B&B Friday Update 2/12/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/12/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Thomas freaks out as Caroline starts to feel labor pains.

Steffy looks at her phone. Wyatt suggests that she delete her message. Steffy asks how he could say those things. Wyatt feels it is because he has moved on. It is time that Steffy moved on as well. Steffy listens to the message again.

Quinn listens to Liam’s message again and Liam walks into the living room. Liam wonders if that is the caller again. He thought they had taken care of that. Quinn confirms that they did. She doesn’t think that is going to be an issue anymore. Liam is glad. He heard the recording and was wondering. Quinn wanted to hear it again because it worked so well. He has no idea how grateful she is.

Thomas looks for Caroline’s coat. They have to go to the hospital. Caroline just wants to sit down and then if they get stronger they will go. Thomas isn’t going to let her sit here and have labor pains. He is taking her to the hospital. They leave the office together.

Liam wonders what smells so good. Quinn made something to eat for her Valentine. Liam has to run an errand. Quinn asks what he wants and she will go and buy it. Liam isn’t going to make her go out and buy her own Valentine’s Day gift. Quinn promises that he doesn’t have to buy her anything. Liam wants to. Quinn thinks this is the best gift she would ask for. Quinn wonders if he wants to go to the mall. He loves showering her with gifts. Liam smiles.

Steffy walks into Wyatt’s living room with him following. Steffy knows it is his place but he doesn’t have to stick around if he doesn’t want to. Wyatt asks if she thinks there is any place else he would want to be right now. Steffy knows. She thanks him. Wyatt knows that Liam is gone but she isn’t alone. Wyatt hugs Steffy. Steffy wants to know why Liam would do this.

Caroline sits down on a bed in the emergency room. A nurse thinks that she did the right thing. Caroline wonders if things are going to be ok since it has been a while since her last contraction. The nurse feels like it is better safe than sorry. The nurse says that Thomas is doing good as the dad. Thomas explains that he is just a friend. Caroline says Ridge is out of town. The doctor walks in and introduces himself. He tells her she is doing fine. The doctor asks if Thomas is stepping in for the father. Thomas explains that he is and will even go into scrubs if he has too. The doctor hopes that it doesn’t come to that. He knows this can be scary. Caroline explains her water hasn’t broken but she has had a few contractions. They have been painful. It was uncomfortable. The doctor wants to run a few tests to see if they need to send her up to labor and delivery.

Quinn walks into the bedroom with a plate. She asks if Liam is ok. Liam is just tired. He thinks he ate too much. He thought it was excellent. Quinn asks if he saved room for dessert. Liam is shocked that she made dessert as well. Quinn can’t take credit for it. Her co-worker sent her home with a whole thing of Lemon Bars. Liam hears the name and thinks it sounds familiar. Quinn knows he likes them. Liam feels off like something isn’t right. He knows she doesn’t want to hear that. Quinn knows it is fine. Liam wants to be who she wants him to be. Quinn likes him the way that he is. Liam just wishes that he knew who he was. It is really frustrating. Quinn asks what he wants to know. Liam wonders why they don’t have kids. He is just asking because Quinn is so good. It is shocking they don’t have kids. She would be a good and devoted mother. He can’t imagine there is anything she wouldn’t do for a child.

Steffy tells Wyatt not to worry. She isn’t making a run for it. Wyatt knows he just doesn’t want any interactions. Quinn brings him a box of chocolates usually. Steffy wonders what that is about. Wyatt knows it is embarrassing but Quinn still thinks she is his Valentine. Steffy remembers that it is Valentine’s Day almost. Steffy doesn’t think that rubs salt on the wound. Wyatt asks if Steffy was really looking forward to Liam being boring. She is so much better now. Steffy agrees. He has made her feel love. Steffy cannot believe she has taken this long to figure him out. Wyatt guesses she wasn’t ready yet. Steffy is now though. The two of them kiss each other. Wyatt wonders if they both are.

The doctor looks at an ultrasound. Caroline hasn’t been dilating at all and the contractions stopped when they showed up. Her little boy is as healthy as can be. Caroline is shocked that it is a boy. She cries because it is a boy.

Quinn asks if Liam is telling her that she has some sort of untapped maternal instinct. Liam feels it must be killer. Quinn laughs. Quinn likes his confidence in her. Quinn thinks that their timing has never been right. Liam can tell that they were meant to be parents. He wants them to take all the love they have to offer and give it to a child. Quinn suggests that they start trying or practicing. Liam asks if she really wants to. Quinn starts to kiss him. Liam looks into her eyes and smiles.

Wyatt starts to undress Steffy and then Steffy does the same. The two kiss passionately.

Quinn asks what is wrong. Liam says that he wouldn’t let a headache stop him. He doesn’t know what it is. He feels the wheels turning in his head again. He wants to understand who they are. He keeps having the same awful feeling like he is supposed to be somewhere. Quinn promises that he is supposed to be with his wife. She is all he will ever need. They start to kiss again and they both get into it. Liam turns off the light and starts to undress Quinn. He then starts to kiss her again. She lies on the bed with Liam on top of her kissing each other. They stop and look at each other. Liam starts kissing her again.

Steffy and Wyatt are now in the bedroom. They sit down on the bed and start to kiss each other.

Quinn and Liam also go at it.

The doctor tells Caroline that she is having Braxton-Hicks contractions. Caroline assumes that means false labor. The doctor tells her that when they come back, they will be stronger. The next time she should try taking a warm bath or go for a walk. If she is actually in labor, she will know and then come in. The doctor explains that conceiving with drugs or liquor could have been a reason for premature birth. Caroline asks if medication could have done something. The doctor asks if there is a concern. The doctor asks if she was on medication when she was conceiving and if she would like to talk in private. Caroline thinks that it is fine. She and her husband were trying to have a baby. There were no drugs or drinking at any point in this pregnancy.

Liam and Quinn sit in bed next to each other naked. Liam looks concerned. Liam thought that would make him remember. He knows there were sparks. Just not the ones that make him know. Quinn knows who he is. That will get them there.

Wyatt and Steffy are naked in his bed. Wyatt will be right back. Steffy asks where he is going. Wyatt wants to get some wine. He wonders what kind she wants. Steffy feels it is more of a champagne kind of night. Wyatt will go and get it. Steffy gets out of bed and wears Wyatt’s shirt. She walks outside and thinks about the day before with Wyatt at the beach. She looks emotional. She says goodbye to Liam wherever he is. She starts to think of all the times she spent with Liam together over the years. It’s a full moon.

Liam looks at the same moon. Quinn walks into the living room and notices that he is sad. She smiles.

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