B&B Tuesday Update 1/19/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/19/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Liam is packing up his things in Ridges office. He sees a picture of Steffy on the desk and sees Steffy in bed with Wyatt again. Steffy walks into the office and didn’t realize he would be here. Liam is just packing up. Steffy would like to talk about this. Liam is leaving his resignation letter for Ridge. Steffy will not let him do this. Liam thinks that it is too late.

Quinn is working on jewelry in Rick’s office. She thinks that Steffy finally sees Liam for the weasel that he is. Wyatt wishes that she would stop speculating. She has no idea what Steffy is thinking. Quinn reminds him that he told her that Liam ran off with Ivy. Wyatt knows that but they need to just concentrate on their job. Otherwise Ridge isn’t going to think they can handle this by themselves. Quinn imagines that Steffy is furious. She asks what Steffy has said. Wyatt hasn’t spoken to Steffy since that night. Quinn knows that was the night they slept together. Wyatt meant like next to one another. Quinn asks if no one has spoken to Liam since then. Wyatt has not heard from him and as far as he knows he is still down under with Ivy. Quinn is finished with a few pieces. She wants Wyatt to take them to Steffy and see if she approves. Wyatt thinks that she is being so obvious right now. Quinn reminds him that Steffy has to approve all designs. Wyatt tells her to stop trying to push him and Steffy together.

Zende thanks Sasha for coming by the mansion. He has been completely out of it since Sasha told him yesterday. Sasha has as well. She didn’t even sleep last night. She hopes that he didn’t say anything to Nicole. Zende hasn’t and the more he thinks about it. It has to be a misunderstanding. Sasha wishes that it was but she heard her talking to Rick. She thanked him for turning her down and doing what Nicole wanted. She doesn’t understand this. Nicole is her best friend. Zende knows that Nicole supports her. She must want what is best for her. It just doesn’t make any sense. Sasha explains that it is because Nicole doesn’t want her near Zende. She thinks she is a threat. Nicole is worried that she will try something with him. Zende could tell that she was upset that she couldn’t help with the shoot but she never once mentioned having an issue with them working together. Sasha suggests that she might have been to upset. She clearly has a problem with it. Zende doesn’t think anyone like Nicole exists. Sasha is just as shocked but she heard the words come out of her mouth. Zende wonders if Nicole doesn’t trust him either. Sasha doesn’t want him to think that way. She just feeling a little uneasy and they both know why.

Steffy will not let Liam quit. He is vice president of Forrester Creations. Liam isn’t anymore. Steffy cannot have him just walk away. The company needs him. Liam feels that she will be just fine. Steffy asks why he is saying that. Liam is going to need his house key back from her and she can send for the rest later. Steffy knows that he is upset about Ivy’s fall but is this a real reason to end their engagement. She won’t let him leave this office until they can work this out. Wyatt walks in and asks what Liam is doing here. He thought he was off getting cozy with his ex. Wyatt asks why Liam is doing this. Steffy explains that Liam is leaving the company. Wyatt asks why. Steffy says he is upset with her. Wyatt asks if he is over reacting. Especially after what Liam did the other night. Steffy should be the one who is pissed not him. Liam asks if he is serious. Steffy asks for a minute alone. Liam doesn’t think it matters. He will be gone in a minute. Liam doesn’t know what there is to talk about. Liam suggests that he leave here. Wyatt thinks that he needs to hear something. They have always had their issues but he has always respected his ability to make a thoughtful decision. To throw away a woman like Steffy. That is just stupid. He leaves.

Sasha asks why she feels like Zende still doesn’t believe her. Zende doesn’t want to believe that Nicole would do something like this. Sasha doesn’t either but she did. Zende should have realized how stressed she was. He should have realized how harsh he was being. He could have been more sensitive. Sasha doesn’t think he did anything wrong. She didn’t either. She knows that she isn’t a homewrecker. Especially not with someone who has been like family with her, her entire life. Nicole walks in and asks if everything is ok. Sasha explains that they are just rehashing what Rick said that this is a no go. Nicole is so sorry. Zende asks if she is so sorry then why did she tell Rick not to hire her.

Quinn puts away some jewelry. Wyatt walks back in. Quinn notes that was quick. She asks if he has found Steffy. Wyatt did. Quinn asks what she said. Wyatt didn’t get a chance to show her. Quinn wonders why not. Wyatt explains that Liam was there.

Steffy feels that Wyatt is right. Throwing them away would be stupid. She knows he isn’t stupid. That is why she isn’t letting him walk out of this office because she knows he would regret it. This isn’t what he wants. Steffy asks why he is doing this. Liam wants her to ask that question. Steffy has. She asks if he is leaving because of Ivy. Liam will not let her blame Ivy for why he is leaving. Steffy assumes it is her fault. She can see it in his eyes. He is looking at her like she betrayed him.

Nicole asks what they are talking about. Sasha overheard her speaking to Rick yesterday. Thanking him for not hiring her. Zende guesses that it is true. Zende asks how she can do that to her best friend. Nicole begs her not to hate her. She knows what she did was wrong and she is not proud of it. She knows it is no excuse but she has been really insecure about everything. When she saw the two of them at the photo shoot having fun and laughing with all the chemistry. Sasha explains that all they were one hundred percent professional. They were just getting some photos taken. Nicole knows but she was worried. Zende asks why she didn’t just talk about it with him. Sasha says she could have spoken to her about it as well. They thought she was cool with this. Nicole admits it bothered her and she knows it shouldn’t have. She is worried to lose Zende.

Quinn asks what Liam is doing here. She thought he was with poison Ivy. Wyatt did as well but he is back packing up his things. Quinn asks if he is moving to Australia. Wyatt doesn’t know about that but he is leaving Forrester. Wyatt can’t handle this right now. Quinn wants to know exactly what he said. Wyatt doesn’t know what she will to do if he tells her. Quinn doesn’t want to be held out. Wyatt explains that Liam is also leaving Steffy.

Steffy thinks that the two of them have always been able to work things out. Liam thinks it is different this time. Steffy asks why it is. She is sorry that she went over to Ivy. Liam knows she doesn’t think about how things will affect other people. Steffy hates that she disappointed him. She is upset as well. He went to Australia with Ivy. She texted and called him and then finally he calls her back and says he is half way across the world with her. Liam wonders what would have happened had he been allowed to explain the circumstances. Steffy felt abandoned and betrayed. She wonders if he has any idea what that feels like. Liam does. He has said everything he needs to say. Steffy asks if he is really leaving. She wonders where he is going if it is to be with Ivy. Liam doesn’t know. He just can’t be around here. Steffy assumes he can’t be around her.

Nicole feels a lot of it has to do with her being pregnant. She knows that doesn’t justify it. Her hormones are all over the place though. She is super emotional now. She isn’t her. She doesn’t know who she is right now. Zende needs her to talk about this stuff. She can’t do things she will regret. Nicole was embarrassed. Nicole knows their relationship has changed. Nicole knows Sasha is beautiful and has that charm. They have a history of competing and she has to be jealous. She should have trusted her and let them both take advantage of the opportunity. She wants her to do well in life just like Maya. She would be a great model. She hopes she can forgive her. They hug but Nicole doesn’t look happy.

Quinn asks if Steffy and Liam really broke up. Wyatt doesn’t know with those two. They have been through a lot. Quinn asks what he said. Wyatt wants to get back to work. This isn’t their business. Quinn is going to find out all on her own. Wyatt tells her to go for it. Quinn is almost at the door. Wyatt wants her to go crazy. Quinn need the facts. Wyatt wants her back to work if he tells her. Quinn promises to. Wyatt explains that Liam is moving on and they are not a apart of their lives anymore. Quinn thinks that is so good for Steffy. She deserves someone so much better.

Steffy is confused. He seems different. He isn’t the same man she is used to getting up to every morning. She doesn’t know what to say or do. She knows he still loves her. Liam doesn’t think it matters. Steffy thinks that they still have a chance. She is not a bad person. Bad things happened but those were accidents. Steffy wants them to do this. They can get past this. Liam wishes she were right. Steffy has faith in them. Nothing can come between them. Not even Ivy. Liam always wanted to believe that. Steffy thinks it is true. She wants to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him. Whatever is happening right now they can overcome it. She doesn’t understand where this is coming from. She is sorry. She loves him. Despite everything he is saying she knows it is not over for them. She kisses him passionately.

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