B&B Friday Update 1/29/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/29/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Quinn suggests that Liam get some rest. Liam agrees but something just doesn’t feel right. Quinn points out that he has been out for a long time. He will feel better in a day or too. Liam means that it feels like someone needs him.

Steffy looks at the motor cycle. She cannot believe that he actually bought her a bike. Wyatt wants her to try it out. Steffy isn’t sure if she is ready. Wyatt knows that she is. It is a very important step. She has to move on.

Bill sits on his desk and starts to think about Katie demanding that Brooke cannot have him or her life. She will never let him have her. Eric shows up at his office door explaining that they need to talk about Brooke.

In Brooke’s kitchen she runs over to get the tea kettle off the stove as it steams. Katie follows her into the kitchen. Brooke is surprised that she came by. She offers Katie some tea or anything else. Katie promises that she won’t be here long. She just wanted to clarify a few things. She pulls out an envelope from her purse. She explains that is Brooke’s contract and it has been voided. If Brooke has any personal items at the office she needs to speak to Allison about getting them. As of today she is not welcome at Spencer Publications. Brooke doesn’t think that she has to do this. Katie informs her that she is not welcome in her home, hear her soon, and she sure as hell isn’t welcome anywhere near her husband.

Quinn suggests that what Liam needs is some tea. Liam thanks no thank you and feels that all he needs to do is think. Quinn offers him some soup. She could make him soup. Miso soup. There has been a great Japanese restaurant she has been meaning to try. She asks if she can get him anything other than soup. Liam just wants the soup. Quinn thinks that is great. He should just stay where he is at. He should relax and she will be right back. She leaves and he looks confused.

Wyatt is holding a helmet in his hand. He tells her to come on. Steffy hasn’t done this since the accident. Wyatt knows but feels it is time. With Liam acting the way he is. It is time that she starts acting like her old self. Steffy asks if he has a helmet too? Wyatt tells her that his bike is out back. Steffy takes a deep breath and says she will do it. Wyatt is glad. Steffy needs to do it on her own though.

Katie wanted to believe that Brooke had changed and wanted to let her back in. She doesn’t want her family or back in. Brooke will stay away. She wasn’t wrong though to think that she had changed. Katie knows that she held her feelings just waiting to admit them. Brooke only hid her feelings for Katie’s sake. Brooke thought if enough time had passed… She guesses that she was naïve. Katie admits that Brooke is not the only one to think that.

Bill informs Eric that Katie wants Brooke out of their lives completely. Eric asks if she really said that. Bill says she wanted more than just that. Katie is hurt. They are sisters. Bill doesn’t think this is what Katie needs. If only they could see it. Eric demands that he makes them see it before it is too late.

Katie wonders what mom would say. Looking down and seeing one daughter betray the other. Storm. She wonders about him. He always took care of them. He stepped up and took after the family after dad left. He expected Brooke to do the same thing. He did so much for them. His life. He gave his life and now Brooke is laughing in his face. Brooke is not doing that. Katie wonders what her idol Stephanie would say. Katie bets she would say that she was right about her all along. She knew she was right all along. She fought to keep Brooke away from her family. Katie is going to fight just as hard if not harder. She is going to succeed where Stephanie failed. She will not invest a single second into Brooke. Brooke hurts everyone she comes into contact with. It doesn’t matter. Her sister, friend, daughter, husband, mother-in-law. It doesn’t matter so long as she gets it. Brooke doesn’t think it is true. Brooke has been fighting her feelings over how much she does care. Katie doesn’t believe in the caring and nurturing Brooke Logan. She never existed. She is the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. She is someone that mom made up and she believed in too long. She is all grown up now. She sees who Brooke is now. This need to have every man be her conquest is pathological. She cannot be saved because she is sick.

Quinn carries in a tray of soup. She has Liam sit up. It is hard for Liam to do on his own. Liam thanks her. Quinn thinks that should be good. Liam attempts to pick up the spoon. Quinn asks if he needs help. Liam says maybe. Quinn sits down next to him. She picks up the spoon with him still holding on to it. She tells him to slowly move it. She grabs a napkin and puts it on his collar. Liam takes a sip. Quinn thinks that is good. Liam feels that she is so nice to him. Quinn has always liked taking care of people. Liam can tell. She has kind eyes. Quinn holds back a laugh.

On the streets of Malibu Steffy rides her bike and gets back into it. She pulls back into Wyatt’s driveway and takes her helmet off. Wyatt asks how that went. Steffy laughs and runs over hugging him. She thanks him so much. Wyatt says of course. He tells her that he can sell it or trade it if she doesn’t want it. Steffy says don’t even think about it. She doesn’t know how he knew she needed this. She did though. She really did. They smile at each other.

Bill explains that he is just as concerned as Eric is. However, there is only so much he can do in this situation. He has a child and wife to focus on. They are his priorities. Eric feels that this is partially his fault. Eric knows that Brooke’s feelings are not just one sided. He cannot tell him that Bill didn’t send and sort of signal or indication. Eric has loved Brooke himself and he can tell him that those feelings don’t just go away.

Brooke hopes that Katie really doesn’t believe that. Katie knows that Stephanie said a lot of words about her but they all basically mean the same thing. Brooke turns away from Katie. Katie knows she is about to start crying. Katie demands that she not put on a show for her and start crying. Brooke is not doing that. She just cannot believe it has come to this. Katie asks what she expects. She came on to her husband. Brooke was not coming on to him. She was being honest with her feelings. Katie knows it is always about her. He is married to her. She will ruin any relationship. Katie informs her this is not a game. She cannot just take any man she wants because daddy left her behind. Brooke knows. Brooke is not doing that. Katie knows she is a liar. Katie starts to breathe heavily. Brooke asks if she is alright. Katie will never be alright. She will never be alright around her. Bill loves her. He loves her son. Brooke knows. Brooke can tell that Katie is no feeling well. She wants to help Katie sit down. Brooke grabs her arm and Katie smacks her across the face. Katie tells her not to touch her.

Liam attempts to take a bite of soup but doesn’t. He can’t shake this feeling. Quinn asks if he means that he is forgetting something. She feels that is understandable and that it will come back to him. Liam doesn’t mean something. He means someone.

In Wyatt’s living room she puts down her helmet. She never thought she could ride again. She wonders how she could have. Being back on this motor cycle and facing her guilt. It is all thanks to him. Understanding and being there for her. Wyatt promises that he will be. They kiss. Wyatt explains that in other relationships he never could tell what the other person was thinking. Like it was a big guessing game and a whole lot of trial and error. However, understanding Steffy comes naturally to him. He can deliver for her. Steffy knows that he can deliver. He is a man that follows through. Steffy asks if he knows what that means to her. The two kiss each other passionately again.


Brooke asks if Katie is ok. Katie says that she is. Brooke asks if it helped slapping her. Katie will not let Brooke talk to her like she is three years old. Brooke cannot tell her how much it hurts. The hatred she has towards her. Katie is sorry that she isn’t playing the clueless wife and victim of her sister. Brooke wanted to stay away. She kept convincing her. Katie knows it is all her fault. She is so good at convincing herself and justifying her actions. Brooke wants Katie to understand that she took herself out and closed herself in her house to do right by Katie. Katie guesses she only knows how to do right by herself. Brooke loves her. Katie doesn’t think that means anything. Katie feels those are just words and she doesn’t want to hear them. She grabs her bag. She didn’t want to do this. She came here because she wants her to stay away. She needs her to stay away. Brooke will. Katie means it. Brooke promises. Brooke tells Katie that if she ever needs her she is here for her. Katie will never need her. Not ever again. Katie leaves.

Steffy and Wyatt continue to kiss each other. Steffy cannot do this. Wyatt asks if it is because of Liam. Steffy knows that he doesn’t want to hear this. Wyatt says it is ok. He completely understands. The thing is. He doesn’t want to do this again. Steffy assumes he means falling for someone still in love with Liam. Wyatt means someone who deserves a lot better than Liam but refuses to see it. Steffy does. Liam left her and she is still trying to figure out why. She knows she doesn’t deserve that but it is hard for her. Wyatt wants to help her. He wants her to let him go. He kisses her again and Steffy wraps her arms around him.

Quinn thinks that Liam’s mind is playing tricks on him. Liam feels so certain that someone needs him. He guesses that he should go. Quinn asks where he would go. Liam guesses where he belongs. Quinn asks how he doesn’t know that he doesn’t belong here. She could be the one who needs him. Liam feels that as confusing as this is not knowing who he is or where he is at least he feels safe being in the arms of an angel. He kisses Quinn on the cheek. Quinn disgusted rubs her cheek when he isn’t looking.

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