to have a wife like his.

Quinn asks if Liam is ok. Liam is. He thought the wedding photos would trigger something. He has no memories though. Quinn knows that he is disappointed. Quinn is good with the way they are. He doesn’t have to remember. Liam needs to know though. There are pieces of him missing. He is looking for something to complete him. This is nothing against her. It’s just about him finding out who is he is. He hopes she is not hurt or upset. Quinn thinks that Liam is a really good man. She is so grateful to have him in her life. Quinn isn’t going anywhere so long as he will have her. Liam guesses he is sticking around forever. Liam wonders if it will always be this way. No idea about his past. Quinn promises that they love each other. She will give up every single memory. She wants him to tell her that he will be with her no matter what. They kiss.

Steffy looks out onto the balcony. She starts to think about all the times that they spent together over the years.

Liam sits on his bed and thinks about something.

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