B&B Monday Update 2/8/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/8/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy sits on the beach wondering where Liam is. She looks sad.

Quinn stops kissing Liam. He asks if she is afraid. He doesn’t want her to be afraid for him. He is better now. Quinn knows that he isn’t though. Liam can speak in full sentences and stand on his own most of the time. He doesn’t remember a lot though. Quinn just thinks that their relationship is a lot different. Liam doesn’t know how to act. He knows that they met, fell in love, and got married. He might not remember what it was like but somehow they fell in love and she has to be the reason for that. Liam owes her so much. Quinn doesn’t want him to say that. He is like a child who has never been hurt before. She used to be like that. Liam likes her now. He doesn’t want her to be sad or afraid. He kisses her. Quinn starts to actually get into it.

Bill is yelling at Allison on the phone. He won’t allow her to tell him it is none of his business. That arrangement is doomed. He wants her to call him the next time he calls her. Katie asks what is going on. Bill explains that Deacon asked Allison on a date. Katie is shocked. Bill explains that Quinn dumped him. Bill thinks that Quinn liked the idea of being able to say she was married at one point. She didn’t want to actually be married. Just say she was once married. Katie asks if Deacon cheated on her. Bill thinks the only way that could have ended is if Deacon was decapitated. Katie suggests she cheated on him. Bill wants to know what species would get with her.

Liam breaks from kissing her. Quinn asks what is wrong. Liam promises it is not her. Quinn asks if he is remembering something. Liam wonders if they had a fight before whatever happened, happened. Quinn wonders why he would say that. Liam says that when he gets close to her he feels strange. Quinn knows he can’t remember something. Liam knows he did something wrong. He wonders where he is supposed to be. Quinn wonders what he could possibly remember. Liam thinks he made a promise that he hasn’t kept.

Steffy walks into Wyatt’s living room. He asks how the beach was. He knows she was out there a while. Steffy gets hypnotized on the ocean. Wyatt is just glad that she wasn’t to disgusted to come home. Not that this is home to her though. Yet. Unless she wants it to be.

Katie doesn’t need to be babysat. Bill asks what she means. Katie knows what he is doing. She had a lovely afternoon with Will. She promises she won’t fixate on Brooke. Bill knows Will is great but isn’t like Bill just yet. Katie also was thinking of getting a cat. Bill wants to know why she would want that in this house. Katie thinks he is like a national monument. He is a rock. He never changes. Like the stature of liberty. Bill will have to get one of his sons to commission a statue of him to go into the Spencer library. Katie will start dropping hints. However, she can imagine Liam rolling his eyes and Wyatt asking what Bill has done for him lately. Bill has to work on that. He has been pretty hands off with Wyatt. It is only because he doesn’t want his crazy mother around him. She has been pretty quiet though. Katie suggests that Quinn dumped Deacon because Wyatt didn’t like him. Bill knows that Wyatt does have good instincts with people. Other than the women in his wife.

Steffy asks if he is looking for an answer. Wyatt promises that he is just throwing it out there. Wyatt would like to spend the rest of his life with her. Steffy know that is what he does. He jumps into things with no uncertainty. Wyatt feels that the most important thing a person can learn in this world is what they want. Not what they think they want but what they truly want. He thinks he has an answer for that. He wonders if she does. Steffy thought she was otherwise she wouldn’t be engaged with Liam. Wyatt reminds her that he sort of released her from that. Steffy hasn’t been able to release herself. Steffy isn’t rejecting him. Wyatt gets it. Steffy needs to hear what happened from Liam. Standing in front of her face to face. She may never understand but at least then she will believe it.

Liam keeps having these questions in his head. He feels that someone is waiting for him. He asks if he has a calendar. Quinn is sure he does wherever he left it. Liam asks if they are divorced. Quinn wonders why he would ask that question. Liam notes there is nothing of him here. There are no photos of them together. He asks if he has a closet. Quinn never got the chance to get the stuff from there old place. Liam asks why they moved. Quinn says that he wanted to be out of the traffic of the city. Liam does think that sounds right. Quinn feels it is better to not know anything because it could be made up. People have claimed she is to controlling. She doesn’t want to be that way anymore. Liam doesn’t want her to tell him about him. He wants her to tell him a story about herself.

Katie didn’t think that Ivy was so bad. They seemed happy. Bill feels that it is important for a guy picks the right woman. Katie thinks he is saying that a woman doesn’t need to pick the right man. Bill feels that a man will become the person the woman wants him to be. Katie laughs and he asks why she is doing that. Bill knows he is a better man standing in front of her. Katie doesn’t think it is any different with woman. Women have to be confident and stand on their two feet. Katie has to forget about the person she used to be. She is back to where she started. She wonders why he didn’t say anything. Bill wanted her to have what she wanted. Katie doesn’t know why what is good for her sometimes. Bill suggests a cat is one of those things.

Steffy asks if Wyatt is upset with her. Wyatt isn’t at all. He knows this is happening quickly. He honestly feels it would have been weird. Wyatt knows she just had her heart broken. Wyatt learned something about himself when he was fifteen. He couldn’t wait to move away from his mother. Steffy asks when they are going to see Quinn snooping in the bushes. Wyatt feels she is a changed woman. She gave Deacon his walking papers and now she has a nice place in the Canyons. Steffy thinks that Quinn is fierce. She wonders if Quinn has always been that way. Wyatt has known her his entire life but not all of hers if that makes sense.

Quinn doesn’t know what to say about her childhood. Liam asks if she had parents. Quinn did have parents. Liam assumes she did have a childhood. Quinn was an inconvenience. Her parents would tell her that was her most outstanding trait. In a flashback to Quinn’s childhood she stands at a door and listens in on her parents. She walks in to find her mother. She asks if she is alright. Her mother tells her that she is never supposed to come in this room. A man with her mother thinks this is too weird for him. Quinn’s father dropped her off early because he was busy. Her mother calls her a witch several times. Quinn tells Liam that her mother never wanted any children. It wasn’t her thing. She used to call her a little witch. She used to ask why she was ever born. Liam would not have asked her to relive that. Quinn never has told anyone this until now.

Steffy wants to ask Wyatt a question and she doesn’t want him to freak out. Wyatt says ok. Steffy wonders if he thinks that Liam could be dead. Wyatt thinks that dead people don’t text. Steffy knows that he is angry with her but something is wrong. Wyatt knows it doesn’t make sense but when people are hurt they do things that don’t make sense. Steffy wonders what there is to be hurt about. She didn’t run off with anyone. Wyatt reminds her she has an offer on the table. Steffy thinks it feels weird. Like Liam doesn’t exist.

Liam is so sorry that he made her remember that. Quinn wonders if she could have been a different kind of person had things been different. Liam likes the person she is. Quinn knows she didn’t used to Liam is married to her and he thinks they could have a good life. Quinn feels that is a good thought. Quinn thinks he needs rest. He is starting to sway. Liam thanks her for telling him about her. She kisses him on the head and leaves. She goes into the living room. Someone knocks at the door. They need a signature. She opens it and it is Deacon. Quinn tells him to go away. Deacon needs a favor. Quinn isn’t giving her any more money. Deacon can take it up in divorce court. Quinn notes that he is a convicted felon. Deacon wants her to remember that she is an unconvinced felon and he has any number of witnesses. Quinn wants him to wait right there. Deacon walks in. Quinn gives him the money and tells him to go. Quinn will have a weapon if he comes back. Deacon wants to know is here. Quinn tells him his name is take the money and go. Deacon guesses he is the jealous type. Deacon walks in and turns around asking why it is Liam.

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