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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/22/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke doesn’t want Bill. Katie knows that isn’t true because Bill is the love of her life. Brooke asks if she has made one move on Bill. Katie points out that she is here right now, meeting secretly with her husband in her home. Bill explains that Brooke didn’t set up this meeting. He did. Katie cannot believe he lied to her. Bill said he had a meeting outside the office. He did. A meeting about her with her sister because they are concerned about her. Katie said he didn’t need to be concerned about her. The only problem the two of them have is Brooke.

Rick asks if he can get a little bit of help with this. Ridge informs Rick that the picture of Stephanie is staying. Rick is looking for some support. Ridge asks if Eric is supposed to turn his back on his wife. Eric asks them both to stop this. Rick let Ridge take down the picture for the party. He wants Maya’s picture back up. Ridge cannot believe he thinks that he let him do that. It is staying up. Rick feels this is insulting and wrong. He needs Eric to stand with him on this. He is looking for a little support. Eric feels this is useless for the two of them to carry on like this. Ridge agrees that it is useless. It is Stephanie’s house. It will always be that way. He asks if Eric, his father agrees. Rick reminds Ridge that he isn’t his dad. Eric doesn’t like that Rick is saying that. Rick feels that it is true. He is just the guy who bullied his way back into the company and stole his job. Rick asks how much Eric is going to let him get away with. Caroline walks in and Ridge welcomes her to the party. Ridge explains that Rick has a problem with the picture. Rick will put the picture somewhere else. Ridge isn’t going to have Stephanie’s picture in the garage. This is her throne. It has nothing to do with Maya. Rick is not negotiating. Maya’s portrait goes back on the wall. That is the end of it. Eric is sorry but Stephanie’s portrait stays above the fire place. Rick thinks this is unbelievable. Rick holding the portrait walks over to the staircase and calls for Maya. Maya comes and asks what is wrong. Rick tells her to grab her things because they are leaving.

Katie informs Bill that she is not drunk. Bill didn’t say that she was. She isn’t thinking straight though. Katie saw that Brooke was whispering with her husband. She has been here before. Bill promises that they were not whispering. They were having a mutual concern about Katie. Katie promises that she doesn’t have a drinking problem. Brooke wants him to think that she does. Then she can have secret meetings and connections to Bill. Katie begs Bill not to let her do it. Bill begs Katie to stop this. Katie won’t let him defend her. She knows he thinks that everything she says has to be, because of the liquor. It can’t just be her. Katie knows Brooke must be loving all of this. Brooke isn’t at all. She knows that at one point she deserved her anger but not anymore. She is here for Katie. Not for Bill. Katie wants to believe her and Brooke knows that she loved her and trusted her. She looked up to her and that was her mistake. She turned on her and took him from her. She takes and takes especially when it comes to men. Bill and her are solid. Katie demands that she get out because this is over. Brooke leaves. Katie walks over the whiskey and pours herself another drink. She takes a sip.

Rick and Maya walk down the stairs with their luggage. Eric begs that Rick not do this and feels he is over reacting. This is his home but it is also a family home. Rick has to face the fact that Ridge is right. When Thorne, Kristin, and Felicia walk through that door they want to see Stephanie above the fire place. He wants them to see that too. Eric will allow Maya’s picture anywhere else in the house. Maya agrees with Eric. If he wants the picture up there, then it is fine. Rick doesn’t think it is fine. This isn’t about Stephanie. It is about Ridge getting whatever he wants. Ridge wants Rick to admit that it was wrong for him to take the picture down in the first place. Eric didn’t say anything because this is what he does. It has nothing to do with him or Maya. It has to do with Ridge putting things in the right order. Rick can’t live like this. He won’t let Ridge be in charge of his life. Ridge tells him to go. Rick will go. He will be back though when Maya is once again over the wall. They are out of here. Rick and Maya leave. Eric looks frustrated.

Katie walks back into the living room. Bill asks if Will is asleep. Katie doesn’t respond. She wants to know why he thought that it would be a good idea for Brooke to be in this house with her son. It is not appropriate and she is not ok with it. She wants to know why Bill lied about meeting her. Bill didn’t lie to her. Katie knows that he wasn’t completely honest. He knew that she would be upset about them meeting with her in their home. Bill knows that Brooke has a drinking problem so who is better to talk to her about her own. Katie doesn’t have a drinking problem. Bill wants Katie to hand over the glass then. Katie is just trying to take the edge off. She needs to cope with this. Bill wants to know what she is coping with. Katie asks if Bill really wants to be here. She wonders if this is all enough for him. If she is enough for him. She asks if Bill wants her or her sister.

In Brooke’s kitchen she asks Rick and Maya what this unexpected pleasure is about. Rick says that they moved out of Eric’s house. Brooke’s eyes widen.

Ridge suggests that they throw on some steaks. Caroline suggests anything because they keep that fridge stocked. Eric is fine. He isn’t very hungry. Ridge knows he needs to eat and he doesn’t want to upset Stephanie. He feels that it is a good thing for Rick to be on his own for a while. Eric admits that Rick has been pretty sheltered. Ridge says that he can have his room back. Eric prefers the guest house. Without Stephanie it just isn’t the same. Caroline promises that he isn’t alone. She is still here and they are as well. Ridge wonders if he would like Caroline and him to move in. Eric thinks that Rick could come back. Ridge knows he didn’t change his mind. Eric thought that Ridge liked Venice and the Bohemian vibe. Ridge has a baby on the way. Eric doesn’t need them to do that for him. Ridge isn’t doing it for him. He wants to raise his son where he was raised. Stephanie would like it. Caroline explains they have a midwife and were going to have a home birth. Their child could start life here. Eric hates how Rick left here but he didn’t like what he said or how he said it. Eric knows that Rick won’t change his mind so he guesses that it would be great. Eric thinks that Stephanie would like it too. Ridge feels that Stephanie was an incredible lady. Eric agrees.

Brooke promises that there is plenty of room here. Rick asks if Brooke is sure. Brooke is sure. She would love for him and Maya to live here. Maya thinks that it is a great offer but they also have Nicole. Brooke guesses that she can stay too. Then when the baby comes it will be amazing. Rick thinks that they best part is no Ridge. No more of that man running their lives. Brooke guesses that it is settled. She welcomes them home. They all hug.

Caroline asks where Eric is. Ridge tells her that he is at the guest house. Caroline guesses they are all alone then. Ridge thinks it is the first evening of many like this. Caroline asks if he is good with this. Ridge is and wonders if she is. Caroline couldn’t be happier about this. Ridge wants to share this place with her. Caroline explains that a lot of people live here and they might hear her. Including Thomas. He really wants to mend his relationship with him. Ridge does as well. This might be the right time to do so. It is what Stephanie would want. Them all here in this house. Caroline is very good with this. Ridge knows that soon they will have another member of the house. It could be a boy or a girl. Caroline asks if he has a preference. Ridge doesn’t. So long as it is healthy. Caroline has something she has to tell him. Caroline says that the ER doctor made a mistake. He revealed the gender. Ridge asks if it is a boy or a girl or twins. Caroline tells Ridge that he is the proud father of a son. Ridge tells Stephanie that they are going to raise a little boy and she will have a grandson running around.

Bill tells Katie that she is his wife and he loves her. Katie knows that he loved Brooke once. Bill doesn’t want Katie to do that. Katie wishes she never heard these words coming out of Brooke’s mouth. Katie informs him that he has an open door if he wants to leave. Bill is going to tell something to Katie. The liquor is talking for her and it isn’t her. Katie knows it is. Ever since she heard those words it all is slipping away. Bill wants Katie back on her pills. Katie knows that she has been fine for a long time. Bill thinks that depression can be a lifelong battle. She can’t go back to that place. He won’t let her go back there. He needs his wife. They are losing her to fear driven by drinking. Katie promises that she loves Will and him so much. She can’t stand the thought of anything threatening them. Bill won’t let anyone do that. The two of them hug. Katie begs Bill to tell her that they are ok. She is afraid. She loves him so much. She doesn’t want to live without him.

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