B&B Wednesday Update 1/20/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/20/16


Written By Anthony
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Steffy can’t let this be the end of them. They have come too far. Liam asks why she would do this. Steffy knows she shouldn’t have. He told her over and over to stay away from Ivy but she had to make sure that things were over with her. She hurt Wyatt so badly. Liam knows that she had to help Wyatt through his misery. Steffy didn’t go to Ivy because of Wyatt. That was her doing. She knows it was wrong. She will not give up on them though.

Quinn wants to know what Liam said. She needs to know the exact words. Wyatt already told her. He is resigning from the company and leaving Steffy. Quinn needs the exact words though. Wyatt begs her to stop. He wants to talk about her love life. He wonders if Deacon got a job yet. He assumes there is trouble in Hades. Quinn explains that she has separated from Deacon. Wyatt is shocked. Quinn doesn’t think it is a big deal. Wyatt asks what is going on. Quinn was putting on a good show for the family. It hasn’t been working for a long time. Quinn is disappointed but these things happen. She doesn’t want him to worry about her. She knows it was doomed from the beginning. He was good in a lot of ways but he really isn’t a Spencer man. Those are the only men who have ever captured her heart.

Bill works from his desk while Brooke works from a table across the room. Bill looks at Brooke and then sees Katie on the other side of her. Katie smiles at Bill. She whispers that she loves him. Brooke asks if there is something she should know about. Katie asks how she is coming along with the style sheets. Katie offers that Bill help her. Brooke wonders if that is not to below him. Bill would be happy to help her. Brooke heard a rumor that Liam might be resigning from Forrester. Bill asks who told her. Brooke still has her sources around there. She wonders if it is true. She thinks that Liam and Steffy make a great team. Katie says that it is true. Liam handed in his resignation.

Wyatt asks if there was a fight or an argument. Quinn promises that there was nothing bad that happened. Wyatt finds it hard to believe that they left on good terms. Quinn knows it is shocking. Wyatt knows that it is no secret he didn’t like the guy. He always thought that she liked him. He asks where he is. Quinn thinks that he went to Europe to see Hope. She doesn’t want to talk about this. Wyatt guesses it is too much. Quinn is just annoyed that Steffy is alone right now while he is in here talking to her. Wyatt just wants t work. When he left Steffy wasn’t alone. Quinn wants him to go help them pack. If he wants the girl then he should go and get her. Wyatt doesn’t think it is that simple. He has a feeling that it isn’t over between the two of them yet.

Liam asks if she is sure she hasn’t given up on them yet. Steffy promises that she hasn’t. Steffy asks why he would think that. Liam sees her in bed with Wyatt again. Steffy knows she can be crazy sometimes. Liam doesn’t think it is an excuse. Steffy learned her lesson. Liam doesn’t think it is an excuse. Steffy feels that Ivy is to blame. Liam asks how she will blame Ivy for this. Steffy guesses whatever he says. Ivy drove her to this. Liam has heard enough. Steffy knows he is still in love with her. That is the only reason that any of this makes sense. He has never gotten over her. Liam tells her that there is one woman he has never gotten over and her name isn’t Ivy.

Brooke thought that Liam loved his job. She wonders when this all happened. Bill says it was after he got back from Australia. Bill explains that she delivered Ivy to her homeland. Brooke thinks that is weird. Bill hasn’t heard from Liam. He guesses he is just taking it easy. Brooke assumes that Wyatt is not disappointed that Liam is leaving. Katie knows those boys just love to compete against each other.

Wyatt knows that Steffy loves Liam and he is just blowing her off. Quinn asks if he mentioned why he is blowing her off. Wyatt guesses it was the way she was treating Ivy. Quinn feels that just proves that Liam cares more about Ivy. Wyatt doesn’t think that is the case. Liam just gets ticked off every time Steffy doesn’t listen to him. He doesn’t get it. It is just Steffy being Steffy. Quinn doesn’t think they should care. Wyatt wants to help Steffy not hit on her. Quinn suggests that he go to her and be a friend. That is where it starts friendship and companionship. Wyatt bets they are in a makeup session right now.

Steffy cannot believe this is happening to them. Over something that is so stupid. Liam asks what stupid is. Steffy guesses it is her bad behavior. She gets that he is upset but she doesn’t understand why he is this upset. Steffy knows that what matters is them. She wants him to think about all they have conquered. Liam can’t trust her. Steffy thinks he can. She won’t let him down again. Steffy will not lose him. She knows the past means something to him. She thinks that is there house and home. They share that together. Steffy is going to go home and wait for him to come home. They can give this another shot. They can fix this.

Brooke thinks it must be difficult for Bill to have two sons competing all the time. Bill thinks that it builds character. Brooke wants him to admit that he does worry about them sometimes. Brooke is glad that Hope is no longer in the mess with Liam and Steffy. Bill feels he is the most glad of the situation. He doesn’t want them together ever again. Katie has to say that there was a time that she thought Steffy and Wyatt might hook up.

Steffy walks into Rick’s office. Wyatt wonders if she is going out. Steffy is going home. Wyatt assumes that they worked things out. Steffy says no. Wyatt is sorry that she is going through all of this. Steffy is sorry that he had to over hear all of that. Wyatt points out that is his idiot brother. He doesn’t know what has gotten into him. Steffy admits that he doesn’t trust her. Wyatt cannot believe that Liam was the one to run off to Australia with his ex but she is untrustworthy. Steffy just wants to get past all of this. Wyatt meant what he said earlier. Walking away from her would be the dumbest thing ever. Wyatt knows that all she did was visit Ivy before she left. Who cares if she pushed her down some stairs. Steffy thanks him for making her smile. Wyatt asks if she is going to Liam’s place. Steffy has to fight for him.

Liam thinks about Steffy claiming she will fight for them. She is not moving out of their home. They share it together. All he has to do is show up. One more chance to fix this. Liam looks at a wedding picture of him and Steffy. He remembers being in Aspen together during their first wedding and all the fun they shared. Quinn walks in and asks if she can speak to him. Liam doesn’t work here anymore. Quinn has heard. She just spoke to Wyatt. She asks if he is upset with Wyatt. She knows that this isn’t his fault. Liam wants to know what she wants. Quinn wants to know if it is true that he is ending things with Steffy. Quinn thinks it is a simple answer. Liam knows she would love if they called it quits. Quinn thinks it would make sense but from what she has heard Liam is the one breaking up. Liam asks if Wyatt sent her here. Quinn came on her own. Liam wants him to stay away. Quinn asks why he would care if he dumped her. Liam doesn’t want him anywhere near her. Quinn informs him that Wyatt will do whatever Wyatt wants. Liam swears if he sees him with one hand on her ever again. He demands that she keep him away. He gets dizzy again. Quinn asks if he is ok but he leaves.

Steffy just wants to get past this. She asks if he said anything to him at all. Wyatt promises that he hasn’t. He is avoiding him too. Steffy doesn’t get how he can end a relationship just like that. Wyatt doesn’t think this is her fault. Steffy knows it was several accidents. Wyatt knows they were not her fault. Steffy thinks he is a good friend. Wyatt is willing to be at any time. Steffy doesn’t know how she was going to get through this without him. Wyatt knows she would have done the same thing. Wyatt assumes that Liam will be waiting at home. Steffy hopes so. All he has to do is show up.

Liam is outside the building now. Quinn follows him outside asking where he is going. Liam is leaving to go home. Quinn thinks that that they are meant to be together. Liam wants her to think about what she is saying. She is talking about his fiancé with his brother. Liam starts to get dizzy again. Quinn asks if he is ok. Liam is fine and tells her to go away. Liam starts to see things blurry. Quinn says his name again. Liam passes out on the cement next to his car. Quinn kicks him and looks around. Liam is completely out of it.

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