B&B Monday Update 1/25/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/25/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt and Steffy continue to kiss on the beach. They laugh. Wyatt thinks that wasn’t too bad but Steffy could use a little more practice. Steffy thinks that he is cute. Wyatt is glad that she finally noticed.

Quinn asks Liam why he kissed her on the hand. Quinn asks how he is feeling. Liam is feeling strange. Quinn thinks that is to be expected but that he doesn’t have to figure anything out yet. She will take good care of him. She wonders if he knows what day it is. Liam doesn’t. Quinn asks if he knows who the president is. Liam doesn’t answer. Quinn asks if he knows who he is. Liam is tired. Quinn tells him not to sleep. She is going to track his symptoms. He falls asleep again.

Eric is in Ridge’s office and Katie walks in. She asks if he is busy. Eric is never too busy for her. He thinks she looks great. Katie is sure that he says that to all the girls. Eric wonders what she is doing here. Katie explains that she had an editorial meeting and Brooke wants to take a different perspective on the California Freedom line. Eric is fine with that if he gets to see her face. He wonders how things are going with the three of them all working together. Katie thinks that so far it is good.

Brooke thinks that they have made it even. They have both done and said things that they regret. Bill thinks that he told the truth. Brooke doesn’t think that it matters. None of it matters. All that matters is his life with Katie. Bill knows she is right but he can’t. Brooke will not allow him to even think about it. Bill wishes he could turn off the memories but they keep taking him back. Bill could make promises but it doesn’t change what they shared or what they feel about each other.

Quinn gets Liam to wake up again. She asks if he is feeling better. Liam is weird. Quinn asks if his head hurts. Quinn wonders if he is still with her. He falls asleep again. Quinn isn’t really sure of what to do. Quinn happens to believe that he passed out of her for a reason. This is fate. This is the universes way to give Wyatt and Steffy a reason to be together. She won’t mess with cosmic action. She promises that he will be fine. He will rest until he gets better. It will give Wyatt the chance to be happy.

Wyatt and Steffy continue to run around the beach. Steffy loves this. Wyatt knows exactly what she needs and when to do it. Wyatt and Steffy play around.

Katie looks at a sketch and thinks it is beautiful. Eric admits that he has questioned the idea of Brooke and Bill working together. Katie admits that she has too but Brooke is her sister. She can’t imagine her life without her. She also loves her husband. She has no reason not to trust them.

Brooke realizes that Katie trusts them. They are a family. She came between them at one point and she won’t do it again. Bill thinks they are good. Bill can’t compromise his sons life. Brooke needs him to burry those thoughts. Bill asks how that is worried so far.

Steffy really needed that. She walks into Wyatt’s house. Wyatt feels that is a travesty. Steffy is going to quit her job and ride the waves. Wyatt thinks that she should do that. He did that once for a few months in Hawaii. Steffy thinks that sounds amazing but she doesn’t think she could do that because she is driven. Wyatt feels that they could do it. He is happiest when he goes with the flow. Steffy needs someone like this in her life. She wonders where he has been all her life.

Quinn asks Liam how weird this is. The two of them and Liam is helpless in her bed and he isn’t even tied up. Quinn knows that his body needs a little more rest, otherwise she would have to call 911. She assumes that he is going to be ok. She just needs a little bit more time.

Eric feels that this connection that Katie has with Brooke is inspiring given everything that has happened. Katie knows it hasn’t been easy She is her sister. Living in the past is a mistake. She has chosen to move on and it was her choice. Eric feels she is just like her mother. Katie guesses it paid off. Her life is right where she wants it to be. Bill and her are right where she wants them to be. She can tell how much Bill loves her.

Brooke knows she shouldn’t have told him how she feels. Katie wouldn’t stop talking about her working here though. She doesn’t even want to talk about this now. Bill wonders what she means by that. He put his feelings on the line. Brooke guesses they have both opened their hearts but they can’t act upon that. If she does, then she can’t be here. They pledged to be friends. Brooke can do this. She will not betray Katie again. That isn’t an option.

Quinn thinks about the time she locked Liam in the steam room, the time she stabbed him, the time she pushed him while he was on crutches, and the time she tried to kill him.

Wyatt mocks Steffy pretending to be her. Steffy tells him to stop. She appreciates what he did for her today. Wyatt would say that his job here is done but he hasn’t even gotten started. Steffy is to amazing of a person. She should be with someone who appreciates her. Wyatt has a few ideas of who it should be. Wyatt thanks her for trusting him. Steffy guesses that she should more often. Wyatt is sorry for what Liam did. Days like this do help. They should do it again sometimes. Steffy would love that. Wyatt offers to let her take a shower. Steffy thanks him for letting her feel like herself again. Wyatt says anytime. Wyatt gets a call after she leaves. Quinn asks what he is doing. Wyatt is talking to her. Quinn asks if Liam ever showed up. Wyatt says that he told Steffy he wasn’t coming. Quinn asks if he is with Steffy right now. Wyatt admits that they are with each other. Wyatt is hoping to use Liam’s absence as a way to get through to her but they have been through a lot lately. Quinn wants him to be himself because Liam probably won’t be home tonight. Wyatt hangs up.

Quinn looks at Liam and smiles.

Bill loves Katie. He doesn’t want to jeopardize the family he has made with her. He is selfish but he can’t pretend he doesn’t feel what he feels. Bill asks if she can shut her brain up. They were sharing a life together with all they have been through. He can’t forget and doesn’t want to. He can let it go and stay committed. He can’t erase them. He can’t erase her from his mind. Brooke buried herself in her house and drank to forget Bill but it obviously didn’t work. She wishes that circumstances were different. She wishes they could be together but it isn’t in the cards. She appreciates the memories and what he has taught her. No man has ever done that with her. She doesn’t know if she could come here every day and hear her. Katie opens the door and listens. Brooke suggests she quit. Bill thinks that it is too late. Brooke is not good at hiding her feelings. Brooke loves him. He will always be the greatest love of her life. Katie can never know that.

Katie breaks down and cries outside of Bill’s door.

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