B&B Wednesday Update 3/9/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/9/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Ridge kisses Caroline as she holds their baby. They are still in the birthing tub. The two rock the baby back and forth.

Thomas asks if they should have heard something by now. Steffy wants him to relax. They are taking their time. Katie explains that labor is unpredictable. They don’t want them to worry so they shouldn’t. Eric is eager for the baby. Steffy knows he means he is eager for the new Forrester. Bill thinks that if they have any luck he will have his uncles good business sense and looks. Thomas thinks that he should have his father’s good eye for fashion. Bill believes they have enough dress makers running around. Bill needs to mold his nephew into a huge media mogul. Thomas feels that Ridge likes to control things.

Brooke still hasn’t heard anything. Rick reminds her that she knows babies. They come at their own sweet time. Brooke knows he will be experiencing that not to long from now. Rick knows that his wife won’t be delivering. Her sister will be. Brooke knows that he will be just as excited. Rick is going to be a nervous wreck. Brooke bets that Ridge is really excited. Brooke knows that Ridge helped deliver RJ. Rick guesses that good old Ridge is always there when you need him. He is never there in the long run. Brooke feels that they are different people now. He treats Caroline really well. Rick reminds her that he forgot to tell her about the vasectomy he had in Paris. Rick wonders if he would have ever come clean. Brooke believes that he did everything he could for Caroline to have a child. Brooke explains that Caroline has been really good for Ridge. Rick doesn’t want her to sell herself short. Any man would be lucky to have her in his life. It isn’t her fault that Ridge has some sort of addiction to women. He is still playing games. He didn’t even tell anyone about his vasectomy. Brooke reminds him that isn’t supposed to be public knowledge. She probably shouldn’t have even told him. Rick thinks he probably shouldn’t have kept Caroline in the dark but that is Ridge. Always keeping people in the dark.

Bill thinks that Wyatt and Steffy need to get busy. Wyatt asks him what they have to get busy with. Bill means that they need to get to the alter and start working on a child. Bill doesn’t want them to wait. Katie asks if they have made any wedding plans. Bill wonders if it won’t be on a mountain top on Aspen. Steffy is moving on in her life. Things happen for a reason. Thomas and Eric walk back in. Thomas says they found it. Eric says that it is a bunch of baby stuff from when Ridge, Thorne, Kristin, and Felicia were all babies. Thomas remembered that Stephanie had this box laying around. Katie thinks Thomas is really getting into this baby. Eric agrees he is.

Caroline continues to hold Ridge. The two of them continue to play with the baby in the water. They kiss each other and smile. Ridge kisses the baby.

Bill and Wyatt are by the staircase. Bill has been thinking of making some changes. Liam is gone. Who knows how long. He needs help and Katie isn’t doing so well right now. In the living room Thomas looks at baby clothes. He thinks he would have looked good in a shirt that says “design school or bust”. Eric explains that Stephanie came up with that. From an early age Stephanie was convinced that Ridge would follow in his footsteps. Thomas is sure that both parents would get a kick out this.

Brooke was surprised when she first heard about the medical condition. Rick has never heard of it. Brooke thinks most men would have given up but not Ridge. He wouldn’t be denied. Ridge and Caroline are having a baby.

Ridge holds the baby now wearing a little outfit. He hands him to Caroline who is in bed now. Johann tells her that the baby is fully healthy. Ridge explains the family will want to see him. Ridge will go get them. He says goodbye to the baby. Caroline rocks the baby.

Steffy asks Thomas how he is holding up. Thomas is doing good. Steffy thinks that he could have fooled her. Thomas is just disappointed that he had all those issues with Caroline when they were first engaged. Steffy had those issues too. They accepted it and they moved on. Thomas is really happy for him. Steffy is as well. Ridge walks down stairs and asks if he can get a huge. Steffy asks if the baby is here. Ridge explains he is seven pounds three ounces. Steffy congratulates him. Ridge sort of ignores Thomas. He tells Eric that he is a granddad again. It is a boy. They all are happy for him. Bill wants to know how his niece is. Ridge explains she is exhausted but glowing. Steffy is happy. Thomas is too. The baby is lucky to have a dad like Ridge. Ridge hugs Thomas. Eric wants to celebrate. He would like to pop the champagne that Katie brought. Katie thinks that is a good idea. Ridge would like to wait on that. He needs to get back to his kid. Steffy asks if they can all come. Bill doesn’t need permission. Ridge wants Caroline to rest. Bill asks if Caroline is ok. He better not be keeping anything from them. Ridge promises that she is ok. Eric asks if he gets any special treatment for being grandfather. Ridge explains that he can go. Steffy wonders if she can go as well. Ridge says sure. Thomas asks if he can go. Ridge believes that is to many people.

Rick has a meeting he has to get too. She is to text him if she hears anything. Brooke gets a text message from Katie. It’s a boy.

Steffy and Eric walk into the bedroom. Caroline introduces Johann and Laurie. She couldn’t have done this without them. Laurie thinks that she could have. Johann feels that Caroline and Ridge were great. Steffy guesses that Ridge came through. Caroline promises he did. Steffy and Eric look at the baby. Caroline hasn’t named him yet. She never expected to fall in love so fast. Eric couldn’t be more proud.

Bill just texted Karen and Dani. They are on their way soon. They were asking about a name. He told them they had Bill at the top of the list. Katie reminds him that he has something for the father. Bill has a Cuban for him to smoke. Bill will never understand what Caroline sees in him but he congratulates him on being a father. He wants him to try not to make him a dress maker. If he needs any other fatherly advice Ridge knows where to find him. Bill will keep that in line. Thomas is really happy for him but wonders if Ridge is trying to send him a message. Ridge asks what he is talking about. Thomas means not letting him go up with Eric and Steffy. Ridge thinks he explained that. Thomas knows but he can tell something else is going on here.

Steffy thinks that they have a future fashion designer. Caroline knows that Ridge would be happy about that. Eric would be as well. He probably won’t be around for that. Steffy promises that he will never go anywhere. Caroline thinks that Eric is a very wise person. Eric agrees with her and tells the baby that he is. One thing he knows is that there is nothing more important than a family. Moments like this are… Eric feels that Caroline is so lucky to have him in her life. She thanks him for the addition to the family.

Ridge doesn’t think this is the time. Caroline just had a baby. Thomas is being a jerk. He is sorry. He just wants to see the baby. He thanks him for letting him live here. He is changing. He is going to be the son he deserves. Thomas will do whatever he needs to do. One day he will be lucky to be in his position. Ridge hugs Thomas. He leaves him downstairs.

Rick guesses that Masimo Marone has another grandchild. Rick wonders if he should contact him. He knows Ridge won’t. Brooke tells Rick to stay out of this. Ridge is very happy right now. Caroline’s child is born. Rick wonders what this means for RJ and Thomas.

Steffy walks downstairs. She tells Thomas that their little brother is the looker. What do they expect though when he has Caroline and Ridge for parents.

Ridge tells Caroline and the baby that everyone downstairs had congratulations for them. Caroline is sure that Bill had something profound to say. Ridge knows he was talking. It is obvious how much he cares for her. The others will have to wait to meet him. Right now it is just them. He cannot wait to watch their son grow up. He tells the baby that Caroline is pretty cool. Caroline holds the baby again. She starts to cry. The two of them kiss. They look into each other’s eyes.

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