B&B Tuesday Update 2/2/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/2/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Ridge’s office Rick hugs Brooke. He is surprised to see her here. Maya agrees. Brooke wanted both of them to know before the general staff meeting that she no longer will be working at Spencer Publications. Maya thinks that was fast. Rick asks what happened. Brooke explains that it is best that she isn’t there. It is best for Katie at least that she isn’t there.

Bill sits down at his desk. He thinks about Brooke telling him that he will always be the love of her life. Katie walks in to find her handsome husband. She kisses him. Bill isn’t complaining but he wonders how he got that. Katie feels it is for a very good reason. She just wanted to thank him for being so supportive. He knows that she can’t have Brooke here. She doesn’t want to pretend everything is ok when it isn’t.

In Rick’s office Nicole knows that Zende is disappointed in her. She is too. Zende just doesn’t think that is like her. Using her influence to get Sasha fired. Nicole explains that the struggle with hormones has been real. She is getting big as a house. Zende wants her. Nicole doesn’t feel that way. She gets what she did was wrong. She went completely crazy. She hopes that he can forgive her.

In the photo studio Julius promises that Nicole cares about Sasha. Sasha feels that Nicole is supposed to have her back. Not stab her in it. She can’t believe she did that. She actually got her fired. Julius asks if that is true then why is she back here. Sasha explains that Nicole made it right with Rick. Sasha asks if it is really that awful having her here. Julius doesn’t think it is awful. Nicole belongs with her family and that is Julius. Julius knows but it just can’t be here.

Nicole asks if he forgives her. Zende doesn’t think that she needs his forgiveness. He just saw how hurt Sasha was and he was thrown off. Zende asks if they can move on. Nicole asks if they can. Zende wonders why she always smells so good. Zende wants Nicole to stay where she is. She asks where he is going. She wonders if he should be afraid. Zende wants her to be very afraid. They kiss.

Sasha wonders if Julius realizes how much it hurts her when Julius shuts her down like that. Julius doesn’t intend to shut her down. Sasha knows he had an affair with her mother and she is the result. All these years she never said a word. Julius begs her to just go home. Sasha asks why in the world she would go home after being made a Forrester model.

Brooke guesses that here she is again. Eric couldn’t be happier. Maya welcomes her back. Rick feels that they hardly had anytime to miss her. Brooke wonders if she should go away and come back in a few weeks. Rick doesn’t think she should have ever left in the first place. He is just surprised. He thought that Katie wanted her to work with her and Bill.

Katie thinks that the level of selfishness is truly amazing. Brookes feelings are the only ones that matter. Bill wants Katie to let it go. Katie can’t just let it go. She betrayed her again. She will never be able to forgive her for that.

Nicole asks what has gotten into Zende. Zende feels that Nicole makes him crazy. He probably thinks about her twenty-four hours a day. The dog barks or the sun sets. He wonders if it is just his reality or what. Nicole doesn’t think that at all. Nicole wants him too. They tried going there though and it just left her sick and feeling gross. Zende wants to try again. Nicole needs to finish her project. Nicole points out that a lot of people wait till marriage. Zende is serious that he wants her. The two start kissing again.

Sasha asks if he stopped by to bond with her. To share more father-daughter advice. Honestly she would love to but she has a photoshoot to get ready for. Julius wants her to stop living a fantasy. Sasha wonders what fantasy that is. Julius means modeling. He wonders if that is really what she wants. Sasha can aspire to be anything. Julius asks why modeling. Sasha wonders why not. If Myron can do it then so she can she. Julius thinks she has him there. They share a short laugh. Julius means that she doesn’t have to do it here. Sasha is tired of being neglected while Nicole got all his attention. Julius thinks they already discussed this. Vivienne would have lost her mind. Sasha thinks that he should have thought about her. Julius didn’t want to lose his wife. That woman is everything to him. Julius can’t imagine life without her. He will not allow Sasha to disrupt this family. That includes Nicole and Zende.

Rick feels that they should start a press announcement for Brooke’s return. Brooke asks if that is really necessary. Eric wonders if she doesn’t want it. Brooke doesn’t want a lot of attention drawn to this. Maya notes that it is time for Nicole to take her vitamins. She better go find her. Maya leaves. Brooke thinks that Rick is so happy. Rick is. Enough about him though. He wants to know what he isn’t being told about her and Katie.

Katie was there. She missed Brooke. She missed Brooke so much. Yet Bill is the love of her life so it doesn’t matter. Bill promises that they are just words. Katie knows those are just words. She is fixated on her. Brooke knows how to play her because she has had enough practice. Bill thinks that Brooke gets carried away. She doesn’t realize the impact her behavior has right away. Katie asks if he is defending her. Katie really doesn’t want to hear that.

Julius reminds Sasha that Zende is Nicole’s boyfriend. Sasha points out that he is also her photographer. Julius has already told her how he feels about that. Sasha isn’t really that obedient. Julius is far from shocked. Sasha guesses that it is from her daddy issues. Julius thinks she is acting man hungry. Sasha wonders if she is the way she is because of Julius. Starved for male attention. She had a lot of boyfriends back in high school. She stole a couple from Nicole. None of them were in Zende’s league though. He is fine. Way to fine for nerdy Nicole even on her best day. Now she is popping out her sisters husbands baby and that is messed up. It has been real but Zende is waiting for her. The photoshoot. She says goodbye t Julius.

Nicole loves kissing Zende. Maya tries to open the door but it is locked. Nicole tells her to wait just a minute. Maya thinks that was a long minute. She asks if she is interrupting something. Zende was on his way to a shoot. Maya guesses he better get those goodbyes in. Nicole tells him good luck.

Rick thinks that it is odd. Katie was so happy to have Brooke working with her. They even had meetings about the new direction of Eye on Fashion. Now suddenly she is out. Rick feels like he is missing a few pieces. Eric wants Rick to just let it be. Rick wants to know before things get out. Eric wants that to be the case.

Bill is not trying to defend Brooke. He is trying to defend her relationship. They are sisters. Katie could forgive her for anything but trying to ruin her marriage and her life. She is so disappointed. She is so angry at herself. She feels stupid. She wanted to forgive her and that makes her the biggest fool. She has given her sister the benefit of the doubt to many times. She won’t do that again.

Maya explains that Rick told her that she asked for Sasha to be brought back. Nicole shouldn’t have gone behind her back. It was a cheap shot. Maya thinks that it shows a lot about her character. She owned a mistake. Maya asks if she really is ok with Sasha and Zende working together again.

Zende takes photos of Sasha in a blue dress with a zipper going up her leg. Sasha offers to let him take a few for his personal collection. She suggests a few close ups. Zende asks what she is up too. Sasha wants him to take a wild guess. Zende asks if she realizes he is with Nicole. Sasha asks why she should care about that. She was stabbed in the back by Nicole. She doesn’t owe Nicole her loyalty or anything.

Eric feels that Rick is right. Sooner or later everyone will know that she is on the rocks with Katie again. Brooke cannot believe this is happening again. She wonders why she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Eric is sure that it is impulsive. Brooke thinks it was selfish. Eric wants her to give it some time. Brooke knows that she hurt and angry. She doesn’t blame her. She just wishes that she hadn’t loved Bill.

Katie doesn’t think that was supposed to happen. Brooke was supposed to be a big part of her life. Katie guesses she could so it to but she didn’t want to. These feelings have been there all along. Bill promises nothing would have happened. Katie knows she can’t change. She will not all hew to mess with her life. Katie thought that she matters to Brooke. Bill promises that she loves her more than anything. Katie thanks him for not going after her. She guesses that Brooke wanted him to go after her. She knows where Bill’s heart is though. They kiss. Katie is his and he is hers. Bill never doubted it. The two hug.

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