B&B Tuesday Update 3/1/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/1/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy looks out the window. Wyatt tells Steffy that her ring looks good on her. Steffy cannot wait to show it off. She guesses that being engaged to the son of a jewelry designer has its perks. Wyatt knew gem stones before he could walk. Steffy knows that Quinn will freak out. Wyatt wanted to call her last night but he kind of wanted to tell her in person. Steffy knows. She tells him that she called Liam. She needed Liam to know that she is moving on. She wanted him to hear it from her

Quinn replays the message from Steffy explaining that she is engaged. Liam walks out and says hello. Liam thinks that Quinn is glowing. He wants to know what is going on.

In Bill’s office Katie asks if Allison told him the meeting was postponed. Bill is aware. That means that Katie is available to have lunch with her husband. He is making reservations as he speaks. He was thinking about the other day and he wants Katie to make up with Brooke. Katie asks if he really wants her to say sorry. Bill just wants them to be good. Katie is not ready to go there with her yet. Katie goes to her phone. Jared’s source recanted. She has to go talk someone off the ledge. Katie feels that Liam was better at this than she is. Bill is getting pretty sick of him being gone. Katie can handle this. Bill doesn’t want her to have to. This being missing thing is getting out of hand.

In Ridge’s office, Ridge, Caroline, and Thomas all sit around the conference table. Caroline feels a kick. Ridge feels her stomach. Caroline explains that he won’t stop kicking. Thomas thinks that the baby is going to be a soccer player. Caroline tells him that the baby is already over scheduled. The baby can learn to surf. Thomas won’t let him do that because he can’t be like his Spencer cousins. Ridge wonders if either of them have heard from Liam. Caroline hasn’t heard a thing from him since he resigned. The weird thing is that he hasn’t liked a single post of hers in ages. Thomas is sure that he doesn’t have WIFI since he is wondering the outback. Caroline hopes that he gets home soon before this baby is here. Ridge asks if she isn’t concerned at all. Caroline is confused. Thomas thinks that Liam has them all confused. Ridge feels Steffy is the most confused.

Katie asks if Liam has called or texted. Bill says not lately. Bill’s phone goes off. Katie suggests that is Liam now. Bill checks his phone and says it is Wyatt. He wants to meet. Bill wonders what that is about.

Steffy hopes that Wyatt isn’t mad. Wyatt feels that Liam should hear it from her. Wyatt sees that Bill is at the office. He will have Quinn meet them there and they can all hear at the same time. Steffy asks if she should come with him. She could also go spread the good news at Forrester. Wyatt tells her that is a good idea. She has to go tell her father and brother she is engaged to a dreaded Spencer. Steffy thinks she can handle it.

Liam wants to know what is bringing on the smile on Quinn’s face. Quinn was thinking about the other night and the things they said. Hearing I love you for the first time in a long time. Quinn has to take care of something. Liam will be ok. Liam hopes that when she gets back they kiss just like right now. He kisses her. The two hug. Later on Liam goes on the internet and searches Adam Smith.

Ridge tells Caroline and Thomas that so far all they need is the designs from Quinn. Steffy walks in and tells them that with Quinn no news is good news. Thomas is happy she finally showed up. Caroline asks if Quinn hasn’t gotten back to him. Ridge says that Quinn is working from home and he is encouraging it. Steffy can CC Wyatt. He is on his way to see him right now. Ridge asks her to do that. Ridge asks where they are in swim wear. Thomas says that they are almost done. Caroline asks if they know what is weird. They all live on the same property and yet they are not having this meeting in pajamas. Steffy explains that she might not be staying there much longer. Ridge knows she just got there. Thomas asks why she is moving out. Steffy flaunts her ring and Caroline asks if they are engaged.

Katie is on the phone with Jared. She wants him to just write the piece. It is better without the source. An hour would be fine. She hangs up the phone. Quinn walks in and hopes she is not late. Bill wonders what she would be late for. Quinn was called by Wyatt to meet him here. She wonders what it is all about. Wyatt walks in and is glad Katie is here to. He has some good news. There have been some changes in their family lately. He thinks that change can be difficult but also good. If it weren’t for Liam and Steffy breaking up he wouldn’t have gotten so close to Steffy. Katie asks how close he is to Steffy. Wyatt asked her to marry him last night and she said yes. Bill asks if he is really seeing Steffy and they are engaged. Wyatt is. Katie congratulates him. Wyatt asks what is wrong with Quinn. Quinn is happy. Wyatt is wondering why she doesn’t seem more surprised. He kind of thought that she would be jumping up and down. Quinn isn’t all that surprised. She believed in this relationship before he even did. She was hoping for this day to come. She is not surprised at all. She knew it was meant to be Quinn loves that he son is engaged. To a woman that they both admire. Bill says good for Wyatt.

Liam looks up different people named Wyatt Smith. His head starts to hurt.

Ridge asks if she is really engaged. Thomas wonders if it is really to Wyatt. Steffy doesn’t want to hear it. Caroline jumps up and hugs Steffy. She asks if Bill has heard yet. Steffy explains that Wyatt is telling him right now along with Quinn. Thomas is sure she will be doing cartwheels. Steffy asks if Ridge is happy for her. Ridge is if she wants him to be. He wonders about Liam. Steffy has called him and he hasn’t picked up. Steffy is a different person now and Wyatt helped her through that. Wyatt is helping her get over Liam.

Liam cannot believe how many Adam Smith’s there are. A pop up for Spencer Publication subscriptions pops up. He ignores it. He needs to find a better way. He asks himself as Adam who he is.

Wyatt knows that Bill has always wanted Liam to be married to Steffy. Bill has. Wyatt knows that Bill has doubts. Bill is going to be honest with him… Bill realizes that Liam left. What he likes about Steffy is that she is strong and smart enough not to put up with his BS. He is glad that she has chosen to move on with him. He has his support. The two hug.

Ridge is alone with Steffy. He wants to talk to her. Steffy asks what he wants to talk about. Ridge asks if she thinks that she is really making the right choice. Steffy has decided. Liam is gone and he is has stopped talking to her. She thinks it has to do with Aly and Ivy. She wonders if that is an excuse and he just doesn’t want to be with her. She has Wyatt a man who wants to be with her every day. She really thinks this is the start of something good. Wyatt is her future and she can feel it. Ridge can feel it too then. The two hug.

Liam continues to search the internet as Quinn walks in. She asks what he is doing. Liam is trying to look himself up but it turns out he is not the only Smith on the planet. He learned a lot about a Scottish guy in a powdered wig. Quinn can tell that he is getting tired. She suggests he go lay down. She promises that he doesn’t need to look on the internet. She has all the answers. Any questions and he can ask her. She wonders if he needs help getting to bed. Liam is good. She gets a call from Liam’s phone. It is from Bill. Quinn hangs up.

Bill cannot believe he isn’t answering his phone again. He has to leave him a voicemail. Steffy and Wyatt are engaged. Bill asks what is going on. He wonders if he is with Ivy. He wants Steffy. He has always wanted Steffy. He should claim what is his. If not for Steffy then he needs to come back for the company and his dad.

Quinn listens to the message and sends a text to Bill. She tells him through Liam that he is at a vegan retreat. He thinks it is great news for Wyatt and Steffy. She has him suggest that Bill give Wyatt his position at Spencer. He needs time to find himself. Quinn checks in on Liam who is sleeping. Quinn quickly hides the phone in her purse.

Wyatt walks down the hall at Forrester when he gets a call. Wyatt picks up. Quinn is on the other line. She wonders if she is interrupting. Wyatt is about to do invoices at work. She was just thinking. Things are going so well for him so well. She wonders if he really loves Forrester. It might be time he started exploring his opportunities at Spencer. Wyatt asks where this is coming from. Quinn reminds him that Liam is gone. If Liam is going to leave his role of number one son then Wyatt needs to reach out to Bill and remind him that Wyatt is the dependable son. Remind him that company is his birth right.

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