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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/2/16


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Wyatt asks Quinn if she really think he should be working at Spencer. Quinn believes that it is his birth right. Wyatt knows that it is an easy way to advance in the company. Quinn is sure that now that Liam has left his throne Spencer Publications could easily be Wyatt’s someday if he positions himself correctly. Quinn wants him to think about what she has said. She another call.

Bill takes a bite of an apple. Katie walks back into the office. Katie knows the look on his face. She wonders who he had to fire. Katie hopes that Allison was let go. She will be missed. Katie asks what is going on. Bill explains that someone is making a huge mistake but he can’t fix it by firing him. Katie asks if this is about Wyatt and proposing to Steffy. Bill says that Liam is the problem.

Ridge is happy for Steffy. Steffy hopes that he isn’t just saying that. Bill is happy if she is happy. Wyatt is a good guy and they are good together. He asks if Liam walked through the door right now with an explanation and an apology what would she do. Would she still be wearing Wyatt’s ring? Steffy gives Ridge a look of shock.

Katie asks if Bill has heard from him. Bill tells her that he couldn’t be bothered to answer his phone. So Bill had to leave him a message about the engagement. Katie asks if that is really wise. Katie thought that he was going to support Wyatt. Bill does. Even more so now. Liam texted back. Katie asks what he said. Bill explains that he is too busy finding himself to care about work or any of them.

Steffy doubts that she would be happy to see Liam. Ridge asks if she is really letting him go. After everything they have been through. Steffy reminds him that Liam gave up. She is not with Wyatt because she is settling. He is wrong. She deserves to be with a man she can count on. Wyatt walks in and says he agrees.

Quinn thought Liam was thinking. Liam is trying to but the headache is getting worse. He needs something for his head. Quinn is going to get him some. Liam asks if he heard her on the phone. Quinn was wishing a co-worker well on his engagement. She also was offering some advice. Liam feels if he was smart he would take it. Quinn guesses that he usually does. She gives Liam some pills. Someone knocks on the door. Liam asks if she is expecting someone. Quinn isn’t but if it is someone he knows she will come and get him. Quinn rushes to the door. It is Deacon. Quinn asks what he wants. Deacon wants to get paid. He has her photoshopped photos.

Katie knows that it is difficult not to take Liam’s texts personally but Bill has to try. Liam has a lot to work through. Bill asks if he would really give up his entire life for Wyatt. Katie suggests that it isn’t the life he wants. Bill wonders if Quinn was right all along. Katie doubts that is true. Bill wonders if he overlooked Wyatt for too long.

Ridge asks Wyatt if he really thought he could propose to Steffy without asking him. Wyatt decides that he will ask him. It is important to him that Ridge is on board with this. He wants him to know that he will treat her better than any man ever has. Ridge just wants to make sure he stands by his words. He congratulates them and then leaves. Wyatt never thought he would sway him so much. Steffy asks if he told his parents and if they are shocked. Wyatt says that Quinn wasn’t. She wasn’t at all.

Deacon asks where Liam is. Quinn tells him to keep his voice down. She wants the albums and he can leave. Deacon doesn’t think it matters if Liam hears them Liam could come out here and chit chat with them right now. Quinn says his name is Adam. She can’t trust him not to slip up. Things are going so well. Wyatt and Steffy are engaged. Deacon cannot believe that this plan is working. Deacon asks why Quinn is dressed so colorful. Quinn wonders why it matters. She isn’t the same woman that she was when she shacked up with him. Deacon knows that she is Eve now. Deacon is pretty impressed. He really wants to see what Liam would act like in front of Quinn. He asks if he has said he loves her. Quinn says he has. Deacon realizes that she says it back. Deacon finds it hilarious and makes fun of her.

Bill has devoted a lot of time to teaching Liam how to run this business. He is talented. He isn’t always sure if he has the grit but he does have the brains. Now he is just gone. Katie knows it won’t be forever. Bill doesn’t know that. Wyatt is here and it might be a good suggestion. It might be time to bring Wyatt to Spencer.

Steffy asks if Quinn really wasn’t surprised. Wyatt explains that she always thought they would end up together. Steffy asks if she was happy. Wyatt says that she is thrilled. Steffy thinks that they will make great in-laws. Wyatt explains that she suggested something to him today. She thinks that he should be working at Spencer. It is his birth right

Deacon asks if she is really already throwing around the L-word with him. Quinn says that it is all part of the game. She is doing what she has to do. Quinn isn’t falling for him. Deacon remembers her talking about her feelings. Quinn feels that he misunderstood. Deacon knows that Quinn hates Liam so much that this must be a turn on for her. Quinn will be happy to be rid of him. Deacon knows that marriages can be annulled. Quinn doesn’t think that Liam can ever see Steffy again. He might have to disappear forever. Deacon assumes it is like the Ricardo guy with the diamond. Deacon was worried she was going soft on him. Quinn would never fall for a guy like Liam. Quinn knows it might seem like feelings are building but it just shows how much time she has invested in this. She has to pretend to be his wife all the time. Moments are created. He is a blank slate. He doesn’t know a thing about him. She can open up with him in ways that no one ever has before. The way that Liam listens. She sees why women fall in love with him. Like Hope, Ivy, and Steffy. Not her though. Deacon thinks that she might but is only realizing it now.

Katie would love to have Wyatt here and she needs the help but he needs to think about this. Bill needs a son he can count on. Wyatt is here. He never thought that it could be Wyatt because of Quinn. That whack job has had to much influence over him. Wyatt is a Spencer and he belongs here.

Steffy thinks that it makes sense that he wants to be a part of his family company. Just one problem. She wants to see her husband at work. Wyatt values his position here but there is a part of him that has always wanted to work with Bill. Liam is gone and he didn’t just leave Steffy. He left everyone. He wonders if he has a chance. Steffy forbids him as President to leave. As his fiancé she says to go for it. The timing is right and Liam is gone. He may never come back.

Quinn looks at Liam. She closes the door. Quinn sees Deacon eating a sandwich. She hopes he didn’t eat all the turkey. She was saving that. Deacon asks for who. Quinn says that Adam isn’t a vegetarian. Deacon laughs. She is diabolical. She is tricking him into eating meat. Quinn gives him the money. He can leave now. Deacon doesn’t think that she will have to do anything. This only ends one way. Steffy dumping Wyatt and she ends up in jail. Quinn suggests that he might not remember. Deacon asks if Liam will be locked up forever. Quinn says that she has kept Bill and Steffy away with texting. Steffy already has heard his voice. She got Liam to record a message by claiming she was getting prank calls. He may not have a memory but his hero instinct is still intact. Quinn doesn’t know what the end game is but Wyatt gets to show everyone that he is capable of things with Liam out of the way. Quinn wonders if she is going to have to kill him. She tells Deacon to leave. Deacon doesn’t want to be anywhere near here when she hits the fan. On second thought maybe he does. Liam calls for Quinn. She walks in. Liam is still having the headache. It is worse. Quinn says that everything will be alright. Quinn thinks about having to kill him. She keeps hearing it in her mind.

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