B&B Thursday Update 3/3/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/3/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke walks into Bill’s office. She hopes that it is ok that she is here. Bill asks how she is doing. Brooke was actually looking for Katie but she isn’t in her office. Bill says that Katie is at home. Brooke asks if Will is at home. Bill admits that she is actually at her psychiatrist. He wishes she would have done this a few weeks ago.

Katie thanks Doctor Hayden for making a house call. She knows that he normally doesn’t make them. Doctor Hayden says that it is no problem. He asks how she is doing. Katie is sorry she called so late. She explains everything is not fine. Her sister Brooke told her husband that she was still in love with him.

In Ridge’s office Maya tells Nicole that they were planning on doing something this weekend. Nicole knows they want her to go because they feel bad for her. Maya promises it is because she makes things more fun. Rick also feels terrible about what happened with Zende. Maya knows that the reason that Zende ended things is because she is having their baby. Nicole can’t change that and she wouldn’t. It hurts and she does miss him a lot.

In the photo studio Zende takes photos of Sasha. She is wearing a white dress with a black outline that shows the sides of her upper waist. Zende thinks they got what they need. Sasha can keep doing this all day. Zende is done. Sasha thinks he will get over this eventually. Zende is trying. Sasha knows he did what he had to do. The whole thing is crazy and it was beneath him. He has too much going on to deal with that. She kissed him and knew enough that he has something going for him.

Rick will talk to Zende and find out what is going on. Nicole doesn’t want Rick to convince Zende that he needs to be with her. Expecting him to wait a whole nine months wasn’t right. It was asking too much. Rick is going to let Maya have some sister time. He leaves. Maya is so sorry. She feels so terrible for what she is going through.

Zende is heading home and calling it a day. He thanks her for the good work. Sasha asks when he got so formal. Zende will see her tomorrow. Sasha tells him he better not be moping around tomorrow. No more of this. He tried everything he could. This is the craziest thing Nicole has ever done and he had every right to walk away. Sasha promises that she is here for him. Whatever he needs.

Brooke is glad that Katie is getting back into therapy. Bill is glad that she is getting help. Brooke feels that she needs guidance. Bill obviously doesn’t have to tell her that Katie has battled with depression before. He doesn’t want her going down that road again.

Katie explains that Brooke and Bill were in a relationship. Then she remarried Bill and she really thought they had moved on. Doctor Hayden assumed that changed when she overheard her. He asks if she has spoken to Bill about her concerns. Katie promises that Bill and her are fine. They are. She trusts him. She wants to be able to trust Brooke too. She just isn’t sure that she can.

Brooke really wants to be there for Katie. As sister and as a friend. She doesn’t want to over step. Bill wishes he knew what to tell her. Brooke has to get going. Katie wouldn’t want them to be together like this. Bill gets it. He is walking on eggshells. Brooke knows they will make it work. Bill says that Katie planned a family dinner for them. Brooke thinks that should be good. He gets to be home with Will spending time together. It will get them back on track. That is all he really cares about. Having his wife be ok.

Katie says that Brooke’s behavior drives her crazy. It is pathological. She has an addiction to men. It is more than just flirting and it isn’t just all in her head like everyone wants her to her believe. She hates that they are always talking about Brooke. Something goes wrong and she is always right there. She is always giggling. It drives her crazy. Doctor Hayden knows that she is hurt. Katie knows that this is how Brooke has been her entire life. Katie shouldn’t react this way. Doctor Hayden promises her that she will work this out the best way she can. Katie can’t see herself cutting Brooke out of her life. She is her sister. They used to have a really good relationship. She just isn’t sure that she will ever be able to trust her again. Doctor Hayden knows that she will have to prove herself. She needs to feel safe in that relationship. Katie isn’t going to let this consume her. She is having a family night tonight. She loves her sister. She can’t help it. She can feel her circling. Katie has to protect herself, son, and husband. She won’t lose them to Brooke.

Nicole wants Maya to know that she doesn’t regret her decision. Not for one minute. She is happy that she can do this for her and Rick. It is an honor to do it. It doesn’t mean it has been easy. She wishes that it would have worked out between Zende and her. She is sad it didn’t. Nicole is ashamed though. Maya asks why. Nicole has been insecure about her body and how she looks. Maya knows she will feel insecure. She has never been pregnant before. Her body is completely different. Nicole knows she should feel beautiful but she doesn’t so she pushed Zende away. She doesn’t blame herself or Zende. Zende is a great catch. She is afraid that he won’t be alone for long.

Zende walks out from his bathroom and is in a towel. Sasha walks in. She heard about the views of Beverly Hills but this is priceless.

Maya doesn’t want Nicole to feel bad about herself. She is beautiful and any man would be lucky to be with her. Maya wants her to be proud of herself. She knows she is. She was empathetic with Zende instead of being angry with him. Nicole didn’t realize how selfish she was.

Nicole wanted to make sure he was alright. She wanted to make sure that he wasn’t sitting here all alone thinking of you know who. Zende wasn’t. Sasha kind of doesn’t believe him. He wasn’t convincing at work either. She feels they are a lot alike. They have the same traditional values. Compared to the Avant’s she is an absolute saint. She thinks that it is good that he didn’t get involved in Nicole’s crazy pregnancy. She didn’t come here for Nicole though. She is here for him.

Brooke asks Rick if he wants her to whip up some dinner. Rick says that it is going to just be them tonight. Maya is still at the office with Nicole. Brooke still cannot believe that happened. It is a shame. They made such a cute couple. Rick knows she is taking it pretty hard. He wonders if they should get it out. Get her mind off of things. Rick asks how Brooke is doing. Brooke is fine. Rick can tell she is still worried about Katie.

Katie brings spaghetti and meatballs into the living room. Bill tells Will that they are his favorite. Katie made them all by herself. Katie drips them on Bill’s sleeve. Then she starts to drop the bowl all over Will’s plate. Bill can tell that Katie isn’t well. Katie pours herself a glass of wine and asks if Bill wants some. Bill will pass. Katie spills some wine. Bill is going to take Will and watch a Car movie. Katie says damn it to herself.

Sasha asks if Zende is happy she came over. Zende smiles. Nicole is taking that as a yes. Sasha can feel his heart beat. She knows it has been a long time. She knows he is young and single with no commitments. The two kiss each other. She takes her dress off slowly. She kisses him again. Zende gets into it and kisses back.

Brooke knows that Katie is struggling and she is really concerned about her. Rick asks what he can do to help. Brooke doesn’t think she even wants her help. They need her to know they love her. Katie has to figure this out with Bill as a couple.

Bill asks how her appointment with Doctor Hayden went. Katie says it went fine. Bill wonders if he agrees she should be on her pills. Katie doesn’t want to talk about the appointment. Bill has been worried about her. Katie was having a nice family dinner. Everything is fine. Bill doesn’t think that everything is fine She was passed out and she went off on Brooke again. Something is wrong. Katie has a couple drinks every now and then. Bill has a couple of drinks every now and then. This is not ok. Katie can feel Brooke circling. She can feel Brooke in this room with them. She loves Bill so much but she doesn’t want this to be happening. Bill is concerned with this obsession. Bill promises that nothing happened nor will anything happen. Bill promises that nothing is happening. Katie wants them to think about each other. They are good but she can feel him losing her. Bill is not losing her. Katie needs to stop drinking. She has said it before. The only person who can undermine their marriage is right here in this room. Katie doesn’t want to but she hurts so bad. She is sorry. Katie starts to cry. Bill hugs Katie.

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