B&B Friday Update 2/26/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/26/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam wakes up in bed and remembers picking up the phone to Steffy’s voice.

In the other room Deacon reminds Quinn that Liam hates her. She can’t be in love with him.

Wyatt and Steffy look at a design. Wyatt feels that it is a good idea. Steffy agrees but it should be a finished necklace by now. Wyatt knows but it shouldn’t take Quinn that long. The gem shouldn’t be that hard for her to work. It will be fine. Steffy explains that it is already late. Wyatt knows. That is the problem. She never acts like this. It has to be this next guy that she is dating who is the problem. Steffy notes that Quinn sounded excited about him. Wyatt knows his name is Adam. Steffy guesses he is mysterious. Steffy knows that Wyatt may not be happy to hear this but Quinn is falling for him.

Nicole reiterates what Zende just said. He wouldn’t have made the same choice for Nicole that she made but he respects her for it. Zende says of course. That is what they are celebrating. Giving Rick and Maya the chance to be parents. Nicole notes that it hasn’t been easy. She feels pretty good about it though. Zende thinks that she is making a lot of people really happy. That is all that matters. It is exciting and real. It is kind of crazy that she is having a child. They will have a closer relationship than the two of them have. Nicole promises that Rick isn’t closer to her than Zende is. Zende reminds her that she is carrying his baby. Nicole is doing so for her sister. Zende knows that Rick and Maya will be parents but biologically the baby is hers. Nicole knows that technically yes it is, but that has nothing to do with her relationship with Zende. He set up such a nice dinner. She wants to know why they are talking about this. Zende loves her and wants a future with her but this is too much for him. He can’t do this.

Deacon cannot believe she is falling in love with Liam. Quinn asks if Deacon remembers who he is talking to. He should know better than that. Deacon feels that the same thing that happened with him will happen with Liam. Quinn thinks that this is far from what they had. She asks if Deacon is feeling jealous. Deacon needs a little money to tie him over. Quinn laughs. Quinn assumes the new sugar momma didn’t work out. Quinn asks if she is a loan officer. If she is going to give him money, he will have to earn it. Deacon asks how. Quinn needs doctored photos of Adam and Eve and their very happy life together. Liam wants to see pictures of them. Wedding and honey moon. Deacon feels that she is just digging a deeper hole for herself.

Liam continues to hear Steffy’s voice in his head.

Zende can’t deal with it. Rick and Maya… The whole thing is just too weird for him. Zende loves her. He just can’t see Rick playing with her belly. Nicole will ask him not to do that with Zende is around. Zende can’t do that. He is going to be a dad. That is the way it should be. Nicole knows that he said they would get through this. Zende respects her choice and he admires her. He doesn’t want to feel this way. He doesn’t want to see her pregnant with his uncle’s baby. It is too much.

Steffy and Wyatt walk into his living room. Wyatt explains that Steffy doesn’t need to do this right now. Steffy just needs to get all her stuff together and get herself out Liam’s place. She won’t be able to move on until she is with her family and be with people that care about her. Wyatt reminds her that, that isn’t the only place like that. Steffy knows but her family is the right place for right now. Steffy promises that she will be spending a lot of time with him. Wyatt knows she will. Steffy just thinks that it is important she gets out of Liam’s house. She needs to put all that stuff behind them.

Deacon asks who she is trying to fool. Herself or Liam. Quinn asks if she will do it or not. Liam calls her from the next room. He asks if someone is there. Quinn explains that it is just the garbage man. Quinn drags him outside. She is offering him a job. It shouldn’t be that hard. There are pictures of Liam all over the internet. He just needs to add her to the photos and take out anything that would drive his memory. Deacon wonders if she really thinks he will do this. Quinn won’t give him a penny until he does. Quinn tells him to get out of there. She walks back in. Quinn tries to calm herself down. She walks into the bedroom. Liam asks if they had another visitor. Quinn says it was no one important. Liam wonders if he should see these people. It might help him remember.

Zende told himself that he would be ok with this. He was going to wait it out. Zende feels it will only get harder. Nicole asks why he didn’t tell her this. Zende wanted to be ok with this. Nicole thinks he can be. Zende tried to get over it. He wanted to be a free thinking guy. He just doesn’t think it feels right. Nicole knows they are both trying to figure this out. It is a weird situation. Zende understands why she is doing this. He hopes she doesn’t judge him for not being able to live it. Nicole feels their relationship was stronger than this. Zende knows they are amazing together. They will have an incredible life. When he thinks about marriage and having kids he thinks about her having his baby. It is beautiful. This he doesn’t know what to do with. He needs a woman who is committed to him and his family. This got way to complicated.

Liam believes that if saw these people, it might jog his memory. Quinn reminds him that he was resting. She doesn’t want to disturb him. Liam doesn’t want to be in bed all day. He wants to do something. Quinn feels that resting is more important than he thinks it is and talking to the garbage man isn’t going to do anything. Liam knows. He is sorry. He doesn’t mean to sound ungrateful. He shouldn’t be taking his anger out on her. None of this is familiar to him. He isn’t getting any better. Quinn thinks he has to be. Quinn promises that he shouldn’t have to be taken care of and that he will get his memory back. Quinn knows it will eventually.

Steffy starts to pack up. Wyatt brings a bag in. He wants to know if Steffy really is going to only focus on the future and no more Liam. Steffy will only focus on what is in front of her. She can’t do that if she is at Liam’s. Wyatt asks if there will be no more waiting. Wyatt knows she put their happiness on hold long enough. Steffy doesn’t think that her living with her family will be a problem. Wyatt gets that her whole family will be in that house. It has been crazy lately and she needs stability. He will help her take her stuff to the estate if that is where she wants to be but he hopes it isn’t for long. Wyatt knows that being with her family is a lot of fun but he really wants to suggest something a little more serious. Steffy asks if he wants all her clothes here and a place for her toothbrush. Wyatt does and her name on the mailbox. Wyatt feels that his life is better with her in it. He wants her here all the time. He wants to see her beautiful face when he wakes up and kiss her lips before bed. He wants her to move in with him.

Zende cannot be a part of this. Nicole promises that he doesn’t have to be. They have discussed this. Zende can’t feel the baby kicking. He can’t see her changing and be ok with this. He is trying to be accepting and open minded. Nicole suggests counseling. Zende knows it won’t work. Nicole asks how he knows. They haven’t tried. Zende explains that he was adopted. He assumes that would make him feel ready for this. He isn’t ready to be in a relationship with someone carrying their baby. Nicole guesses if that is how he feels then they have to break up. She is pregnant with their baby and there is no turning back. If he can’t deal with it then they can’t be together. Zende loves Nicole. He will always love her. The two kiss each other as they cry. Zende just cannot do this. He is sorry. The two hug each other.

Liam knows that Quinn says he will remember but he hasn’t. He hasn’t had a flicker. He hasn’t had a the tiniest glimpse of their life together. He has her. Their whole world. He needs her more than he probably ever has. Quinn knows he never said anything like that before. Liam feels he should have. Quinn is beautiful and kind, warm, sensitive. He loves her. Quinn asks what he said. He doesn’t need to remember how they met for him to love her. He just does. He loves her. Quinn loves him too. The two kiss each other. Quinn rests in his shoulders.

Steffy isn’t making that mistake again. Wyatt wonders if she didn’t understand the question. Steffy knows he just said he wants her to live with him. Wyatt does. Steffy is touched but she has done this before and she learned her lesson. She won’t move in with anyone until she is married. Wyatt wants her to marry him then. Wyatt remembers when they were down on the beach he asked her to marry him. Wyatt wants them to do this. He gets down on one knee. Wyatt takes out a ring with a red jewel. Wyatt asks Steffy to marry him and be his wife.

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