B&B Monday Update 2/29/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/29/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Steffy asks if Wyatt is serious right now. Wyatt wouldn’t be down on his knee right now if he wasn’t. Steffy is amazing. She is one of a kind and the only woman he wants to be with. He wants her to tell him he can do that.

Quinn just told Liam that she loved him. Quinn thinks this is crazy. Liam thinks that is odd. She talks like her feelings for him surprise her.

Nicole looks out the kitchen window as Maya and Rick walk in laughing. Maya asks what is wrong. Nicole tells them that Zende broke up with her.

Zende is taking pictures of Sasha in the photo studio. Zende stops taking them and looks distressed. Sasha turns off the music. She can’t do this by herself. He needs to be with her but he isn’t. She wants to know what is going on.

Nicole explains that it is to surreal for Zende. He wants it to work but it isn’t. She had a feeling this would happen but she was denying it. What they are doing Zende respects but he doesn’t want it in his life. Maya is so sorry. Rick didn’t want this to happen. Nicole knows.

Zende needs to get this shoot done tonight. Sasha guesses they could keep shooting but his head isn’t into this. They may as well talk it out. He would feel better. Zende has nothing to say. He thinks he got what he needed. He is going home. He will talk to her later. Zende leaves.

Quinn feels that everything about Liam surprises her. Liam asks if it really should seeing that they are married. Quinn doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for the unexpected. Her feelings surprise me. She never expected to feel so pure and real with Liam. Liam thinks that they had some rocky times. Quinn explains that things weren’t always good between them. She has been savoring every minute though.

Wyatt knows that she must think that he is moving awfully fast. Wyatt has wanted her for a long time. He wants to be with her in every way. Wyatt takes off Liam’s engagement ring. He doesn’t think she will need that. He will always support her and put her first. He will devote his life to being the husband she deserves. He begs her to say yes and marry her.

Maya feels so terrible about this. Rick asks if Nicole wants them to talk to Zende about this. Nicole knows Zende he tried his best but he is done. It will be too late by the time she has the baby.

Someone knocks on Zende’s door. He opens it and it is Sasha. Zende isn’t in the mood for company right now. Sasha doesn’t care. Zende wants to know what she wants. Sasha knows he wants to know. Zende doesn’t feel like getting played with right now. Sasha wants to know why he is moping around. She misses fun Zende. They guy who used to spark behind the camera. Sasha wants him to know he isn’t alone. He can talk to her. Zende says that he broke it off with Nicole.

Quinn asks if Liam is ok. Liam is but it is just they have this whole life of memories good and bad and he can’t get to them. Quinn tells him this is a blessing in disguise. They can live in the moment. People are always living in the past or the future. They get to live in the present. That is good for them. He has to believe this. This is this best that they have ever been. Liam guesses that it is a clean slate. Quinn feels that it is a brand new love. The two of them start to kiss.

Steffy is honored that Wyatt wants to marry her. He is an exceptional man. She just doesn’t understand how his spirit is so in tune with hers. Wyatt wants to go forth and multiply. He wants the whole package. Steffy guesses his timing was perfect. She doesn’t know if she would be able to see him if he hadn’t been there. Steffy wants to be in the moment with a man she can hold on to. She wants to have those moments with him. Wyatt asks if this is a yes he is hearing. Steffy wants to marry him. She wants to be his wife. She wants to marry him.

Zende can see that Sasha doesn’t seem surprised. Sasha feels that the surprise is that it took them so long to break it off. Zende still loves her. Sasha just thinks that she put him in an impossible position. Asking him to wait while she plays surrogate mommy is incredibly selfish. Zende doesn’t want to talk about it. Sasha explains that he doesn’t have to talk about it at all.

Liam wants to know what they were like before all of this. Quinn believes that a clean slate wipes that all away. Liam wonders if it really was that awful that she would choose to not remember. Quinn explains that there were times where they were not kind to each other. Liam cannot imagine being angry with her. Quinn was a mess. They are so different now. Being here is like a rebirth. She really likes the new person she has become. Liam promises that he is right here for her. He kisses her again.

Steffy thinks that the ring is beautiful. Wyatt believes that when Steffy is in the room it pales in comparison. Wyatt suggests that he keep looking. Steffy doesn’t want him to do that. She wants this ring. She really does. Wyatt tells her that she will have it then. He puts it on her ring finger. Steffy starts crying. Wyatt promises that he will spend the rest of his life making sure she isn’t sorry for this. Steffy cannot believe that he is going to be her husband. Wyatt knows this will be great. Wyatt carries Steffy who has wrapped her legs around him into his bedroom.

Nicole thinks about Zende telling her that there will never be another time in their life like this. Nicole feels her stomach.

Zende can tell that Sasha is different. Sasha wonders if it is because she is honest. Sasha likes him. She wants to get to know him a lot better. Zende has made the connection. Sasha wants them to see what they are like together. She is willing and not pregnant with someone else’s kid. He needs to start now. She starts to kiss him. He looks at her and stops her.

Quinn loves the way he touches her. She feels so safe in his arms. She doesn’t want to be anywhere else but in Liam’s hands with him.

Wyatt asks what kind of wedding she wants. Steffy doesn’t know. He set the bar kind of high. Wyatt doesn’t care so long as she is his wife. Wyatt is going to take a shower. Steffy sits in bed looking at her ring. She gets out of bed and walks into the living room. She continues to look at her ring. She sees her other ring on the table. She starts to think about Liam ending her engagement. Steffy gets her phone out and tries to call Liam. She tells Liam that Wyatt proposed to her and she said yes. She is marrying his brother. Not that he will care but she wanted him to hear it from her.

Quinn hears Liam’s phone go off. She listens to the message. She hears that Wyatt proposed to her. Quinn grows a giant smile on her face.

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