B&B Friday Update 1/22/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/22/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy reads Liam’s text of him not coming aloud. Wyatt is so sorry. He doesn’t even know what to say. Steffy doesn’t understand. Wyatt doesn’t either. He is here for her whatever she needs.

Quinn continues to try to wakeup Liam in her cabin. She looks over at Liam and gets on her phone. She calls up 911. Quinn puts her phone down changing her mind. She goes over to Liam’s phone. Quinn informs Liam that someday he will appreciate how she is handling this.

Brooke would like to do a letter from the past editor. Some sort of passing of the torch. Brooke wants Liam to introduce her to the readers. Bill reminds her that their readers know exactly who she is. Brooke knows but she wants Liam to be involved as much as possible. Especially with Liam stepping down from Forrester. She doesn’t want him to feel marginalized. Bill goes off into a day dream again. Brooke wakes him up and suggests that he reach out to Liam and let him know how much he cares. Brooke wants Bill to be there with support for Liam. She can tell that he thinks there is a problem. There must be a problem. Bill will feel better. Bill gets out his phone and calls Liam.

Quinn looks at Liam’s phone and stops the phone call. She texts that he cannot talk now. Quinn tries to wake him up again. She gets back on her laptop and tries to figure out how to wake him up.

Wyatt wonders if maybe they are misinterpreting the text. It could mean that he wants to but he can’t. Steffy tells him to stop. Steffy knows that he is trying to make her feel better but they both know that he isn’t coming. Wyatt doesn’t get it. Wyatt wouldn’t be able to stay away from her if she told him to come back. Wyatt hates that he is doing this to you. He also hates how clueless he is. Steffy knows it was a mistake coming back from International. Wyatt doesn’t want her to say that. Had she not come back she wouldn’t have gotten to know him. Wyatt has a good idea. Something that will get her mind off of this. Steffy isn’t in the mood. Wyatt tells her to shut it and to follow. Wyatt takes her outside.

Bill looks at Liam’s text. He wonders what he should say. Brooke suggests a few things but Bill would rather just wait. Brooke is sure that he will reach out when he is ready. Bill wonders what happens if this is over with Steffy. Brooke tells him he will be there for him then. Sometimes relationships end. That is just a reality. Bill knows that sometimes someone should step in and fight for it. Brooke knows that is what happened when she told Bill to go back for Katie. Bill storms over to Brooke and starts to kiss her passionately. It was another day dream. Bill guesses that dreams do come true. Brooke agrees. Her new job has so many possibilities. Bill explains that when she told him about her feelings before. He lied. He had thought about his feelings for her.

Quinn tells Liam to wake up. She claps her hands. Quinn closes his nose but then realizes that isn’t a good idea. She shakes him but he doesn’t wakeup. She gets angry.

On the beach Steffy informs Wyatt that she is only watching. She is not going surfing. Wyatt doesn’t think there is anything like being at the beach. He doesn’t think you can get any better than this. He thinks he can change her mind. Steffy laughs.

Brooke doesn’t understand. Bill thinks she does. Brooke is confused. Bill knows she said what she felt. It is the same for him. Brooke doesn’t think they should be talking about this. She is going to go. Bill knows what she said is that she missed them. How she missed him. Bill misses her too. Brooke starts to cry.

Quinn kicks Liam again and he starts to wake up a little bit. She welcomes him to the world of the living.

Steffy puts on sun screen and lies down to tan. Wyatt starts to fly a droid in her direction. She takes it and they laugh. They then play catch by the beach. Steffy starts to dance and Wyatt picks her up and throws her into the beach. They start to hold hands. Steffy hugs him. They look at each other on the beach.

Brooke tells Bill that they have to be careful. They can never go there. She is sorry that she went there. He has to forget what she said. It was stupid. Bill thinks it is the truth and he feels the same way. Brooke informs him that he is married. Nothing can happen. Bill knows. Brooke tells him to not think about it ever.

Quinn asks how Liam is feeling. Quinn was so worried. Liam starts to pass out but Quinn tells him to stay with her. She was so worried. She didn’t think he would have wanted a big commotion in the parking lot. She hopes he is not mad. She asks how his head is. She asks if he is in pain. Liam moans. Quinn asks how many fingers he is holding up. He says too. Quinn promises that he will be just fine. She will take care of him. Liam puts his hand on hers and kisses her. Quinn looks disgusted.

Wyatt and Steffy are in wetsuits and they start to surf in the ocean. Steffy asks if he saw that. Wyatt told her that it works every time. Steffy loved that. Wyatt thinks that she was great out there. Steffy hasn’t done that in so long. Wyatt thinks that they have to go to all the best surf places. Steffy will go anywhere as long as it is not Australia. Steffy thanks him for making her laugh and enjoy herself again. Wyatt knows it is what she deserves. Wyatt kisses her and Steffy kisses back. She gets really into it.

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