B&B Monday Update 1/18/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/18/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill keeps looking at the picture of Brooke and Katie. He starts to think about kissing Brooke all over the country again. Katie and Brooke walk in with Will. Bill is glad to see his son. Bill hands him a mini basketball and they play a game of catch. Bill hugs and kisses him. Brooke looks uncomfortable watching them all act like a family.

In Vivienne and Julius’s motel room Vivienne asks if there is anything she should add to her shopping list. Julius asks if he put anything on there for morning sickness. Vivienne wonders if he means his or Nicole’s. Julius hates seeing Nicole go through this. It is going to hurt her relationship with Zende.

Zende punches a bag and Veronica watches. Zende just doesn’t get it. One minute Sasha is being offered a position the next Rick is taking it away. Carter asks why. Zende claims that Rick spoke to soon. Veronica asks if there was more to it. Zende thinks that Rick is level headed. He wouldn’t do it without reason.

Sasha is still listening outside of Ridge’s office.

Inside Ridge’s office Nicole still feels bad. She thinks of Sasha like a sister. They have always had a competitive thing going on. She is pregnant though. Rick doesn’t want her to say another word. It has been taken care of. Rick gets a text and has to deal with something. Rick leaves the office. Sasha was hiding behind a rack. Sasha walks in and explains to Nicole that Rick changed his mind. Nicole says she is sorry. Sasha wonders if she really is.

Brooke thinks that Will might turn out to be a starting quarterback. Katie doesn’t think that they are pushing football. Bill promises he isn’t. Katie asks if that is what he was thinking about when they walked in.

Veronica asks if Ridge might have influenced Rick’s changing his mind. Carter thinks that is very possible. Zende knows that Rick was giving Sasha an opportunity but it didn’t work out. Veronica can tell that he is really upset about this. Zende knows how much she wanted it. She helped him find himself behind the camera. This was so sudden. He wants to know why.

Nicole asks why she wouldn’t be sorry. She knew how excited she was. Sasha kind of liked being discovered. Like the stories you always hear about. She knows it sounds silly. Nicole knows they all have dreams. She assumes that Zende was upset as well. Sasha was just going to thank Rick for the chance regardless but if he isn’t here she will just go. Nicole tells her she can wait or she could tell him for her. Sasha thinks it is ok. She doesn’t think this is Nicole’s fault. She came to LA to see her best friend. She always let her in, in a way no one else could. She hopes they always feel like sisters.

Katie guesses her son is the future executive. She sometimes can’t tell who is the father and who is the child. She was just telling Brooke how happy they are and how this is everything they ever dreamed of. Katie has to admit that a lot of this is because of Brooke. Katie is so proud of Brooke for being independent by herself. Katie is sure that when a man comes along though she will be ready for it.

Carter doesn’t want Zende to think he is budding into his love life. Zende tells him that whatever it is he can say it. Carter knows he won’t want to hear it. Carter does like Nicole but this pregnancy is taking over their relationship. Zende should be living his life and having a good time doing it.

Rick walks back into Ridge’s office. He asks Nicole if she is ok. Nicole just spoke with Sasha. She doesn’t feel good about what she asked him to do.

Vivienne asks if Julius is sure he doesn’t want to come with her. Julius is focusing on his putter right now. Vivienne sometimes thinks that he loves that putter more than her. Julius feels that is impossible. Someone knocks on the door and Vivienne opens it to find Sasha. Vivienne tells Julius to get Sasha something to drink. She leaves. Sasha sits down sad. Julius asks what is wrong. She asks if he really cares. Sasha explains that Rick made her a Forrester model then he took it back. Sasha thought it was really strange until she found out it was because of his daughter and her sister Nicole.

Brooke walks back into Bill’s office and asks how it feels to be the man who gets everything he desires.

Carter whispers to Zende that Veronica is a pretty girl. Zende thinks that Carter has no filter. Carter is shooting it to him straight. He wants Zende to be honest. Zende wants to get past this pregnancy so they can get back to what they were.

Rick asks what Sasha said. Nicole doesn’t think it was really so much about what she said but how she said it. She was really disappointed. She hates feeling this way. Rick knows that this is all about the pregnancy. Nicole knows that Sasha is hurting because of her and she is like family.

Sasha is really hurt. To tell Rick that she isn’t comfortable with her being around Zende. That she doesn’t get a chance to be a model. Julius asks if she can’t see why Nicole would be worried. Sasha has never even come on to Zende. Julius knows that isn’t true. Sasha cannot believe her own father doesn’t even care how upset she is. Julius isn’t sure what she is trying to accomplish or maybe he does. It just isn’t meant to be. Julius gives Sasha some money for a bus ticket back home. Julius explains that Nicole doesn’t need a best friend right now. There is no reason to bring this up now. To many lives could be ruined. She should go back to Illinois. It is where she belongs. Sasha doesn’t take the money and leaves. Later on Julius helps bring groceries in with Vivienne. Vivienne wonders where Sasha is. Julius explains she is on her way back to Illinois. Vivienne thinks that Nicole will be disappointed. Julius feels it is what is best for everyone.

Rick doesn’t want Nicole to feel insecure or jealous about Zende. He loves her. Nicole made it out to be something more than it was. There will never be anything between the two of them.

Zende walks into the mansion and Sasha is sitting on the couch. The maid let her in. She asks if Nicole was with her. Zende says no. Sasha asks if she can wait for her. Zende feels terrible. He still isn’t sure why Rick flipped like that. Sasha guesses that if she doesn’t fit the part then she doesn’t. Zende thinks that she was great. Sasha knows that Rick could see how good he did. Zende is going to call Rick. Sasha tells him not to do that. She might not be around much longer. She is thinking of going back home. Zende thinks that Nicole will be sad if she leaves. Not until she talks about her. Sasha knows he is wrong. Zende is not going to care if she goes. She will probably be glad. Zende was right working at Forrester would have been an incredible opportunity. Nicole got Rick to change his mind. Zende asks why. Sasha says it was because of Zende. She is jealous and doesn’t want her working with him.

Brooke asks why Bill didn’t say anything about being on a magazine. Brooke thinks it is amazing. Bill asks if there is something he can do for her. Brooke has a few ideas for her first issue. She wants to make a big splash. She wants to do something on the power of the kiss. She thought that they should focus on passion and desire. Bill gets up and gets in front of Brooke. Bill walks over and starts to kiss him. It is revealed to be a dream. Brooke asks him if he likes the idea for the power of the kiss.

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