B&B Friday Update 2/19/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/19/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Ridge wants Rick to take it easy. Nobody is knocking Maya and he should know that. Rick knows who is being insulted. Eric tells him that this is only for the weekend. The Maya picture will go up when the party is over. Rick wonders if he was not told that this is his home. Ridge feels that it is their home. It is Stephanie’s home. Rick will not be coming back into this house until Maya’s portrait is back on that wall.

Bridget asks if Rick misses being CEO. She wants her to be honest. Maya doesn’t know. It was so important to him for so long. She wonders if he needed to prove to himself that he could do it. Bridget assumes that he was pursuing what he thought would make him happy but learned something else did. Maya thinks that it is funny how that happens. Maya thought she would have to choose between being herself and being loved. Then Rick came in with a tie-dyed T-shirt and a cup of coffee and then her whole life began.

Wyatt walks into Bill’s office and smells scotch. Katie tells him it is always a party here at Spencer Publications. Wyatt wonders where Bill is. He asks if he is at a conference or giving a speech. Katie thinks that he is probably listening for them. Katie is tracking Brooke on her phone. The Logan girls share everything. Some would share to a fault. Bill is with Brooke at her home.

Bill thinks this is so unlike Katie. She never drinks even with the post-partum. Bill never has seen Katie around liquor. Brooke assumes that Bill thinks Katie needs help. Bill doesn’t like seeing Katie the way he did last night. Brooke remembers how beside herself she was when Bill was drinking. Nobody else even noticed. It has got him thinking about Katie’s relationship with drinking. He never thought that he would have to deal with this. He doesn’t want to lose her. He never thought he could lose someone while he was looking at them.

Wyatt asks if Katie knows when Bill is coming back. Katie wonders which one of them he means. Wyatt means to the office. Wyatt assumes that if Brooke is at her house she is probably waiting for her. Katie is sure that Brooke has found what she was looking for. Wyatt asks if Katie is having through with Bill. Katie is having trouble with Brooke. She is pining after Bill again.

Bridget has really missed Brooke’s olive spread. She knows that Brooke gets it in West-Hollywood but to her it will always be hers. Maya is going to have to ask where she gets it. Bridget thinks that Maya is perfect for Rick. Always thinking about him. Rick walks in and Maya asks what happened. Bridget hopes they didn’t get into a fight. Rick tells Maya that he took her picture down.

Ridge welcomes guests into the mansion. Alice the first guest is reminded of Caroline the first. Eric says hello to Alice. The two toast to Stephanie. Ridge looks at the picture of Stephanie and nods to her like he did the right thing.

Maya suggests that it is all about timing. It is the CEO international weekend. Rick wonders what that matters. It doesn’t mean that Ridge gets to redecorate. Maya knows that this is for Eric’s oldest clients so maybe they aren’t so excited about the lead model being transgender. Bridger assures her that they actually know all of them and none of them are like that. Rick explains that Ridge wanted them to see Stephanie large as life and she doesn’t live there. Neither does he. They do.

At the cocktail party a group discuss how Stephanie did business and all laugh at a story. Alice thanks Caroline for such a lovely party. Caroline wonders if she has any plans for the weekend. Alice plans to go to the Merina for a tour. Caroline asks if that is all day. Alice will go for three hours or so. Caroline thinks that sounds lovely. She is glad to have met her. Alice turns to Ridge and tells him that last Summer in Paris she saw their Hungarian ambassador wearing a Forrester original. If only she could tell Stephanie. Ridge thinks that she just did. Eric is talking to a Julia and is glad to be able to see her again. Julia forgot to ask about Rick. She doesn’t see him or his wife anywhere. Eric tells her that they are expecting as well but it isn’t common knowledge yet. Julia wants him to have her congratulations. Ridge looks at the portrait and thinks she did a good job hosting the party.

Bill isn’t even sure that telling Katie to go to meetings is the right thing. It isn’t like Katie is drinking because she can’t help herself. It is a deliberate choice every time. Bill thinks that she is looking for a reaction in her. That is what scares her. Bill is the same person whether she drinks or not. Katie drinks so she can be someone she usually isn’t.

Wyatt walks back into Bill’s office and asks if she has seen Liam. Allison and Justin haven’t seen him either. Katie promises that nobody has seen or heard from Liam. Bill is very upset with him. Katie cannot believe how long Brooke is taking at her house. She wonders if there is an app that would tell her what room they are in. Wyatt tells her that she should go and check on them if she thinks something is going on. Katie informs him that Brooke has said she is going after him. Wyatt wonders if she is throwing in the towel. Katie isn’t going down that easily this time. Wyatt hopes that Katie isn’t driving. Katie is taking a car. Wyatt was just asking. He knows that she isn’t sure if her conclusions are even right so she needs to tell herself she is on a fact finding mission. Katie has all the facts. Katie asks if Bill has said anything to him. Wyatt doesn’t think that Bill says anything to anyone but Katie. Katie doesn’t want Wyatt to tell him she asked him that or that he saw her like that.

Rick doesn’t want Bridget to look at Rick like that. Bridge feels that he failed to mention that when Ridge took down the portrait that he put Stephanie’s up. Bridget reminds him that Ridge grew up there. They didn’t. Rick knows. Stephanie didn’t want them anywhere near that place. Bridget feels that is an exaggeration. Bridget thinks that his annual guests probably like seeing Stephanie’s portrait. Bridget adores Maya and thinks she has brought a lot of good to Rick. However, when she walks into that house she likes seeing Stephanie’s picture. It feels respectful and it feels right. Maya suggests that the picture is only up for his guests. Rick explains that is what he said. It was only for the weekend. Maya thinks that they should wait until Monday to prove his good faith. Rick is only giving him until tonight. When everyone shows up at the brunch tomorrow they will see their lead models portrait over the fire place. The party is over. They should go home.

Ridge thinks it is just like the old days. Eric agrees. Ridge says that Caroline went home to rest. Eric imagines that Stephanie had her eyes on Caroline the whole evening. She would be absolutely beside herself to know that she has another grandchild on the way. Ridge thinks that she belongs there. Eric informs Ridge that life is change. Ridge wants to keep someone’s memory alive. Rick can put the picture of Maya in the hallway or in his office. Not here. This is her space and he knows he is right.

Brooke can suggest it. Bill knows she needs help but it probably isn’t a good idea to have Brooke say anything. Brooke wonders what it could hurt. She will say that she is going to a 12 step meeting and offer Katie a chance to go. Bill asks if she remembers how much Katie takes everything as an accusation from Brooke. Brooke is ok with letting Katie know that her drinking is becoming a problem. This isn’t going to go away. Katie over hears half the conversation. Brooke wants to be the one to tell her. It is better if she tells her than if he does. Katie wants to know what she needs to be told. She assumes that they are having another affair.

Ridge and Eric click glasses together. Ridge misses Stephanie too. Thorne, Felicia, and Kristen do as well. He wonders if Eric wonders why they never come here. There is too much Rick in this house. Eric feels that is unfair. Eric wonders if Rick broke some rule marrying someone not a friend of the family. Ridge thinks Maya is nice but when Maya’s picture is up there and Stephanie’s kids walk in here and see someone else’s picture up there it feels like someone else’s home. Rick and Maya walk in. Maya explains she had a nice visit with Bridget. Rick wonders how the party was. Ridge says the party was a success. Rick doesn’t like how they left things. Maya is going to go upstairs. Ridge says that Rick ran out like a little girl. Rick is willing to meet Ridge halfway. Eric wishes they could have this conversation at a different time. Rick understands why Eric wants Stephanie’s portrait up for the cocktail party. He wants Maya’s up there now though for the brunch. He feels that Stephanie was yesterday and Maya is today. Ridge wonders why he pretends to be in charge. Rick wasn’t even talking to Ridge. He wants to know what Eric thinks.

Bill asks if this is what Katie does. She sneaks in through the back door to spy on him. Katie isn’t sneaking. She wonders if she isn’t allowed to walk into her own home. Katie is sure she is over reacting. She is sure that Brooke standing in her living room is in her mind. Bill asks how Katie can come home to her. Katie drinks as she passes the time. Bill asks if she is so out of touch with reality that he would bring home any woman. Katie is sorry. She knows he would never do that. Brooke however would when she thinks her destiny is around the corner. Bill asks if he isn’t allowed to have a conversation with other people. Katie feels he is allowed to talk to whoever he wants. Brooke will take any excuse though to talk to him. Bill explains that Brooke is here for her. Brooke thinks her drinking is out of control. Katie thinks that is rich coming for her. Katie reminds her how this whole thing started. She offered her a job so Brooke could get out of her house and not drink. She never guessed it would give Brooke a chance to bring out her inner slut. Brooke knows that is the drinks talking. Katie knows she isn’t allowed to talk. She is supposed to be dead. That way Brooke can show up at the house and move in on Bill. Katie informs Brooke that she isn’t going to just hand Bill over to her again.

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