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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/15/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Sasha just had the best day of her life. She never knew that taking pictures would be so much fun. Zende feels she is a natural. Sasha reminds him that he just brought it out of her. Zende knows that they both know that isn’t true. Sasha tells him that it is. He made her look good enough to be a model at Forrester Creations. This is better than any dream she ever had and it is all because of Nicole. She has no idea how to thank her.

Brooke hopes that she is agreed with Bill. Bill says absolutely. Brooke asks if they should take a pledge. Brooke feels that they need to. Bill gets up from his desk. Brooke tells him that it is hereby agreed and acknowledged by the parties to move forward as friends and nothing more. Brooke shakes Bill’s hand and Bill agrees nothing more.

Nicole can tell that Rick is shocked that she is speaking against Sasha. She isn’t though. Sasha is like a sister to her. Part of her is scared that she might take it too far with Zende. Rick knows that Zende matters to her. He asks if he is supposed to tell Sasha that she cannot be a print model anymore.

Nicole feels terrible asking Rick this. Rick needs to know exactly what this is. Nicole would prefer is Sasha wasn’t a model. Rick is surprised. Nicole feels vulnerable. She is pregnant and Sasha isn’t. If she is with Zende all the time something could happen. Rick didn’t realize that the two of them had a volatile relationship. Nicole thinks that being competitive makes sense to the two of them. Nicole doesn’t have the energy to keep up with Sasha. Rick doesn’t want Nicole to worry about Sasha. He knows how to handle it. Rick promises that there isn’t a thing she could ask that he wouldn’t do.

Bill agrees they are friends. Brooke admits that what they had was just a moment in time. Bill knows things are different now. He is happier than he has ever been. Brooke is glad to hear that. She hopes she isn’t a problem for anyone. Bill is ok with this. He thinks it will be fun and profitable. Brooke promises to meet these expectations. Katie walks in and asks what is going. She assumes they are coming up with ideas for a feature. Katie is about to put out a press release so they have to decide on a photo. Bill is good with whatever they decide. Katie wants him to vote. Brooke likes one but Katie likes that one as well unless Bill has objections. Bill likes it. Katie wants to get the picture out there for the world to see.

Carter is on the sky lounge talking about how he is a wedding officiant not a preacher. Nicole walks out and says hello to the two of them. Nicole notes that Veronica is very fit. She on the other hand will just get bigger and bigger until she pops. Veronica doesn’t think she has to worry. Zende doesn’t mind. Nicole won the boyfriend lottery. Zendes don’t come around every day. Nicole knows. She is very lucky and intends to stay that way.

Sasha wants to ask Zende a personal question. Zende is fine with it. Sasha asks if Zende ever felt less than being adopted. Like he didnít belong. Zende didnít. Sasha is shocked. Zende explains there were a lot of things he wasnít sure of but that wasnít one of them. Sasha guesses that must have been great to have two parents who love and adore him. Nicole did as well. Zende asks if she didnít. Sasha had a single mom. She loves her but it doesnít make up for a lack of a father. Zende asks why she wasn’t around.

Rick walks in. Sasha wanted to thank him for this opportunity. Zende wants to show him the pictures. Rick looks. Zende asks if something is wrong. Rick explains that Sasha modeling for them will work out after all.

Katie and Brooke walk into an office. Katie explains this is Liam’s office and they bounce ideas off of each other when they are not in meetings. Katie is glad she is here. Brooke is too. Katie thinks that this is just what she needed. Will walks in with Allison. Katie asks Will if Allison was being nice to him. Allison promises that she usually is ok with children. She asks if this is all. Katie wonders if she has anything to add. Allison doesn’t. She leaves. Brooke asks if there is a chill in the air. Katie explains that Allison thinks that she is Bill’s office wife but his real wife works there. Katie finds her very annoying. Brooke thinks that she has been fine with Allison. Brooke loves to see Katie so happy. Katie admits they are happy.

Veronica asks how long Zende and Nicole have been together. Nicole says a few months. Carter knows that Zende is a standup guy. Not all men support their women through a pregnancy of another man. Nicole knows that. It is challenging being pregnant and all but she is determined to not let anything come between them.

Sasha asks if she did something wrong or offended him in some way. Rick promises it was nothing like that. Sasha asks why this is happening. Zende thinks that she looks hot in the pictures. Rick was being impulsive. After seeing the photos, they just aren’t what he is looking for. He thinks her look while beautiful doesn’t fit. She needs little more experience but they don’t have time to train her on the job. He is sorry. Sasha is as well. She gets it. It is branding. This is Maya and Nicole’s place not hers. Rick is sorry to get her hopes up. Sasha was just grateful for the opportunity. Rick leaves. Sasha guesses that was the shortest career ever. Sasha wishes she could have done more but it is what it is. Sasha is just grateful that she got the opportunity in the first place. Sasha always gets through this. Sasha is just feeling sorry for herself which she guesses is not allowed. She got to step into a world she wouldn’t have otherwise and got to do it with Zende.

Veronica heard something in Carter’s tone earlier. It was almost like he disapproves of Nicole’s pregnancy. Carter won’t judge one way or another. Carter doesn’t think it is fair to Zende. He thinks it is wrong. Zende should be having the time of his life not dealing with Nicole’s morning sickness. Veronica knows for a fact that a lot of women in this building would love to pick up the slack. Zende walks out. Carter asks if he is alright. Zende just saw some one’s dreams get shot down right in front of him.

Nicole says hello to Rick. Rick tells her to come in. He spoke to Sasha. He said it wouldn’t work out. The photoshoot with Zende just wasn’t a fit. It is handled. Nicole feels terrible. Rick wouldn’t have done this in the first place had he known what their relationship was in the first place. Nicole knows she is a horrible person. Rick thinks she is a great person. Nicole has never felt this way before. Rick knows that she is going through a lot. Sasha listens in outside. Nicole has to explain this to him. She feels awful saying it but she doesn’t trust her with Zende. She wished she could. She knows Sasha. Competing with her is like second nature. There is nothing wrong with protecting what is hers.

Brooke wants to give people a reason to buy the magazine instead of go online. Brooke needs to check the digital content. They need to be interested but not think they don’t need them. Katie loves working with her. Brooke thinks she is lighting up the room. Kati doesn’t know if she has ever been happier. Katie knows that Will bring her so much joy. Nothing is missing and she owes so much to her. Katie hugs Brooke.

In Bill’s office he grabs a drink and pours himself one. He starts to think about kissing Brooke all over the world. He walks back to his desk. He tells himself he is a husband and a father. He cannot go there again. He slams his desk in anger.

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