B&B Monday Update 2/15/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/15/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy looks outside as she thinks about making love with Wyatt. She smiles.

Liam stands outside. Quinn walks over and asks if he wants to come back to bed. Liam will in a minute. Quinn asks what is out there. Liam guesses nothing at all. Just a feeling that he is needed somewhere.

Caroline is now alone with the doctor. She wants to clarify something he said about the pills earlier. She asks if it could hurt the baby really early on. The doctor didn’t want to scare Caroline. It was just a standard question that he asks all patients. Caroline tells him that she did take something once. It might have been the night she conceived the baby and she didn’t want to discuss it in front of Thomas. The doctor knows it is something that she probably only would want to discuss with the baby’s father.

In Bill’s office he asks why Brooke has invited them over. Katie says that she wants them to have dinner together. She is persistent. They already knew that though. Bill asks how she feels about that. He assumes that Katie is at least a little curious. Katie is actually a little surprised. Bill thinks that Katie should be happy that Brooke still wants to be around her. It could be good for all them. They can hash it out and see things pass. Katie knows they don’t have anything else to do tonight. It might be the perfect time to discuss all Brooke’s lies that she over looks. Bill feels that isn’t the right attitude to have. They will work on it though.

Brooke gets things ready in her kitchen. She gets a text from Katie saying that they will be there in a little bit. Brooke is happy.

Quinn and Liam go back into the bedroom. She knows this has been strange for the both of them. Liam feels that they had such an incredible evening so he shouldn’t be feeling sad. Quinn agrees that he shouldn’t. They have so many reasons to feel lucky. They should be celebrating.

Wyatt brings Steffy a glass of champagne. He caught her thinking. Wyatt wants to guess what could make this night even better. Wyatt has just the answer for that. He kisses her again.

Caroline and Thomas walk back into Rick’s office. She explains that she called Ridge and explained the situation. If Caroline had anything to worry about he would come home. Thomas is glad. If he isn’t worried then there is no reason for him to be. Caroline starts to feel pain again. The baby kicked her. It was a kick. Thomas asks if he can feel the baby. Caroline nods yet. Thomas gets down next to the baby and he looks ecstatic.

Liam wonders if it was ok. Quinn felt it was wonderful. Quinn felt that he was tender. Like something she has never experienced before. Liam wonders if he is normally let down like this. Quinn points out they have their habits but this was new to them. She used to think that she knew everything there was to know about him. After all these years there are new ways to surprise her. She guesses that it takes something like this to make a person realize how special they are. She starts to kiss him. They spoon together in bed and Quinn smiles.

Wyatt informs Steffy that her side of the bed is getting cold. Steffy wonders if she really already has her own side of the bed. Wyatt just figured that it was hers because he was already here. Steffy asks what happens if she wants the other side. Wyatt explains that she will have to fight him. Wyatt picks her up and moves her. Steffy guesses it is her side now. Wyatt explains that being with Steffy is the best feeling she has had in the longest time. Wyatt feels that it is all worth it now. Wyatt suggests that all these mistakes were a path down the road to get them together. Steffy kisses him.

Brooke thanks Bill and Katie for coming. Bill brought a bottle of something but he can go put it in the car if she doesn’t feel comfortable. Brooke wants the two of them to be happy. Brooke had all this set up in the living room. Then she remembered that the Logan’s always gravitate towards the kitchen. Brooke just thought this would be more comfortable and relaxed. Katie thought she wanted to talk. Brooke just wanted to thank them for giving her a position. It was very generous and thoughtful. She just wishes that she was more thoughtful with her response. Brooke should have told them both in person. She can’t control herself though. Brooke knows that Katie is angry and upset with her but she will never act on those feelings. Bill is her husband and she respects that. She needs her to believe her.

Thomas felt that and he thinks it is amazing. There is a little Forrester in there.

Steffy thinks that it must be nice to be so certain about yourself. Wyatt thought that she did. Steffy did as well. Then Wyatt got her back on the motor cycle and let her see how much guilt and resentment she had been living with.

Liam just has this feeling. Quinn really wants Liam to let this go. Liam hears her call him Liam. Liam asks what she called him. Quinn promises that she called him Adam. She is her wife and she is here for her. This is the only place she needs to be.

Katie has heard this all before. Brooke realizes that she made Katie feel threatened and she has to accept responsibility. This isn’t about her. This is about Katie and Bill and their family. She needs to look at this situation from her perspective and not the other way around. Brooke knows that she doesn’t think she is in control of herself. Brooke knows that she doesn’t trust her anymore. This isn’t about her feelings for Bill but Katie’s. Brooke loves her and she is her sister. They are Logan’s. Brooke wants that connection more than anything in the world. She needs to be in her life. She wants Katie to be in hers as well. Katie asks if that is the reason she is here. Brooke says yes. Katie is glad that she knows what she said to her husband was wrong and that she can take responsibility for how it makes her feel. Brooke asks if that is enough. Katie says of course. Katie needs her sisters. It is going to take time but she doesn’t want to lose her either. Brooke hugs Katie while she cries. Bill looks at Katie and smiles. Bill knew that they could work it out. He isn’t even sure why he was invited. Brooke wanted to say sorry to Bill as well. Katie doesn’t want any more apologies from Brooke. They are having food. She asks if Brooke made this. Brooke says that it is mom’s recipe. Katie wants to talk to look at old photo albums. She will go and get them. Katie leaves. Brooke cannot believe that she accepted her invitation. Bill knows this has been hard on both of them. She will never give up on them. Katie walks in with a pile of photo albums. Katie wants to see some pictures of Storm. She finds one from the year they got him a brief case for Christmas. Brooke was so happy he passed the bar. He looks so good in that suit. Katie wants to find the one where they are all dressed in front of the house all happy. Katie is looking through one of the other albums. Brooke tells her that isn’t a family album. Katie opens it and there is a photo of Brooke and Bill together. Katie sees all the beautiful pictures of Brooke and her husband. She thinks it is sweet.

Quinn walks into the living room. She calls up Wyatt. Wyatt gets a call in the living room. He is only answering to tell her to stop calling. He will block her. Quinn asks how Steffy is. Wyatt says that Steffy is fine. Quinn is so happy for him. Wyatt knows that when he it is right it is right. They are meant to be together. Wyatt has to go. Quinn says goodbye. Quinn puts her phone away and walks into the bedroom. She kisses Liam on the shoulder. Liam says hi to her. He asks if everything is ok. Quinn says it was never better. Quinn knows that this has been difficult for him but he is all the man she needs. Getting to know him this way has gotten her to appreciate him more than she can know.

Steffy notes that Wyatt was gone for a while. Wyatt admits that Quinn called. Apparently she was very happy for them. Steffy wonders what she would do if she could see the look on his face right now. She would be overjoyed. Wyatt doesn’t want this grin to fool her. This look doesn’t even express how happy she has made him. The two kiss again.

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