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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline gets up from the bed and walks over to a workout ball. Ridge wants her to breathe. She is doing great. Johann tells her she is doing great. They know exactly what they are doing. Caroline breathes in great pain.

Thomas explains that Caroline and Ridge went upstairs the moment the midwife showed up. Wyatt asks how long she is going to be. Thomas says that she was having contractions but it didn’t seem like it was a rush. Ridge wanted him to stay down here. Steffy knows they are having a baby. They must want it to be personal. Thomas knows. He just got caught up in the excitement of it all. Eric feels that he should be. It is exciting for all of them. Steffy remembers that when they got married they didn’t need anyone’s approval. They did what felt right. They know what works for them. Thomas smiles.

Brooke walks into Ridge’s office and asks Rick what was so urgent that she couldn’t finish her call. Rick tells her to close the door. Brooke does so and asks what is going on. Rick asks if she hasn’t heard. Ridge left work. Caroline is in labor. Brooke asks if they are at the hospital. Rick says they are having a home birth. Brooke remembers that RJ was born at home too. Rick thinks it is typical they would have the baby at home. It is another claim to this place. Brooke doesn’t think that is important right now. Rick isn’t going to change his mind on things just because Ridge is having a baby. He is having a child as well. Yet nothing changes for him. Yet everyone tells him that he needs to give Ridge his respect. He doesn’t deserve this. He tricks people and uses them.

Bill and Katie walk into the Forrester mansion. Thomas asks Steffy what she said about them being so private. Steffy reminds him that Bill is her uncle. Wyatt is glad that they could make it. Katie is as well. She heard from Caroline’s mother’s. They are on the next flight out. Until then though… Bill says they are here. The official Spencer welcoming committee. Eric feels that Caroline will be pleased. Bill has no doubt in his mind. He wonders where Caroline is. There is no screaming or yelling. He asks how things are going.

Caroline rests her head on Ridge’s chest and hugs him. Johann explains that the contractions are getting closer together. Lauren tells her that it is important to keep it together for the contractions. Ridge knows she wanted a water birth. They have the family down stairs but they will stay there. This moment is for them. It is their moment. Just like their wedding. He kisses her. Caroline continues to breathe.

Rick knows this is a beautiful thing. He knows though why Ridge is having the baby at the house. It is a control issue. Brooke doesn’t think that is fair. Rick feels that is who he is. Brooke hates that Ridge upsets him so much. Rick is shocked that Brooke isn’t upset after all the things that Ridge has done to her. Brooke is but that isn’t what she has been thinking about today. Rick assumes she is thinking about RJ. Brooke knows that Ridge has been a good father to all of his children. So this baby shouldn’t change a thing. Rick wonders why she didn’t seem shocked when he said that Caroline is in labor. Brooke was just surprised. Rick reminds her that her sons father is having a child with another baby. Brooke knows but this pregnancy is really a miracle. Rick asks what she means. Brooke looks around. Brooke explains that Ridge had a vasectomy.

Eric was thinking about the first time the Spencer’s and the Forrester’s got together. It was decades ago. It was Ridge and Caroline. Caroline’s aunt Caroline. Katie remembers how wonderful she was. Eric feels she was a very kind woman. Stephanie was found of her. Bill says that everyone liked his sister. She was special. Eric feels that Caroline (the 2nd) has the same youthful energy that Caroline (the 1st) did. It was such a shame when she passed away. The connection between the two families could have been lost but it wasn’t. A Spencer-Forrester baby being born right here. A bond between their families that has never been there before.

Caroline is on all fours on the bed while Ridge holds her waist. The birthing pool gets filled and ready for Caroline. She rocks back and forth as Ridge rubs her shoulders. Caroline is crying and sweating. Ridge kisses and holds her. Caroline sits down in the pool. She feels better. She is nine centimeters away. Caroline is having a baby. Ridge thinks it is the most natural thing in the world. Johann feels that she picked the right man to have at her side. A good husband who will be a good dad. Caroline agrees that he is.

Bill knows that Caroline’s child will be a Forrester but Steffy and Wyatt’s kid will be a Spencer. Steffy and Wyatt both seem to jump a little. Steffy asks what babies. Wyatt isn’t sure. He thought that the honeymoon had to happen first. Katie doesn’t think anything has to change once you have a baby. Eric agrees. A baby can make people even closer. Katie knows that Ridge and Caroline wanted to keep this low key but she brought a bottle of champagne. Bill thinks they will put this on ice and open it once the baby is born. Steffy asks Thomas if everything is ok. Thomas knows that Ridge and Caroline are having a baby. Wyatt is marrying her. He isn’t doing anything. He didn’t even think about how he was effecting other people. He has been thinking about Charlotte and Ivy. He could have treated them a lot better. Thomas needs to be less selfish. Steffy is glad. Thomas knows he had issues when Ridge first married Caroline. He is happy that this all working out.

Rick screams that Ridge had a vasectomy. Brooke needs him to keep that between them. Ridge doesn’t want that getting out. Not that it would really matter anyway. Rick knows that Caroline wanted a baby. He wonders why Ridge would do that. Brooke explains this was when he was in Paris. Then when he came back to LA they got together and fell in love. Everything was fine until Caroline wanted a baby. Brooke told him to be honest but Ridge was unsure. The doctor said that he wasn’t going to be able to have a baby. Then she ended up getting pregnant anyway. He wanted to do everything possible for Caroline to be happy. Rick wonders about the medical issues. Brooke guesses it was just a false alarm. It obviously was. Caroline is pregnant. When they think about it. It really is incredible.

Water is poured on Caroline’s back. She is moaning. Ridge tells her that she is doing. She is so proud of her. Caroline’s water is broken. Johann says the next contraction she will push. Ridge loves her. Caroline loves him.

Rick asks why Ridge would keep something like this secret. Brooke reminds Rick that a vasectomy is something personal. Rick knows he told her. He didn’t tell Caroline though. Brooke knows but is the first to know it was a mistake. It doesn’t matter though. He is having a baby. Rick guesses that once again Ridge gets what he wants. He has to control every single situation.

Eric feels that it is too early to toast the baby but they do have something else to celebrate. Bill knows. Wyatt is getting married. Eric adds it is to his beautiful granddaughter. Katie knows it will make the Forrester-Spencer connection even stronger. Eric feels this day is almost unbelievable. Bill thinks that Caroline (the first) would have approved of this. Eric does as well. Stephanie would have also approved. A child born of pure love. Healing the past. Bringing the families together. A fresh start. He is so proud to be here right now. To share a moment together. Ridge was raised here and his baby with Caroline will be born.

Ridge and Caroline are in the bath. Caroline is crying and is all wet. Ridge holds her. The two of them kiss each other. The baby is born Caroline and Ridge hold the baby together. Ridge kisses it on the forehead. Caroline rests it on shoulder. She rests her own head on Ridge’s. Lauren takes a picture for the two of them.

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