B&B Thursday Update 2/18/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/18/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge and Caroline kiss passionately in the living room of the Forrester mansion. Ridge wants to know why he thought for a minute that it would be a good idea to be away from Caroline for a minute. Caroline knows that he has a company to run. Ridge would rather be around her. No more false alarms. Caroline was scared but luckily Thomas was there to take her to the hospital. Ridge will be here for her now. Caroline reminds him that they are throwing a cocktail party for Forrester’s most loyal supporters. That is why they came over here. Ridge also wanted to check on a few other things. Caroline asks what other things. Ridge knows they are things that Rick won’t be happy about.

In Brooke’s kitchen Bridget, Rick, and Maya joke around with Brooke. Brooke explains that Bridget did do something. Bridget dislikes being ganged up on, Maya reminds Rick that he doesn’t get to see his sister very often. Rick would like to take the opportunity to set the record straight. Bridget never once lip-synced Madonna for Giorgio Armani when she was seven. Rick reminds her that she was nine. He was collaborating with Eric for an international fashion show and came over to the house for dinner. Bridget was the entertainment. Bridget informs them if they ever tell anyone she will do something. Rick asks if Brooke has heard from Katie. Brooke explains that last night didn’t go very well. At least Katie has Bill’s love and commitment.

In Bill’s office he tells Katie that he is going to have Allison set up a meeting for later today. This affects all aspects of the business and he wants Katie to do the same. Bill asks if Katie is ok. Katie says she is fine. She is just having a hard time going this morning. She is sure that this is hard for some people. Bill never feels this way. Not that he doesn’t understand. Katie just slept a little later than usual. It is nothing to be concerned about. Bill wants them to talk about it. Katie was tired and went down stairs then went to bed. She promises that everything is fine. She just needs a little time. She also needs a boss and husband who gives her slack. Bill doesn’t want to talk about that. Katie doesn’t want to talk about Brooke admitting her feelings. Bill wishes he could undo that. He loves her. Katie knows. She is sure that Brooke doesn’t have any more photo albums of the two of them.

Rick asks if Brooke is going to come into Forrester this afternoon. Maya loves having her around there again. Brooke loves being around there again. She just wants to spend as much time with Bridget as possible. Bridget is willing to go to Forrester and brush up on her design skills. Maya is shocked that she is a doctor and fashion designer. Rick explains that it is a long story. Maya would love the abridged version. Bridget tried her hand at designing a long time ago. Rick thought she was brilliant. She just so happened to be working for the competitors. Brooke is sure that Ridge would willingly let her back if she picked up his pencil. Rick heard that Ridge is back in town. Bridget asks if that is a problem. Maya tells Bridget that Ridge isn’t Rick’s favorite person. Bridget was hoping that they would be getting along a little better now. Rick does. When he is out of town. When Ridge comes back is when the trouble starts.

Ridge two movers put the portrait of Stephanie on the mantle. He tells them to put the Maya portrait in the dining room. Ridge asks what she thinks. Caroline wonders if Eric knows. She guesses more importantly if Rick knows. Eric walks in. He heard Ridge was back in town. Ridge thinks it is good to see him. Eric doesn’t think that the CEO chair should be left empty so long. Eric sees the portrait of Stephanie and looks a little shocked. Ridge loves having the matriarch back where she should be.

Katie walks back into Bill’s office. Bill wonders where she went off to. Katie went to go check on Will and then she got half way to the daycare when she realized that Will is with the nanny. Bill knows that she is on a special outing with Will. Bill is heading out. He has a meeting outside of the office. He kisses Katie on the head.

Brooke looks at her phone. Bill has texted her to meet her. Rick asks if Brooke has heard him. Brooke didn’t hear. Rick asks who is invited to the cocktail party that Ridge is throwing. Brooke doesn’t know. Bridget guesses that times have changed. She remembers a time when Brooke knew what Ridge was doing before he did. Brooke has something she needs to take care of. Rick is going to go check in at the house and see Eric and their globetrotting CEO. Brooke will try not to take too long. Maya guesses they will see her in a bit. Rick guesses that was an important text for her to rush out like that.

Eric asks if Ridge did this. Ridge did. He thought it was long overdue. Caroline thinks that Ridge means… Eric wants to know what prompted this. Ridge just got back from Europe and they know how to treat Kings and Queens. Eric reminds him this isn’t Europe. Ridge knows but this felt right. Eric wants to know why now. Ridge guesses they are having a party tonight for people they entertained for a long time. They want to show that Stephanie is still around. Caroline feels that Stephanie would like it. Eric agrees. There is a question about that. One of the few things that Eric didn’t like about Stephanie was that she would provoke conflict. Eric sees that Ridge does that. He asks if he ran this by Rick. Eric thinks he knows why. Rick and Maya live here. Ridge knows they play house here. He grew up here. He grew up with Thorne, Felicia, and Kristen. They all get it. Ridge thinks that Eric gets it. He put it up during Christmas. Eric knows because he put it up. Ridge promises that it will be ok.

Bill thanks Brooke for coming. Brooke isn’t sure she should have. Bill isn’t either but he needed to speak to her in person. Bill explains that Katie is at Spencer and Will is with the nanny. Katie is having a problem and he needs her help.

Katie tells Allison over the phone that she knows she is the best but even the best assistants forget to write things down. She begs Allison to check again. She asks if Allison is sure there is no mention of an outside meeting on Bill’s calendar. Katie thanks her and hangs up. Katie looks at a picture of Bill.

Bridget tells Maya that she loves Rick dearly but she is happy to get some alone time with his wife. Maya thanks her. She assumes she wants to know if she and Rick are as blissfully happy as they seem to be. Bridget isn’t sure that any couple is blissfully happy. Maya assumes that Bridget and Owen are. Bridget guesses that she doesn’t know a whole lot about her situation. Owen and her defy convention. Maya guesses it works for them. Bridget knows that her child is loved by both his parents. Just like Maya’s will be. Maya can only think about that. Of course they love being at Forrester but every day that goes by is one day closer to getting to know her baby. Bridget asks if Ridge and Rick are still rivals at works. Maya is afraid so. Nobody pushes his buttons more than Ridge.

Ridge looks at the portrait and smiles. Eric asks where Caroline is. Ridge tells him that Caroline left to get changed. Apparently pregnant women take a little longer to get ready. Eric knows that Stephanie told him that several times. He still misses her and will every day until he draws his last breath. Things change though. Ridge is expecting a baby with Caroline. Rick and Maya are as well. Ridge thinks that it will be ok that the picture was taken down. Eric reminds Ridge that the picture is important to Rick for a number of reasons. Ridge understands that. They will put it back up. Eric knows that Rick will react. Eric demands he call Rick. Rick walks in and sees the picture. He asks what is going on. He wonders where Maya’s portrait is. Ridge tells him that he is back home. He wonders if he wants to hug it out. Rick tells him to cut the crap and knows this is his doing.

Brooke will do anything to help her sister. Bill knows she would. She loves her very much and so does he. Katie has been acting weird lately. Brooke knows that she was acting strange at her house. She is concerned. Bill informs her that Katie has only gone downhill from there. Bill knows drinking. He can handle it but she can’t. Brooke asks if Katie is really turning to drinking. Bill is really worried.

Katie takes a sip of another drink. She tracks Brooke on her phone. She finds her at her house.

Maya just wishes that Ridge would know the Rick she does. The man with the huge heart who stood by her. The only one including her own father. Bridget asks how that is going. She is sure that he is happy to be a grandfather for the first time. Maya is sure that he would be happier if they had done things differently. If they hadn’t have her sister carry the baby. She thinks that he is coming around.

Eric wants Ridge to explain to Rick. Rick already knows what is going on. Ridge explains that he is having a party. Rick wants to know what that has to do with his wife’s portrait being on the wall. She is the lead model. Ridge is having people who knew his mother. That is all. Rick knows that Ridge is over stepping again. Ridge tried to call him. Rick wonders if that was before or after Eric told him to. Eric doesn’t think that they should get out of hand with this. Rick lives here with his wife. Ridge can’t just come in here and move his things around. Rick wants that portrait taken down. Ridge will in time. Rick feels that he is being disrespected. They are all family and work for the same company. Ridge might be CEO of the office but not of this house. Until his wife’s picture is up again he isn’t stepping foot in this house.

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