B&B Thursday Update 2/25/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/25/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Steffy asks a disgruntled Liam on the phone who is calling. Liam says he is Adam. Steffy must have called the wrong person. Quinn runs back into her house telling Liam she forgot her phone. Quinn says that she is speaking. Steffy was thrown for a second she thought she dialed the wrong number. Quinn can tell why she would think that. Steffy knows that she has a new guy in her life and wonders if that is him. Quinn confirms it is. Steffy asks if she has the necklace done for the line. Quinn had to do a few more tweaks on it than she originally planned. She promises she will have it to her by the end of the day. Steffy is glad. She congratulates Quinn on the new relationship. Quinn thanks her. She doesn’t know what it is like to have someone like Adam in her life. Quinn wonders if maybe Steffy does. Steffy thinks Wyatt is just what she needs. Quinn knew it would work out for the two of them.

Nicole and Zende walk into Brooke’s kitchen. Nicole sees a bunch of candles and two champagne glasses. Zende thinks that someone is trying to set a mood in here. Nicole suggests that they get out of here before Brooke gets back with her date then. Zende explains that Brooke isn’t here. Nicole is shocked. Zende says that Brooke gave him free reign of the entire kitchen. He has something special to celebrate. Nicole hopes this celebration doesn’t have anything to do with her moving out. Zende guesses that Eric’s will be a lot less crowded now. Nicole is happy that he will be getting some much needed space. If he does get lonely though he can move in with her. Zende doesn’t want to send Ridge the wrong message.

Wyatt walks into Ridge’s office. Steffy asks how is meeting was. Wyatt explains it was useless. He didn’t have anything to say because Quinn isn’t done with the new line let. He wonders if Steffy called her. Steffy did and he answered. Wyatt wonders who. Steffy says that it was Quinn’s boyfriend.

Quinn is off to the store for real this time. She made it all the way to the car before she realized she forgot her phone. Liam wonders who that was. Quinn says it was someone from work. Quinn asks if she sounded familiar. Liam didn’t recognize her at all. He wants to be told about her. Quinn wonders why. Liam wants to hear about her work and then something could trigger in him. Quinn doubts it. He wouldn’t even go to her office Christmas parties with her. Liam can tell that he was a catch before. She probably would prefer him not to have his memory back.

Nicole likes the sparkling cider. Zende is celebrating her. Nicole hasn’t done anything though. Zende is celebrating the incredible woman who inspires him like no one else ever has. The click their glasses together.

Wyatt asks if Steffy really answered the phone and heard Quinn’s new boyfriend. Steffy did. He sounded sweet and young. The total opposite of Quinn’s usual type.

Liam asks if Quinn knows what is strange about that call. Quinn wonders what. Liam couldn’t explain who he was. He tried to explain what to say but then he realized he didn’t know what his last name is. Liam needs to know what it is. Quinn explains that his full name is Adam John Smith. Liam isn’t getting anything from it. Quinn asks if the name AJ sounds familiar. She remembers him saying that one of his foster parents called him AJ. Liam wonders if she just said he had foster parents. Quinn did. She sits down next to him. That was something else she was hoping he would remember on his own. He never knew his parents or had any family of any kind. He bounced from foster home to foster home never able to make any connections. She knows he was really lonely before they met. That might be the reason that he doesn’t remember anything. He doesn’t want to relive that pain. Liam thinks that is awful. Quinn didn’t want to see her go through living her past again. Liam knows but it isn’t fair to her that he doesn’t remember anything. Quinn doesn’t mind. Nostalgia doesn’t matter. Liam knows but he would feel closer to her if he could just remember their first kiss or wedding day. He needs photos. Liam wants to see images of their life together.

Zende thinks it feels silly that he tried to stop Nicole from getting pregnant. Nicole has been so kind since the moment they met. She stood up for her a complete stranger. Nicole thought he was cute. Zende respects her. He needs her to know that. She knows what this pregnancy could do to this relationship but he admires her and will for the rest of his life.

Wyatt knows that she just said his voice sounded sweet but he has trouble believing that. He knows Quinn and sweet isn’t her thing. Steffy suggests she could have changed. Wyatt feels that everyone sounds sweet on the phone. Unless there was more to it than that. Steffy can’t wait to meet the guy.

Quinn guesses that pictures could help. Whatever survived the fire at least. They had one. Nobody got hurt but they lost a lot of stuff from it. Liam would like to see whatever she has. Quinn put some albums and stuff in boxes. She will make it a priority to find the boxes so he can see them. Liam starts to trip again. Quinn wants to get him back in bed. Liam thinks that sleep gets him feeling better. He wants to just sleep. Quinn is so good to him. She protects him from his own past. Quinn goes into the other room and looks scared. Someone knocks on the door. Deacon shows up. He asks if she wants to grab a bite. Quinn has no time and they got an annulment which means they don’t eat together anymore. Deacon cannot believe he is still here. Quinn tells him to calm down. Deacon hopes he is here when Liam figures it out because that will be a fight worth paying for.

Nicole feels that Zende is just as forgiving as she is. He is understanding. Zende can easily give encouragement. Nicole is actually making sacrifices.

Wyatt feels that Steffy is making him feel a lot better. He was worrying a lot. He was wondering what kind of man she would rebound to so quickly. Wyatt thinks that he might actually approve of this guy.

Deacon wonders how long she thinks that she can keep this up. Quinn doesn’t know. Until he actually remembers. Deacon asks if Steffy and Wyatt are getting closer. Quinn confirms that they are. Deacon asks if she plans for Wyatt and Steffy to be married. Quinn feels that stranger things have happened. Quinn knows that Liam and her have never gotten along but Adam is nothing like Liam. Quinn tells him to leave. Deacon asks how avoids physical contact. He asks if she goes along with it. Deacon reminds her that sooner or later he will want more. Deacon realizes that Quinn had sex with him. Deacon asks if she actually liked it. In the other room Liam hears mumbling through the noise maker. Quinn thinks that Liam has kind and gentle eyes that want to take care of her. She wonders if there is more to life out there than what men have given her. She used to be a little girl who was innocent. Deacon says there is nothing innocent about her. She needs to remember she kidnapped him. Deacon knows that Liam will throw her in jail. Quinn has never had someone talk to her or touch her the way he does. She wonders if Liam will have the same feelings once he remembers. Deacon asks if Quinn is actually in love with Liam.

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