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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/10/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy walks into the office greeted by Brad. Steffy greets him back. She walks into Ridge’s office closing the door behind her. She looks at her phone and asks why Liam isn’t answering his phone.

Quinn checks in on Liam and then walks into the other room. She replays Steffy’s message from the night before. Quinn looks worried that it could turn out wrong. Liam walks out and asks what she is doing.

Caroline informs Thomas that his inspiration inspires her. She asks if Thomas has heard that Wyatt proposed to Steffy. Thomas has heard about that. He welcomes her to Bizarro world. Caroline agrees that it is really bizarre.

Quinn was just catching up on some messages. She hopes she didn’t wake him. Liam wonders if they are messages from work. Quinn says mostly. She asks him why. Liam just knows he is keeping her from her real life. He is useless and can’t even remember he is married. Quinn doesn’t want him to say that. It isn’t fair to either of them. Steffy tries calling Liam again. Quinn puts the phone down. Liam asks if she is going to get the phone.

Steffy asks Liam in a message what is going on. She doesn’t think this is like him. She left a message last night. Wherever he is, he has to be getting them. She doesn’t understand. She wonders where he is. Wyatt walks in.

Thomas knows his sister. She isn’t over Liam. Caroline asks if she told him that. Thomas confirms it. Caroline knows that Steffy had a dream. She wanted to be with Liam and for whatever reason that is gone now. Caroline guesses that Wyatt would be a great person for Steffy to move on with.

Wyatt reminds Steffy that he will call her when he is ready. Steffy guesses he couldn’t though. Wyatt knows that but that is his choice not hers. Steffy asks if she is supposed to just wait. Wyatt thinks that she is supposed to be living her life. Steffy knows Wyatt has been helping her do that. She feels this is so unlike her. He has never once given her the silent treatment. Wyatt doesn’t think this is the silent treatment. Wyatt asks if hearing the words would make her feel better. Steffy would feel a lot better. She needs to resolve this with Liam. She needs him to understand this. Wyatt understands. He hugs her. He wants to know how someone could blow off a woman like her.

Quinn offers to make him breakfast. She went shopping and stalked the fridge with all his favorites. Liam wonders what all his favorites are. Quinn asks if he doesn’t remember. It is steak, eggs, and cheese (Liam is a vegan). Liam thinks that a cheese omelet sounds nice. She wonders if he would like some bacon and sausage. Liam isn’t sure if he feels like that. Quinn is going to make them any way just in case he changes his mind. Liam asks if Quinn is going to check her messages. It might be important. Quinn would rather not. Liam asks why. Quinn says that it is because she has been getting some prank calls lately. Liam will call them back. Quinn promises that they will stop eventually. When they realize that they won’t get what they want. Which is a response. Quinn doesn’t want him to worry about it. Liam promises that the next time the person calls he wants to talk to them and tell them to back off. Quinn doesn’t think that is a bad idea. That might be exactly what they need to get this person to leave them alone. Quinn hugs Liam.

Caroline thinks that the question is can Steffy move on. Thomas knows she would like a little more closure than a text message. Thomas feels that in the back of Steffy’s mind there is a way for them to get back together. Caroline knows this must be tough on Wyatt. Thomas doesn’t think he is showing it. Thomas isn’t sure that is a good idea considering his insane mother. Caroline can’t argue with that. Thomas doesn’t think Steffy can move on until she hears him say that it is over.

Steffy hates what this is doing to Wyatt. Wyatt really doesn’t think this is that bad for him. Steffy asks if anything ever gets to him ever. Wyatt feels that she has. Steffy can’t imagine what this would be like without her. Wyatt imagines that Liam must feel free of all the guilt. She needs to forget about him. Steffy needs a conclusion to this. She needs to hear from Liam.

Quinn asks if he is sure he is ok with this. Liam is more than ok. Whoever is calling her isn’t going to like being threatened. Liam asks how they will do this. Quinn gets these calls when he is resting. She suggests that they make a voice call so that if she gets the call when she is alone they can play his voice. Liam wants to say if they ever bother his wife again… Quinn needs him to be a little simpler. More assertive. Stop calling me and get a life. She needs him to be strong. Liam needs a minute. Liam is doing ok. He guesses he should get some rest after this. They start recording. Liam says “I’m only going to say this once. Get a life and stop calling.” He asks if that is good. Quinn feels it is. Quinn doesn’t think she could have said it better herself. Quinn feels that because it is his voice it will solve everything. Quinn suggests getting him back to bed. Liam kisses her. He goes back into the bedroom. Liam feels her lips and smiles a little.

Thomas really likes working with Caroline. Caroline knows it is because she said she likes his designs. Thomas feels that they agree on a lot of things. Thomas wonders if one day they can move past certain things. He knows she is an incredibly forgiving person. Caroline doesn’t think there is anything to forgive. Thomas knows that there is. Caroline doesn’t think it is about forgiving but forgetting. Thomas means he is happy when he says he is. Caroline feels that he has grown. Thomas likes to think so. Thomas never meant to hurt her. He has been doing a lot of soul searching and realizes he needs to say he is sorry to a lot of people. Starting with her. He still regrets what happened that night. He is just glad there were no consequences.

Liam wakes up in bed. He finds a few books on the dresser and finds a magazine. He throws it back not sure of what it is.

Wyatt asks if Steffy is prepared for the possibility that she might not hear from Liam for a very long time. Steffy knows it might not be ever. Liam thinks it could happen. Steffy needs to wait. Wyatt will let him. Quinn walks in and asks if she is interrupting. Steffy asks what they can do for her. Quinn just was checking in and wonders about her new pieces. Steffy thinks they are great. Quinn is glad she approves. Quinn has to say that seeing the two of them together is great. She has been there herself just getting an annulment. Quinn knows this has to be hard on Steffy but it must be nice having Wyatt by her side. Steffy agrees. Wyatt wonders where she has been. Quinn has been working from home. Wyatt asks why. Quinn has a new place and has been sprucing it up. She has been working on projects that keep her busy. Steffy thinks that sounds like fun. Quinn asks if she has heard from Liam. Steffy hasn’t. Quinn thinks it is odd how he just took off. Quinn wants her to hang in there. Steffy will keep calling and texting until he calls her back. Quinn almost forgot. Rick needed to see them both about international promotion. Quinn wants her to realizes that she is surrounded by love and support. Steffy and Wyatt leaves. Quinn gets out everyone’s phone. She puts Steffy’s on silent and calls her with Liam’s phone getting out the message from Liam. It shows a missed call and voice mail from Liam on Steffy’s phone. Quinn takes a deep breath.

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