B&B Thursday Update 2/11/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/11/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn walks around Ridge’s office replaying the plan in her mind to get Steffy to realize that Liam is gone. Quinn quickly puts the phone back in the purse. Wyatt and Steffy walk in and ask what she is doing.

Thomas knows it isn’t always easy to take a hard look at themselves. That is what he has been doing in the most painfully obvious way possible. He feels that he should be going on an apology tour. Starting with her. Caroline doesn’t think he has to do that with her. Thomas has been asking himself since he got back from Paris why he became this guy. He wants to know why he embraced him so completely. Thomas doesn’t have the answers but he can start with saying sorry to all the woman that he has hurt. Especially Caroline. Caroline thinks that he needs to proceed with caution because sometimes soul searching can take you to a place that you aren’t prepared for. Thomas agrees. He knows that he has been selfish and arrogant. Thomas isn’t proud of it. He has basically been a menace hooking up with women to prove he can. He explains that his reasons for being with woman have not always been right but they were different with Caroline.

Liam walks into the living room of the cabin and looks around. He looks through a few thing including a drawer. He doesn’t find anything.

Wyatt asks what Quinn is up to. Quinn isn’t up to anything. She just was running a little late this morning and she skipped breakfast. So now she is feeling a little faint. Wyatt asks why she would do that. She knows that she feels lightheaded sometimes. Quinn thinks that Steffy should be able to see how much Wyatt loves her.

Thomas asks if Ridge is still out of town. Caroline begs him not to remind her. She misses him very much. Thomas is glad that he is. He needed to talk to Caroline about some stuff. There have been a few things he needed to say. Caroline would rather not talk about it. Thomas doesn’t think that not talking about it makes it any less real. Caroline knows it was one night and a misunderstanding and they have moved on. Thomas is grateful that she has been able to. He needs to discuss this though. Not rehash this. He needs to be honest though so he has to recognize his role. Caroline knows he isn’t going to drop it. Thomas knows that she hasn’t been happy with him. When she called him after Ridge ended things she wanted to help her. He wanted to be whatever she wanted. Then they started drinking and he wasn’t himself. He had no idea she had taken pills. It isn’t an excuse but it is an explanation. Thomas thought that she wanted him. That she had come to some realization. Thomas was just thinking. He would never take advantage of her though. He realizes how wrong he was. He can’t take back what he was thinking or doing. He should have known. Caroline is crying. Thomas should have been there for her after all that had happened. He is sorry. He is very sorry. Thomas respects her so much. He wants her to.

Liam looks at a few old books and smells them. He is disappointed. Liam remembers Quinn telling him that he Adam and they are married.

Quinn asks if there is anything about the meeting she should know about. Wyatt doesn’t really think so. It was mostly just PR stuff involving Liam. Quinn thinks that it is strange having Liam gone. Having mister responsible gone. Quinn asks if Steffy had any idea where he was going. Steffy didn’t. Quinn doesn’t think it is fair. It is almost like he is on a power trip. Liam is supposed to be this great love but he hasn’t even responded to a text or phone call. Steffy thinks that is right. She is stuck in place. She can’t change the past when she doesn’t know what she did but she can’t move forward until she hears from him. Quinn almost forgot. Steffy’s phone rang when she was in her meeting with Rick. Steffy gets out her phone and gasps. Liam left a message.

Thomas is looking forward to being a better friend to Caroline, a better son to Ridge, and a better person all around. A man who takes responsibility for his actions and how they might affect others. Thomas has to be completely honest here. He keeps saying things could be different. Thomas had never felt the way he had about anyone like he did for Caroline.

Wyatt asks what Steffy is waiting for. He assumes she wants to hear what he had to say. Steffy isn’t sure. Quinn is. Wyatt asks if they need to leave. Steffy wants them to stay. She will just listen. Steffy listens to the message. Wyatt asks what he said. Steffy starts crying. Quinn doesn’t think she has to say a word. He blew her off. Quinn is so sorry. Steffy isn’t sure how this could happen. Quinn needs Steffy to take this as a fact. If a guy breaks up with her from a distance, then he doesn’t want her. Steffy is too good for that. Wyatt needs a moment alone with Steffy. Quinn tells Steffy that she has an amazing guy here who would never treat her this way. She leaves. Steffy falls into Wyatt’s arms.

Liam is holding a New Year hate. Quinn walks in. Liam tells her he missed her. He was getting kind of used to the having her around all the time. It was like it was Adam and Eve. The last few people on earth. Liam asks if she can kiss her hello. Quinn says sure. She asks how he is feeling. Liam thinks the pain is a little better. He is really trying to remember something. Quinn wouldn’t put too much pressure on his brain. Memories will either come or they won’t. Liam is glad that in the meantime he has her. He wonders if Quinn ever heard from the caller again. Quinn thinks that thanks to him she won’t have that problem anymore.

Steffy is so hurt. Wyatt asks what he said. Steffy tells him to listen for himself. Wyatt listens to the message and looks disgusted. He asks if she is kidding with him. Steffy asks what she is supposed to do with that. Wyatt thinks that is horrible. He asks how he could talk to her like that. He wonders how Liam could be so disrespectful. Wyatt knows this is weird. Liam clearly meant what he said. Wyatt thinks that her relationship is over with.

Thomas doesn’t want Caroline to panic. He isn’t coming on to her at all. He is just done being a self-centered idiot. Thomas guesses Ridge is right. Caroline knows that Ridge was really hard on him and he isn’t perfect either. Thomas knows that he has changed though. He is responsible and committed to Caroline. If he wants to honor and emulate that then he has to look forward to the future. He has to think about a wife and a family. Caroline asks if he really wants a family Thomas would love a bunch of kids. He just never really found the right person. He is open to the possibilities of what that might look like. Caroline surprised by all of this. Thomas hopes this is a good thing. Caroline starts to feel a pain. She thinks that she is going into labor.

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