B&B Thursday Update 2/4/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/4/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam looks at himself in the mirror and touches his face. He looks worried. He tilts his head down. Quinn walks into the room and tells him it isn’t a good idea for him to be standing. She helps him to the couch. He thinks it is good for him to have her. Quinn looks nervous.

Wyatt tells Steffy in his living room that he is so glad they aren’t in the office right now. Steffy agrees. She feels though that with all this drinking she is starting to get party body. Wyatt doubts that she is. She is always sexy. Steffy thinks he knows how to say the right thing. Steffy guesses he is always so sure of himself. Wyatt knows a good thing when he sees it.

Sasha looks at Zende’s shirtless body. She feels it is a shame that his body isn’t being put to good use. Zende told her that Nicole and him are waiting. Sasha knows that is a long way off. She is here though. Right now and Nicole never has to know.

At the restaurant Nicole gets a glass of water and she thanks the waiter. Maya thinks this is so sweet and thanks Eric. Eric felt it was about time they celebrated the new addition to their family. Maya cannot believe this is happening. Nicole wants her to trust her. It is happening. She has the belly to prove it. Eric explains that he and Brooke could not be happier. Maya wonders anyone has seen Brooke.

Brooke wishes that there was some way she could get through to Katie. Bill knows that she is upset. She has to give her some space. Eventually she will turn around. Bill needs her to take it easy. Brooke is not concerned about herself. She is worried about her sister.

Katie sits down with the picture of herself and Brooke. She tells Brooke that she betrayed her again.

Wyatt would rather stay here with Steffy he thinks that they should probably get back to work eventually. Steffy feels it is hard for her to go back to the office. Wyatt assumes she means Liam leaving. Steffy knows he is upset but he has completely disappeared. It doesn’t make sense.

Liam loves having Quinn in his life. He is so grateful that she has taken such great care of him. He is really confused about who is he is though and what is life is. Liam asks if he could borrow her laptop. Quinn wants him to heal.

Sasha explains it is no strings attached. Just friends with benefits. Zende is good. Sasha asks if that is true. Nicole is with Rick and his grandfather right now celebrating her pregnancy. The baby she is having for her sister. Meanwhile he is sitting in his room getting all hot and bothered. She wonders if they should find a way to ease the frustration.

Nicole feels that they should wait. Rick thinks they should order. Brooke finally shows up. She says she is sorry she was late. Maya doesn’t think there are any worries. Rick wonders where he was. Brooke was trying to get a handle on something.

Katie talks to the picture. She said she would change. She promised her. Bill walks in. He asks if she is alright. He hopes that everything is ok. Bill doesn’t want her stressing out. She has to try and say relaxed. Katie is trying but she keeps hearing Brooke say she loves him. Bill promises nothing happened. Katie would be stupid to let Brooke do this to her again. Bill knows Brooke cares about her. She has to let go of her anger. It isn’t good for her. She has to find a way to make peace with this.

Brooke feels that sisters are really special. Maya agrees. She won the lottery with Nicole. Rick doesn’t think that anything is more important than family. Maya is so excited. Nicole doesn’t think that the due date could come any faster. Maya explains that Nicole is still struggling with morning sickness. Eric didn’t know it was that bad. Nicole is handling it. She would be lying if she didn’t say it affected her life with Zende.

Sasha could see him at the gym with his six pack. It sure is paying off. Zende tells her she is bad. Sasha asks if she is. Zende told her he is with Nicole. Her best friend. Sasha doesn’t owe Nicole anything. Zende asks if this is revenge. Sasha feels this is two people helping each other and being there for one another.

Steffy shouldn’t be talking about Liam with Wyatt. Wyatt gets it. He thinks it is stranger where Liam is. He is complicated though. Steffy asks if Bill has heard from him. Wyatt hasn’t spoken to Bill lately. He has been so caught up with Steffy. She is enjoying every minute with him. Wyatt assumes she wants a little more closure with Liam. Steffy wishes she knew where he was.

Liam asks if she found anything. Quinn doesn’t want to worry about it. She knows everything she needs to keep him safe. So long as they stay together they will be ok. Liam asks how long that could be. Quinn guesses for as long as it takes. Liam thinks she is so good to him. She has no idea how he will ever repay her. Later on Quinn calls Wyatt. Wyatt says hello. Quinn asks what is wrong. Wyatt is fine. Quinn asks if everything is still ok with Steffy. Wyatt thinks things are fine. Quinn asks what the problem is then. Wyatt tells her that Steffy is worried about why Liam left. Quinn wants him to forget about Liam. He cannot abuse this opportunity. Who knows when Liam will be back. Wyatt hopes he will stay away for a little longer. Quinn wants Wyatt to show Steffy he cares. Wyatt has to go. He hangs up.

Wyatt has an idea if she is up for it. Steffy asks if it is like an adventure. Wyatt says if she is up for it.

Quinn watches Liam sleep and then closes the door. She goes into a drawer and finds a small pouch and closes it.

Katie doesn’t even want to talk about this anymore. There is nothing more to discuss. Bill doesn’t think they have to talk about it. Katie thinks that it is over. This was a secret she wanted with him. This isn’t something she can get over.

Brooke promises Nicole that everything will work out in the long run. Nicole invited Zende to come but he wasn’t up for it. Maya wants Nicole to go fine Zende and remind him how important she is. Eric promises to get her an extra slice of cake for her. Nicole thinks that it is a good idea for them to have some alone time.

Sasha wants Zende to admit that they have chemistry together. They connect and vibe. They spend all those late nights together in the studio. Zende thinks she is beautiful and sexy and he loves working with her but the only woman he wants is Nicole. Later on Nicole shows up after Sasha has left. He is so happy that she brought him dessert. Nicole thinks it is the least she could do. Zende hopes she isn’t mad he didn’t want to go. Nicole is fine with it. She has asked a lot of him lately so long as she gets a few bites. Zende missed her. He appreciates her and he is lucky to have her. She came in his life when he wasn’t looking for anyone. Zende needs her to know there is zero doubt in his mind they are meant for one another. He loves her and that makes everything work out. The two kiss each other.

Brooke sits alone finishing her meal. She starts to think about Bill all over the world with her.

Katie walks back into the living room and tells Bill that Will is watching his favorite movie again. Bill knows it is the Godfather. Katie laughs. She knows that is his favorite. She thanks him for supporting her. He is her rock. Bill is her husband. He loves her. The two hug each other.

Steffy and Wyatt are on the beach with a blanket and a basket. Steffy assumes it is a picnic. Wyatt wants to spend a little more time in their special spot. Steffy asks what is on the menu. Wyatt says that truthfully it is just some stuff from the fridge. He wanted to take her to a place up the block but it was closed for the day. Wyatt explains they have truffle fries and they are so good. Steffy remembers Aspen with Liam. Wyatt thinks the view is nice. The two kiss each other.

Quinn looks outside. Liam walks in. He wants to say something. He doesn’t know her. He doesn’t know him. He can feel that the is happy though. He is grateful to have someone so invested in taking care of him. He just wishes he knew what he did to deserve her. Quinn knows he has been asking a lot of questions. She thinks it is time he got some answers. She just didn’t want him to be upset. She knows more about him than he realizes. Liam is confused. He doesn’t even know his name. Quinn’s name is Eve. He asks if she knows his name. She claims his name is Adam. She claims that she is his wife. She shows him her wedding ring.

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