B&B Wednesday Update 1/27/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/27/16


Written By Anthony
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Katie wants Brooke to tell her that she heard wrong. She wants to be lied to. She clearly does it all the time. Brooke suggests that they get her to a doctor right now. Katie feels that her real disease is trusting her. Brooke promises that nothing happened. Nobody crossed the line. Katie knows that she told Bill she was in love with him. Katie asks why she would say that unless she wanted something to come of it.

Bill doesn't need Allison to show him the IPad. Any power point will do. Bill thinks that his wife is an exceptional person. Allison wonders what he did that was so bad. Caroline walks in and thinks that she walked in just in time.

Wyatt asks how bad the text message was. He wants to see it again. Steffy hands him her phone. She shouldn't be surprised. He has been angry and distant. She just never thought he would end it. Wyatt doesn’t think that Liam would never make a choice like this. Steffy knows that he likes doing the right thing where as she is impulsive. Wyatt wonders if flying off to Australia with his ex-isn’t impulsive. Steffy knows that it was. She thought when he came home he changed his mind. Wyatt tells her not to do this.

Quinn looks at Liam's phone. She looks at all the pictures that he has of Steffy on his phone. Liam wakes up and sees Quinn. She turns around and is scared.

Steffy should go home. Wyatt suggests that she stay here and work things out. Steffy thanks him but shouldn't Wyatt realizes how that would look. Steffy asks how he does it. How someone could pledge their life to someone and then change it all. Wyatt remembered that before Hope he was a normal person. He knew how to make himself happy.

Liam saw. Quinn knows that he did. She doesn't want him to ask a lot of questions but there will be time for that. She is sure that he is probably wondering what he is even doing there with her.

Brooke promises that she wasn't expecting anything. She wasn't even sure of what she wanted when she told him. Katie wonder what she expected Bill to do. Brooke didn't even want to be here but she kept pushing. Katie wonders about all the things that she said about how it never would happen again. Brooke meant it. She promises it never will. Katie is sure that she meant it. She means every word she says. Katie doesn't think Brooke even knows when she is lying.

Wyatt knows that the two of them were in a strange state of mind lately. They were both ready to have their lives revolve around someone else. Steffy thought that is how it is supposed to work when they are in love. Wyatt thinks that you still have to be the main character in your life. How can you get out of the rough patch you are in. Steffy doesn't even know what is her even more. Wyatt wants her to stick around and let him remind her. Wyatt suggests they get past it together.

Liam saw Quinn taking care of him. Quinn only did what anyone else would do. Liam doesn't think so. Quinn won't have him blame her. He is the one who collapsed. She asks if he still doesn't remember. Liam is better now. Quinn won't let him go anywhere. He was out for a very long period of time. Quinn knows he was dreaming. She was scared to leave him alone. She isn't a doctor but she kind of has a scientific kind of mind and the internet. Liam thanks Quinn. She tells him it is ok. Liam thinks it is kind of awkward. He doesn't even know her name.

Bill looks at a book that Caroline brought. She explains that her mother had been working on that since she was in the eighth grade. Bill asks if she only wrote a page a month. Bill will send her flowers. He asks how things are going at Forrester. Caroline thinks it is great since Bill got rid of one of her biggest work place stresses. She is always up in her business. She hopes that Brooke is working out. Bill knows that Katie loves having her at Spencer.

Brooke promises that it wasn't a lie. She swears that nothing happened. Katie asks what she is talking about. It is already done. She wanted Bill and she knew he would never tell her. Bill thinks he can control her. Brooke is going to go. It wasn't Bill. It was her. Bill has nothing to do with this. Katie thinks it is sad that she is so lonely. Brooke wasn't lonely. Brooke begs Katie to call her doctor at the transplant center. Katie already knows what is chocking her heart. Brooke found her on the floor. She needs to call the doctor. Katie cannot think that Brooke could possibly believe that Bill is the love of her life. Brooke guesses that if it sounds silly to her it is because those words were not intended for her. Katie knows that Brooke thinks she has a chance because she is her only competition. Brooke didn't have anything happen. It never will so long as they are together. Katie assumes that Brooke is under the impresion that it is worth it because chances are she won't be around.

Steffy looks at her phone. She starts to remember her conversation with Liam where she begged Liam to give this another shot. Wyatt walks out and wonders what is wrong. Steffy asks if he is going somewhere. Wyatt is going to give her some space. He can say a lot of nice things about Liam if she wants him to do that. Steffy doesn't. Wyatt is glad because he doesn't want to either. Wyatt is sure that this won't be the last she hears of him. He will reach out to make sure she is ok. He isn't criticizing him it is just the way he was built. She probably knows that but whatever he says. Don't let him take the Steffy out of her.

Quinn knows that he is lying to her now. Liam wonders what he would do that. She says that he passed out. Quinn says that is right. Liam wakes up and then there is a beautiful woman taking care of him. He asks what her name is. Quinn tells him to stop because he knows who she is. Liam wouldn't forget a person like her. Liam asks if he did. Quinn assumes he is thirsty. She will go and get him a glass of water. Liam didn't mean to offend her. Quinn promises that he didn't. She knows this is her mistake entirly. Quinn walks into the other room. She realizes that he only knows what she tells him.

Brooke asks how she can say that. Katie feels that it is the only thing that makes sense. She will be dead and he will be lonely. She will be there to comfort him. Brooke cannot believe she thinks that she wants her dead. Katie asks what she is supposed to believe. She honestly believed all the tears and begging for forgiveness. She watched her suffer through drinking and loneliness. Then she wondered if this was because of Katie herself. Katie made a mistake thinking she could rescue her. She should have known the minute she turned her back she betrayed him. Brooke doesn't think she is making any sense so she is going to go. Katie tries to attack her but Brooke grabs her arms.

Quinn tells Liam to go easy on this glass of water. It is his second glass. They aren't going to run out. She starts to think about when Liam passed out in the parking lot. Liam thanks her. He feels really good. He feels like he can sleep now. Quinn will let him rest now and she will be in the other room. Quinn walks into the other room. She calls Wyatt.

Wyatt picks up his phone and asks where she is. He knows she is not at work when she has people who keep texting her. Quinn has work that cannot be interrupted. She asks where he is. Wyatt says at home with Steffy. Quinn thinks that this is good. It means that he has time with Steffy. The only issue is that they both know that Liam will end up coming back and changing his mind. He knows that. Wyatt doesn't know that at all. Quinn knows that he always does. He has to make her angry enough to slam the door in his face. Wyatt feels that isn't up to him. Wyatt thinks that it is starting to feel real. Wyatt is done with this and hangs up. Steffy assumes it was Quinn. Wyatt promises it was nothing.

Quinn looks at Liam and sighs.

Bill screams at Allison on the phone because she knows he hates bustle sprouts. He hangs up the phone. Caroline explains that when Ridge wants to do something romantic he takes her on a drive. Bill knows that is because he is cheap. He has her living in a loft. Caroline will get hormonal on him. She is sure that Katie will love whatever he does. Bill doesn't know why she puts up with him. Caroline explains nobody does.

Katie tells Brooke to leave. Brooke explains this is between herself and Katie. She cannot tear her family apart. Katie asks if she really thinks she has any control over what happens next. No one ever could. Their parents never could. She wanted clothes and the spotlight and got all the men. Katie wondered if everything people said was true. Why there was such a constant demand for her. She heard the rumors of what they called her. Women like that need to be paid. Now she is asking for forgiveness. She is fresh out. She can move along. Take her business elsewhere. Brooke cries as she leaves slamming the door. Katie sits down and starts to cry.

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