B&B Tuesday Update 2/23/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/23/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Wyatt and Steffy kiss passionately in Ridge’s office. Wyatt asks if Steffy has any regrets. Steffy loves everything about being with Wyatt. Wyatt suggests that they can do that a lot if she wants. He hopes that she doesn’t mind but he may have let Quinn know that they are together now. Steffy guesses that there isn’t much he can keep from Quinn plus it isn’t like they are in hiding. There is no reason to be. Wyatt agrees. She can imagine that Quinn was thrilled but she was different sounding like something changed in her life too.

Liam wakes up in bed and Quinn walks in wearing a pink shirt and blue pants. She asks if he likes. Liam does very much. Quinn bought something for him. It is a sound machine. It will help drown out all the noise and help with his headaches. Liam thinks she is so good to him and she looks beautiful. Quinn admits this really isn’t her color pallet. Quinn has never really felt soft and feminine before. Liam would love if Quinn was closer to him. The two of them hug each other.

In Brooke’s kitchen Rick says hello to Maya. Maya says hello back and notes that he didn’t sleep very well last night. Rick is sorry he hasn’t been himself since Ridge took down the portrait. He had no right to do that. Maya has to be honest with him. She isn’t sure if it warrants him storming out. Rick feels that was his birth right. Rick is going to go back there and change their minds.

Caroline and Ridge hug in the living room. A mover walks in with a large box. Caroline explains that goes in the master bedroom. Eric walks in and can tell that he didn’t waste any time. He wonders where Rick and Maya’s things are. Ridge explains they are all packed up in the garage. Eric knows that Rick isn’t going to change his mind but this might be a little quick. Ridge doesn’t think Rick will do anything. Maya’s picture isn’t over the fire place so he isn’t coming back. They need the big bedroom.

Wyatt thinks that something is going on with Quinn. Steffy is sure that she is just settling in to her new place. Wyatt hasn’t even seen it. He should fix that. Steffy asks if he means an unexpected visit. Wyatt feels the element of surprise is always a good thing. Steffy likes it. Wyatt wants her to think about what she could do there. Wyatt leaves. Steffy opens a drawer and sees a picture of Liam on the back table. Thomas walks in and asks if it is safe. Steffy tells him to stop. Thomas cannot believe that she is seeing that guy. He is happy she is smiling though. He is an improvement on how Liam treats her.

Liam holds Quinn’s hand and was wondering what the significance of a blue nail is. Quinn explains that it is a reminder of something from her past. Liam asks if he knows about it or does know about it. Quinn says he knew. Quinn says that she had a child lost. It wasn’t his though. Liam wonders if he wants to talk about it. Quinn thinks it is too painful to remember. Liam suggests that it is time to let it go.

Rick walks into the Forrester Mansion to find the movers and everyone getting the house ready. Rick asks what is going on. Ridge feels that it is pretty obvious. Eric says that Ridge and Caroline are moving in. Rick asks since when. Ridge says that it is happening now. Rick asks if he was going to be called. Ridge wonders why. Rick says it is his home. Ridge notes that Rick made it clear that as long as his mother’s portrait stayed up he doesn’t live here. So Rick doesn’t live here. Rick knows this is just Ridge trying to take something that is his. Eric doesn’t think that at all. This is the Forrester family home. He has spoken to everyone and they all agree that Stephanie’s portrait stays. Caroline doesn’t think that they are being unreasonable. Stephanie is the matriarch of the family. Ridge won’t let her come down. Rick asks who Ridge thinks he is. First he takes down Maya’s picture then he moves in overnight. Ridge reminds him that he moved out overnight and he respects his choice. Rick can tell that he enjoys all of this and Eric is once again co-signing on his disrespect. Eric hates that he sees it that way. Rick thought that Eric was ok with all of this until Ridge had a problem but Ridge got what he wanted. He congratulates Ridge because he got what he wanted. They are leaving. Eric looks conflicted as they leave.

Liam won’t pressure Quinn into talking about this child that was lost. He knows that it is painful for her. He asks if she could tell him how long it was. Quinn says that it has been a couple years now. Liam asks if Quinn would forget with the polish gone. Quinn wouldn’t. Liam isn’t sure if he can say what he wants to say but it is bad to hold on to the pain. Quinn has to mark the loss. Liam knows that she is marked. Liam wants Quinn to hold on a second. He is going to do something. He will be right back. He goes into the other room. Liam brings out nail polish remover. He asks if this is ok. He starts to wipe off the nail polish. Liam starts to get dizzy again. Quinn wants him to get back into bed. Quinn isn’t just saying this but she does feel a bit lighter. She couldn’t have done that without him. Liam thinks that is what Adam and Eve do for each other. They love and help each other. Quinn kisses Liam. She wants him to rest. She turns on the noise machine. Quinn goes into the other room. She looks at her nail. She goes to her phone. Someone knocks on the door. Wyatt walks in and says surprise. He wonders if he can come in.

Rick and Maya storm into Ridge’s office. He hopes that Maya paid attention to what just happened. Ridge always comes first. Maya doesn’t know what to say. Rick just doesn’t want her to defend him. Maya wouldn’t. Rick assumes he would be used to this by now but it always comes across as a shock. He always replaces his family for his. Rick hates Ridge.

Steffy welcomes Ridge home. She can see that Stephanie is back on the wall. Ridge thinks that she is right where she belongs. Thomas wonders what happened to Maya. Ridge says that she left with Rick. Steffy wants to know what they don’t know. Ridge says he had a tantrum so he left. Caroline explains they moved in this morning. Steffy might need their help. She doesn’t feel comfortable at Liam’s house. She was wondering if she could move in. Ridge thinks it will be great to have the whole family under one roof. Steffy thanks him. They hug.

Quinn wasn’t expecting company and wonders if he could have called first. Wyatt points out that she never does. Wyatt thinks it is a nice place. Quinn was just on her way to the office and suggests they go together. Wyatt looks at Quinn and she wonders what he is looking at. Wyatt wants to know what she is wearing. Quinn is wearing a blouse. Wyatt knows that but it has color. Quinn wonders if it looks stupid. Wyatt thinks that it is different. Quinn is trying to experiment. Wyatt figures she is seeing someone. Quinn suggests that they go back to the office. Wyatt wonders if she is giving it another go with Deacon. Quinn promises that it isn’t. Wyatt is glad that a new guy is bringing the softer side in him. Wyatt wants to meet him. Wyatt can tell that she is acting stranger than usual and wants to know what she is hiding.

Ridge loves this. He loves having them all under one roof. Stephanie’s roof. Steffy still feels her presence. Thomas is sure that she would love that they are all staying together. Caroline thought Thomas was staying in the guest house. Thomas thinks that it suits him. Ridge explains that they plan to raise their child here. Caroline says that they are having a home birth so their child can start life here. They are all here. Ridge knows he hasn’t been easy on Thomas in the last few months but he is grateful to what he has brought to his life and he is glad he is here. Thomas thinks that means a lot. Ridge is going to take over as head of the family. It is great to have them here but they need to remember that he is head of the house.

Wyatt thinks that Quinn is actually blushing. He wants to know what is going on. Quinn never expected to fall for him. She didn’t want to have this conversation. Wyatt is going to go meet him. Quinn trips and Liam wakes up in the other room. Liam asks if she is ok. Quinn says that she is and to go back to sleep. Wyatt asks if his name is Adam. Wyatt has never seen her so nervous.

Ridge asks Steffy things with Wyatt are going ok. Steffy thinks he is a great guy. Ridge knows he is no Liam though. Steffy notes that Liam isn’t Liam either. She doesn’t know where he went. It is like he vanished into thin air.

Liam gets out of bed and walks to the door. He peeks out and sees Quinn talk to someone.

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