B&B Monday Update 3/7/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/7/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Ridge’s office he looks over a file. He hands it back to Rick and tells him to tell the people they are not interested. Rick wonders why they would do that when they are interested. Ridge feels that it is business. Rick knows those people have had that store for forty years. Ridge knows and now they have to sell it. Rick asks if this is really his tactic. Ridge knows that in another five years that corner will be perfect for a store. Rick gets it. It is exactly what he did to him. He lied and got something he really did want. Ridge asks what that was. Rick knows he wanted him out of the house.

Caroline reads a magazine in the living room of the Forrester Mansion. She gets up and pours herself a glass of water. Thomas walks in through the front door. Thomas is glad that she is here. He thought she would be at work. Caroline is not going to go into work today. Thomas asks how the baby is doing. Caroline says that he is making his presence known. Caroline really likes the changes that Thomas made to his design. Thomas thanks her. He really hopes that Ridge likes them. Caroline is sure that he will because he followed his notes to a T. Thomas thought his notes were excellent. He saw a lot more than he did. Caroline feels that is a compliment. Thomas is seeing him differently these days. He is trying his hardest to be his best. He is going to be a good son and of course a big brother.

Ridge knows that Rick left the house on his own. Rick knows that he was played by Ridge when he used that picture. Ridge really doesn’t give a damn. He doesn’t care about whose picture is on the wall. He just wanted a new place to live. The day that Rick leaves Ridge just so happens to move in. Ridge feels that Stephanie deserves a place of prominence. It is her home. Rick respects Stephanie but the time has passed. Rick feels that a son of Eric Forrester should be living in the house which happens to not be him. Rick knows that Ridge keeps putting on the guilt. Rick knows that he manipulated himself, Eric, and Maya. He has to wonder who else Ridge has manipulated.

Thomas is really excited to have a little brother. Caroline reminds him that he has other siblings. Thomas knows but none that are babies. He does think that Steffy is a little like a baby though. Caroline didn’t know he had such a thing for children. Thomas loves children and needs to be in the babies life. He doesn’t need any reason for Caroline not to trust him. Caroline just wants him to be patient. Thomas gets it and he really wants his forgiveness for all the mistakes he has made in the past year. He wants to be a good brother. Thomas has to get back to work. He wonders if he could grab some food from the kitchen. Caroline says that he can grab anything he wants. Caroline starts to feel pain. Thomas asks if she is ok. Caroline thinks she is starting to feel a contraction.

Ridge is glad that Rick is getting things off his chest. Now that Rick has done that they can get back to work. Rick knows that he is dismissing him. Ridge isn’t doing that but then admits that he is. Rick reminds him that he isn’t his employee. Ridge wonders what he is then. He is some sad little boy. Rick can tell that this is haunting him. Ridge is haunted. He is in his office all the time. Rick isn’t talking about that. He knows that Ridge has done something wrong and it is out there. Eventually the day will come that someone pushes back. Ridge thanks him and will take that advice. He will focus that on the great advice that Rick has given him over the years but right now he needs to focus on his family.

Caroline is aching in pain. Thomas asks if she is sure about it this time. Caroline is sure about this. It is much more intense than before. She needs her bag so she can get her phone to call Ridge.

Ridge wonders if he knows that there is something good between them. Rick would like to believe that but he doesn’t. Ridge’s phone rings. Caroline tells him it is time. The baby is in labor. Ridge tells Rick that he needs to get going. Caroline is in labor but he has a phone call coming. Rick will take care of it. He can go. Rick tells him good luck.

Caroline tells her midwife on the phone that she will start counting her contractions. Thomas asks if she is alright. Caroline is excited. Thomas is sure that Ridge is on sunset destroying every light in his way. Caroline starts to feel the contractions again. She breathes in and out.

Eric walks into Ridge’s office. Eric asks where Ridge is. Rick says that he had to step out. Eric is sure that he had a good reason. Rick knows he always does. Eric doesn’t want to hear this. Rick tells him that Caroline is in labor. He had to go home.

Thomas asks is there is anything else he can get her. Caroline needs him to help her keep it together before Ridge gets here. Thomas feels that will be soon because he has a feeling this baby will be seeing his brother before his dad. Thomas asks if she is ok. Caroline is a little scared. Ridge runs in and asks if she is ready. Caroline says that their midwife will be here soon. Ridge knows he called her in the car. Thomas says the contractions are only a few minutes apart. Thomas thinks it is an honor to be here for the birth of his child. It is amazing.

Eric cannot believe a new Forrester will be in the family soon. He asks when she went into labor. Rick says it won’t be long now. He was here when Ridge got the call. Eric thinks it is a great day for the family. Eric asks if Rick was arguing with Ridge. Rick was clearing the air. He doesn’t want Eric to worry. He stepped up and wished him good luck. He has a felling he will need it. Eric doesn’t think that is very nice. Rick isn’t talking about the birth. He is talking about after. He is so controlling. He is always trying to control everyone and now he is going to have a kid. Eric is glad that fortunately he will have an uncle and big brother standing by. Rick knows that Thomas is thrilled. It is almost like he is having the baby. Ridge will never let Rick around the baby though. Eric explains that Ridge knows the importance of family. Rick asks how Eric can do that. Eric wonders what he means. Rick means how he can defend Ridge when he knows he isn’t a good person. Eric assumes he means because Ridge moved in when Rick moved out. Rick never moved out. He left because he disrespected his wife. Rick knows that Ridge planned all this. He wanted the house to himself. Eric wishes they could get past this. Eric points out that Ridge and Caroline are about to have a baby. Rick reminds him that he is about to start a family as well. He asks if that matters to him or if it doesn’t count because Maya is transgender. Eric will not all Rick to do this. He will not all him to put words in his mouth about Maya. Rick is sorry. He cannot believe that he didn’t see this coming though. He manipulated Eric and Brooke. Himself included. Rick wants to know who will be next.

Ridge rubs Caroline’s back. She feels intense pain. The midwife and doula show up. They introduce themselves as Laurie and Johann. Johann asks if they are timing the contractions. Caroline has. Caroline starts to get up the stairs. Ridge doesn’t want Thomas in the room with them. It is a private moment. Thomas realizes that it is just for the mom, baby, and father.

Eric asks if they could try to look at this in a positive way. Rick wonders where the positive spin is. Eric is sure that Brooke loves having him around. Rick is back where he started. Eric points out that Ridge is back where he started too. Rick knows that Ridge had a beach house. He bets that he has no intention of moving back until he hatched that scheme. Rick knows that Eric was there when he made the choice. He asks how Caroline looked. Eric thinks she was surprised. Rick bets they never talked about it. Rick knows that Ridge is fast when it comes to screwing people over. He isn’t a Forrester. Eric believes he is. He raised him. Rick knows he is a Marone. Rick feels that he acts just like Masimo. Eric gets that he is angry. Rick feels that Eric will be in for a rude awaking. Eric doubts that. Rick knows that Ridge has some sort of a skeleton in his closet. Eric wants to change the subject. Ridge and Caroline are about to have a baby in their house, he is about to become an uncle, Thomas will be a brother, and Eric will be a grandfather again. Eric loves that a baby will be born in the Forrester home.

Thomas waits downstairs for the baby to be born with a smile on his face.

Caroline is in the master bedroom. She is six centimeters. Caroline is getting another contraction. The midwife tells her to breath in and out. She needs to follow her breath. She needs to rest and breathe deeply. Ridge wants Caroline to remember. He holds her hand. She starts to think about the beginning of their affair. When they used to have sex after painting. Then the wedding day between the two of them. Ridge believes that everything he is and embodies from this day forward is about her and the baby. Caroline thinks these are the truest words ever spoken. Ridge loves Caroline so much. The two rest their heads on each other. Caroline loves they are having a baby.

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