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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/26/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke can never let Katie find out that Bill is the love of her life and always will be. Katie is crying outside of the office hysterically.

Wyatt gets two beers and Steffy walks out from the bathroom. Steffy thinks it is funny that they use the same shampoo. Wyatt explains that it actually isn’t his. He hasn’t gotten around to throwing out Ivy’s stuff yet. Steffy guesses they have the same taste in hair products and men. Wyatt wonders how her shower was. Steffy thinks it was good. It was also great to be in the ocean. It really has been too long. Wyatt thinks that today turned out to be a good day. Steffy feels it was exactly what she needed.

Quinn looks at Liam from a chair and looks concerned.

Steffy takes a sip of her beer. Wyatt asks if she is surprised Liam didn’t show. All he did was text and say he wasn’t coming. He feels that is pretty clear where things were heading. Steffy knows but she was trying to save them. He couldn’t even hear her out or give her one more chance. All he had to do was come home. She doesn’t understand why he didn’t.

Quinn looks at Liam in bed.

Brooke is sorry. She didn’t mean to get so emotional. Brooke has no choice. She cannot work here anymore. Bill doesn’t think that is an option. Brooke won’t do it.

Katie walks into Brooke’s office and tells herself this isn’t happening. She said she wouldn’t do this to her. She promised she wouldn’t do this. Katie looks at a picture of Brooke and herself. She picks it up and says that she promised. She is crying a lot.

Steffy believes that Wyatt has been incredible. Wyatt feels he has enjoyed the company. She knows she keeps bringing up Liam but how is he doing. Wyatt is alright. She wasn’t at first but time is moving on. He realizes that nothing is going to change the situation. At least he knows why. Steffy doesn’t know why Liam left. Steffy thinks that he is better at hiding his grief. Steffy suggests that Wyatt get rid of her stuff in a fire. Not just her beauty products but her bedazzled bathrobe. Wyatt would love to get rid of the flower shower cap. Steffy agrees. Wyatt says they are his. He will not let her change things. They both laugh.

Quinn gets a phone call and she gets angry over who it is. She picks up and says that she has some nerve. It is revealed that it is Ivy. She begs her not to hang up. She can’t even imagine how she must feel about her. She really did enjoy working with her as well as her talent and work ethic. She really did love Wyatt. The real reason she is actually calling is because she is trying to get a hold of Liam. She asks if Quinn has seen him. Quinn asks why she is asking about him. Ivy can’t get a hold of him. She is concerned. Quinn asks why. Ivy explains that Liam bought a ticket to Sydney so that he could help her get settled on the plane. He didn’t intend to come with her. Then he got knocked out in the plane bathroom. When he came to they were up in the air. She is just trying to find out if he is ok. Quinn wonders where the concern is for her son. She wasn’t remotely worried about her son at all. Ivy was she just wants to know about Liam. Quinn says goodbye. She can go throw another shrimp on the bobby. Quinn looks at Liam.

Brooke wishes that she could have just kept her mouth shut. They wouldn’t be in this situation. Things would be fine. Bill asks her to listen to him. They were together and almost married. It is normal that they would have some connection. Brooke doesn’t think there is anything normal about this. He is married to her sister. Bill feels that nothing bad has been done. They haven’t crossed a line and they won’t. They will not allow that to happen. Brooke feels that her sister’s happiness means more to her than anything. Bill knows that these feelings they have need to be put away. They must put them away. Brooke is going to bury them and put them I the past for Katie.

Katie feels stupid. She tells herself to calm down. She takes a drink of whiskey. She sits down and looks at the picture. Katie thinks about her second wedding with Brooke has her maid of honor. Then she thinks about finding Brooke and Bill in bed. Katie will not let this happen. She slams the photo on the ground.

Quinn stares at Liam and thinks about him passing out on her.

Steffy feels like Wyatt knows how to bring out her adventurous side. Steffy admits that she hasn’t been that way lately. Wyatt knows. She has been staying in watching Bob Hope movies. Wyatt is sorry he couldn’t resist. He just thinks that Steffy will be ok and be able to get through it. Steffy wants to try her best to move on. It is so surreal. Wyatt feels like she will take whatever is thrown at her and let it work. He realized that he sounds a lot like his mother. Steffy laughs and promises that he is nothing like Quinn. Wyatt thanks her for not thinking he is. Steffy is feeling better. He made it better. Wyatt thinks that going outside and experiencing life that is the first step. It wasn’t the only first step that she did today. That first kiss was pretty awesome.

Brooke know that working here was a bad idea. She knew she shouldn’t have accepted the position. Bill points out that she did though and she isn’t going anywhere. They can do this. They are strong. Brooke asks how he knows. Bill loves Katie and so does she. It won’t be easy to forget he loves her but he will. Katie wants Brooke here. They will do this for her. She will never found out about any of this.

Katie gets on the ground and picks up the broken glass. She thinks about Brooke saying that Bill is hers. She will never get involved in her marriage again. Katie stands up and walks over to a drawing table. She thinks about all the moments in her life with Brooke and Bill. She remembers her telling Brooke to come work with her. Katie continues to cry.

Steffy has no idea what he is talking about. Wyatt knows that she kissed him. Steffy was in the heat of the moment. Wyatt asks what she is talking about. Steffy remembers. She couldn’t forget. Wyatt isn’t complaining at all but she did kind of take him by surprise. Steffy was thanking him for caring and being there for her. For making him laugh. Steffy wants to move on with her life but Liam and her have so much history. She is confused by the end of things.

Quinn looks at Liam’s phone and texts Steffy. Quinn explains that Liam needs time on her own. It is over. She sends it.

Steffy gets the text and reads the message. Wyatt looks at it. She tells him to screw him. He doesn’t deserve her. He doesn’t have the decency to look her in the eye. He blew it with the most fantastic girl in the world. Wyatt knows it has been to soon but he feels something between them and he knows she does too. They shouldn’t fight it. They should ride this together. She said that she wanted a man she could count on. That is him. He is that man. He kisses Steffy. She kisses back. Steffy cries. Wyatt holds her.

Katie punches a pillow. She can’t get Brooke out of her mind. She falls to the ground. Brooke walks into her office and finds Katie. She asks what happened. She is going to call 911. Katie doesn’t want her to touch her. Katie has too much damage. Brooke asks if she hasn’t had her medication. Katie knows what she said to Bill. She is still in love with her husband.

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