B&B Monday Update 2/1/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/1/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt walks into Ridge’s office and finds Steffy. He sees that she is in early. Steffy had to get in early because she has more to do since she lost her Vice-President. She meant from the company. Wyatt remembers that Liam resigned. He asks if she hasn’t heard from him. Steffy hasn’t received a call or anything. She doesn’t know what to think. Wyatt is thinking about yesterday on the beach. He wonders if some good can come out of this. Steffy asks what he has planned today. Wyatt needs to go check up on Quinn now that she is back in the office. He needs to make sure she is ok now that she isn’t with Deacon. Steffy can tell he is worried. Wyatt cares. Steffy knows. Wyatt laughs.

In Rick’s office Quinn looks at a necklace. She remembers Liam telling her that he feels safe being in the arms of an angel. Wyatt walks in and sees she is back. Quinn asks how things went with Steffy. Wyatt doesn’t know what she means. Quinn knows that he was with her yesterday. Wyatt knows that she is wondering if Liam called her. Quinn isn’t because he said he never showed up. She wants to know what happened. Wyatt guesses they talked. Quinn wonders if he made any progress. Wyatt never kisses and tells. Quinn gets excited.

Steffy sits at a drawing table and thinks about her day she spent at the beach with Wyatt and then when they kissed each other. Thomas walks in and wonders if she has seen the latest numbers. They aren’t as bad as he thought they would be. Steffy isn’t paying attention. Thomas wonders what is going on. He can tell that it has to do with Liam. He asks if she has heard from him yet.

Quinn knew it. She knew they were meant to be. Wyatt hopes something happened. Quinn feels that Steffy is so much better off with Wyatt than with Liam. Wyatt agrees but she is still dealing with her feelings with the guy. He can’t believe that he would blow her off like that. He must be completely off his rocker.

At Quinn’s cabin Liam wakes up in bed I a new outfit. He rubs his head and looks around. He gets out of bed very slowly hardly able to walk. He soon falls to the ground passing out again.

Thomas guesses that it really is over between herself and Liam. Steffy seems to think it feels that way. Thomas feels this is unbelievable. He didn’t give her any explanation at all. He asks what she is going to do. Steffy is going to try to move on. Thomas knows that will be hard. Steffy needs to though. Thomas wonders if she can.

Wyatt feels that it is hard to believe that Liam is gone. Quinn wants him to own it. Wyatt just wonders if Liam is still in town. Quinn guesses that Liam can be unpredictable. Wyatt asks how he is unpredictable. He wonders when Liam has ever down anything that surprised her. All he had to do was show up. Steffy was waiting. He couldn’t even do that. Steffy has had it. Quinn wants him to make his move. Liam is off the grid. Wyatt feels things are going well with Steffy right now. He is building something. Quinn thinks that he might only have a limited time. If she could keep Liam away forever she would. Wyatt doesn’t think that is needed. The time he has spent with Steffy is great. It is just the two of them working together one day at a time. He would love for Liam to stay wherever he is at but things are fine right now. Quinn is out of the loop. That is it. Her concern is appreciated but there is nothing more she can do. Quinn knows how much Steffy means to him. He knows she would do anything to make him happy.

Thomas guesses she is moving on then. He asks if there is anything in particular on Steffy’s mind. Liam assumes this guy must be special. Steffy isn’t over Liam. This guy she was with just showed her away to work through the pain. Thomas asks how this came about. Steffy was taught something by him a long time ago. They faced a horrible truth. Liam ended it with a text after all they have been through. Thomas wants her to give up on Liam so she doesn’t get hurt. He asks who the new guy is. Steffy wants him to promise not to get mad at her. Thomas will only get mad if his last name is Spencer. Steffy says it is. It is Wyatt Spencer.

Quinn walks into her cabin and puts her coat down as well as takes off her shoes. She runs into Liam’s room to find that Liam is missing. She then looks down and Liam is on the ground. She asks what happened. She helps him up. Quinn asks if he is ok. Liam thinks so. Quinn wants to make sure he isn’t hurt. Liam’s shoulder hurts a little. Quinn asks if he feels better. He has to be more careful. Liam wishes he knew more. He wants to know his name. Quinn promises that he will get better if he rests. Quinn helps him back into bed. He asks if Quinn will take care of her. Quinn promises that she will. Quinn is going to make him a sandwich. Liam asks if she is not going to leave. Quinn promises that she won’t.

Thomas shouts Wyatt’s name in disbelief. Steffy wants him to calm down. He was there for her. Thomas thinks that anyone is better than Wyatt. Steffy wants to know what is wrong with him. Thomas feels for starters his last name. Steffy was going through a very difficult time. Thomas suggests that she send him a gift basket or a note but don’t get involved with him. Steffy explains that is too late. Steffy feels that he is sweet and supportive. He brought her to the beach and bought her a motor cycle. She hasn’t even been around a motor cycle since the accident. Wyatt helped her through that. She feels like this is a new chapter in her life and Wyatt is helping her. She is helping him. Thomas assumes she means Ivy. Steffy feels that girl had to be out of her mind to let him go. Wyatt is really special. She never realized it before all this. Wyatt walks in. Thomas says speak of the devil. Wyatt knows that Thomas is one of his favorites. Thomas wonders where he got this idea. Wyatt will prove himself one of these days. He isn’t Liam and he would never abandon her. Thomas stares him down.

Liam has a headache. Quinn asks if it is the light. Liam tells her that it is bright and it is hurting his head. Quinn will close the curtain. Liam thanks her. Quinn brought her a sandwich of roast beef. No tofu this time. She promises. He has an appetite. Liam is really out of it. He keeps trying. Quinn wants him to let it come back naturally. Liam starts to ask why and Quinn wonders why what. Liam wonders why she cares so much. Quinn is in a position to do something. Liam feels that is so kind. Quinn has never been accused of that before. Liam thinks he would like to stay here with her and get better. If that is ok. Quinn thinks that is exactly what he should do. She wonders if he went anywhere when she went to work. Liam has nowhere to go. It be too confusing for him. He doesn’t feel disconnected with Quinn. He can’t thank her enough. Quinn wants him to trust her when she says he has thanked her enough. Liam asks what is wrong. Quinn explains no one has really ever touched her like that before. Quinn can’t do this. He doesn’t know what he is doing. Liam grabs her hand and holds it with both of his. Quinn blushes. She is going to get him some more water. Quinn looks in on him.

Wyatt can tell that Thomas isn’t ok with this. Steffy notes that he was a little shocked. Wyatt thinks that Steffy deserves to be treated with respect like the beautiful woman she is. If she wanted him by his side then he wouldn’t want it any other way. He would never try to change her. That is the big difference between him and Liam. He knows she is still struggling. He is here for her. They can get through it together. When they do he promises that she will never have that kind of pain with him ever. Steffy hugs Wyatt.

Liam is asleep. Quinn looks at Liam and thinks about all the times she attempted to kill him. She whispers to herself that he will hate her now more than ever. She has to give Wyatt and Steffy a little more time. She remembers the kiss between herself and Liam. She knows this is crazy. Quinn stares at Liam.

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