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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/28/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


In Brooke's kitchen she looks at a picture of herself and Katie. Eric walks in explaining he let himself in. Brooke turns around and is crying. Eric asks her what is wrong. Brooke should have known that going to Spencer was tempting fate and Katie knows she is still in love with Bill. She hurt her sister again.

Bill walks into Brooke's office at Spencer and finds Katie. He asks why she isn't on her way home. He asks why they aren't on their way home together. He has a very special and romantic evening for the two of them. Katie explains that she knows. Bill wonders what she knows. Katie knows Brooke's little secret. She knows who the love of her life is. It is Bill.

Steffy looks out a window and thinks of all the romantic times that she spent with Liam together throughout the years. Steffy sits down and sighs.

Quinn is on her laptop while Liam is passed on the bed again. She thinks about Liam passing out again. Quinn asks if Liam can hear her. Quinn drops a glass and Liam wakes up. She then remembers the first time Liam woke up and how he didn't remember who she was. She walks slowly away from him. She takes off her ring saying that she always hated it anyway. She quickly grabs the sword neckless from around Liam's neck.

Steffy asks where Wyatt ran off too. Wyatt has something for her. Steffy asks if it is a gift or something. Wyatt explains that it is more something to help her get over all of this. She can come with him.

Eric asks if Brooke is really still in love with Bill. Brooke has tried to get over it. Eric asks if what they had together she has not been able to get over. Brooke explains that what they had together caused so much pain for Katie. They were able to forgive each other but a second time she will never be able to do it.

Katie couldn't help but think about how worried she was for Brooke being isolated in that big old house. She says shame on her for thinking she could change. She just wanted to have the life she used to have. She picked her. She brought her to Spencer and the minute her back is turned she say she loves her. She asks how Brooke could do this again.

Liam wakes up. Quinn gets near him in bed. Quinn says hello. She asks why he is looking at her like that. Liam remembers. He remembers who he is.

Steffy asks why they are in his car port. Wyatt explains this is nostalgia. He remembers when he first got a boogie board. Quinn thought he was to young for it. Steffy asks how old he was. Wyatt says like fifteen. Steffy guesses that was being a newborn in Quinn's eyes. Wyatt bet's that her family was protective too. Steffy was fearless or reckless depending on who you ask. Wyatt says that the joy is getting back on when you fall off. Steffy always went all in. Wyatt asks if it meant getting hurt. Steffy wonders what the point is. Wyatt bought her something. That is where he went earlier. Steffy asks what he bought her. Wyatt takes a sheet off and it is a motor cycle. Steffy looks freaked out.

It kills Brooke that she is betraying her sister again. Hearing her say that she is still in love with Bill. That the feelings they shared. Eric knows that she didn't cross the line though. Brooke didn't but she hasn't exactly been honest with Katie either. Eric knows that she was thinking of Katie and she will realize that when she calms down. Brooke knows this is different. She really thinks she lost her forever.

Katie could have dealt with this had Brooke just been honest with her. She tells him that she is in love with him and has a secret with him. They all know where this leads. Bill promises not to worry about him. He is worried about her. Katie knew that Bill knew it was important to her. This is how Brooke repays them. She is her sister. She needs self-control. She needed to believe in her. She felt sorry for her but she isn't clueless about her past. Katie wants her gone and out of their lives now.

Steffy asks why he would buy her a motor cycle. Wyatt asks if she doesn't like it. Steffy doesn't think it is that. It is just the accident. Her miscarriage. She hasn't road one since. She asks why he would do this. Wyatt knows. It is like what he said before. She is the girl who always got back on after falling off until the accident. He thinks that changed her and it has been holding her back. He feels it is time for her to move forward.

Quinn asks if he really remembers her. Liam thinks that she is her guardian angle. Quinn doesn't think anyone has ever said that about her before. She is glad he is feeling better. Quinn doesn't want her to overdo it. Liam thinks she is very kind and owes her so much. Quinn says that she owes him more than he could possibly know.

Eric wants Brooke to give Katie some time. Words spoken in anger are usually just that. Eric reminds her of Stephanie and himself. How many times did it look like they were never getting back together and yet they always did? Brooke loves her sister so much and she cannot imagine her not being in her life anymore. Brooke will not let it happen. Eric kisses Brooke. The two of them hug each other.

Bill doesn't think that Katie means that. Kate knows that Brooke is her sister and family and she shouldn't cut her out of her life. Katie has done this dance before too many times. Brooke does something unforgivable and then comes the tears. Bill begs her to calm down. Katie knows that Brooke cries and they forgive her. She doesn't want her anywhere near her. She will ruin their happiness. Whether she means to or not it doesn't matter. She will never trust her again.

Quinn asks what Liam is thinking about. He doesn't know. He just feels like someone needs him.

Wyatt is sorry. He didn't mean to bring up all this guilt with her. Steffy let go a long time ago. Wyatt knows that there is a part of Steffy that blames herself for what happened or whatever Liam has told her. Steffy believes Liam was looking out for her. Wyatt is not here to bash his brother but they both know he has expectations. They enjoy life and appreciate it even if it means lost partings. Wyatt wonders if he would ever admit it to himself. Liam tried to change her to make her more like him. Wyatt wouldn't change a damn thing about her. He wants her to take a step forward and move on. He thought this was them moving forward. Wyatt will always be there for her. Right by her side if she wants him to.

Katie demands Bill call security and tell them that Brooke is not allowed in the building anymore. Bill cannot do that. Katie thinks that he can. Katie will not allow him to defend her. Bill cannot just change things with all they have done. Katie needs Brooke away from her family. Bill needs to do this from a business point of view. Katie thinks that nothing is sacred to Brooke. She thinks that they are so good and she loves him so much. Katie will not walk away from this. She will not be her victim. She will not let Brooke take Bill. She cannot have her life. She will protect what is hers. Brooke cannot take him. She will never let her have him. Katie kisses Bill.

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